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The Peacock’s making me feel Guilty

Here’s the Red Ruby Rose Peacock cluth bag.

It’s been sitting on top of the printer since I used it looking at me accusingly since I had intended not to open it until my birthday.

I’ve had to move it to the bedroom where its currently sitting on the top of the built in cupboard/shelf thingie so I’m only getting occassional looks now!

My Hair

Finally we have pics of my hair – but you can’t see the purple at all but can see the asymmetricalness.  My Auntie En asked today if I’d had it cut and enquired as to where I think this was so she avoided it as obviously the hairdresser must have had one leg shorter than the other.  It was behaving extremely badly at the time and I got the impression that straight and even might be better.

 So here’s one showing the purpleness.

And here’s the cut – smooth


And hedgerow

I know not much difference it was in a netural mood neither sleek nor funky but this was the only time I could get B to take a photo even if at one point he had the camera the wrong way round.

I went out for my tea tonight with work and I know I said I wasn’t going to open it but my Red Ruby Rose Peacock Clutch bag seemed to be just the right size for my purse, phone and keys and it was!  And even the packaging was lovely.

One of the other homeworkers who I had only meet once over a year ago introduced herself as we were going and said that she didn’t know I’d been ill and she couldn’t tell because I looked so well!

Here’s my Gorgeous Red Ruby Rose Peacock Clutch Bag

It arrived while we are out on Friday and one of our neighbours took it in and looked after it.

Well what do you think of it?


Okay, it’s a little boxy.  

Gill, my sister-in-law, on reading my enthusiasm over the bag has bought me the matching purse for my birthday.  She could hardly contain herself over buying something on the internet but managed to keep it what it was exactly to herself, other than saying it was from a link on my blog.  And then I won the bag and she couldn’t contain herself.

So I’ve decided, despite the major temptation, to wait until my birthday as it’s only a few weeks away.  This is so I don’t take the shine of Gill’s present, especailly since she claims it took about three hours to order.  After a few weeks of stroking and petting and uhhing and ahhing over the bag and sleeping with it on my pillow, you know the usual stuff, I don’t want to open the purse and go ‘Oh, yeah, it’s a purse that’s nice.’ 

So, the box is currently sitting on top of the printer looking at me and I even like the brown paper it’s wrapped in (although I have a bit of a fetish for that, bit like the paper bags) and the mock parcel tag address label!

I Won, I Won, I Won

The Red Ruby Rose Peacock clutch bag is mine, all mine!!!!!  I had to check a couple of times to make sure it really did have have my name on it even though the notification was through an etsy conversation so was obviously mine.  I’m thinking this is marginally better than the shortbread but probably on a par with the novelty egg cup. 

Also on Thursday we received a letter from the Royal giving me an appointment next Friday.  So I gave them a call on Friday (it was too late on Thursday when we got home from the mother in law’s who had monopolised our week a bit but that’s another story or rather blog post entirely) and the funding has come through for Plerixafor.  I decided to go with the NHS funding after my little moral dilemmia (you know who you are – thankfully Ruth [Roobeedoo] you solved it for me too by saying that if your FL was 45 it may be a different matter).

Red Ruby Rose Bags

I wasn’t actually going to mention this because the more people who enter the less chance I have of winning but I felt the need to share these gorgeous bags.

I’m not really a handbag kind of girl.  When I go out if at all possible I put my purse and keys in a friend’s bag and if I go out with hubby I obviously don’t need to take anything.  If I go out on the bus I take a paper bag with my knitting in it.  (I have a bit of a fetish for paper bags.)

However I came across Red Ruby Rose’s shop and blog a few weeks ago and she is having a giveaway for this …


I want it even though I may never use it.  As William Morris said ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’ – or something like that.

Actually I thought I may as well mention the giveaway because I’m not holding my breath over it as I have only ever won two things – a tin of shortbread in a boy scout raffle, don’t know who won the boy scout, and at the Blood Support Group AGM this…

a Novelty Snowman Egg Cup Set, in case you were wondering.

The link is over there —> somewhere, if you can’t find it I can’t be held responsible!