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Re-vaccination can be hazardous to your…

domestic bliss!

Well after some thought – ‘we’ decided to go ahead with the vaccinations although this has proved to fraught with problems.  Well, the problem being B is a bit of a wuss!  Neither of us got wowwipops for our troubles or even a denture clean tab (I am of course making a sweeping generalisation since the flu shot is offered to those over 65 and am assuming that this means dentures).  We however went from one end of the age spectrum to the other – an infant shot for me (pneumococcal) and a pensioner flu jab for the pair of us.

Two of the things that confirmed the decision to revaccinate and which were mentioned to me were travel and the reduction in the number of people vaccinating – that and the fact that some of you caregivers out there were adamant that the caregivee was getting them whether they wanted them or not!

I realise that in the north west of England it is unlikely that I will come across diphtheria or whooping cough BUT and this is a big BUTT – we have travel insurance and we’re not afraid to use it!  By a complete fluke and with my diagnosis coming not quite two years after my first trip aboard, to Oz, the travel insurance we took out at the time with our household cover is still in place and as long as my doctor says that I am fit to travel both me and the myeloma are covered for trips abroad for up to 60 days anywhere in the world.  We sadly do not have cover for winter sports but since I would be the one to say ‘Let’s go ski-ing! let’s go ski-ing!’ as many times as a five year old after sweets until B gave in – ski-ing, snow boarding and maybe even ice skating can safely be ruled out since last week on taking Bud for a walk in our light dusting of snow I got a ‘Be careful with your leg!’ warning.  So since B had said this I had to be careful because there is no way I am prepared to put up with years of ‘Remember when I told you to be careful with your leg and you broke it!’

So back to the jabs – my arms were a tad sore – well if I prodded and poked them hard enough – meanwhile B’s left arm seemd a little more tender.  This may, or may not, have something to do with being punched (it was a love tap) in the jab location – several times.

Hey, look I forgot!  Friday night there we were both are at the laptop playing a game and it was past my bedtime and I MAY have been a bit grouchy and the playful punch to the arm wasn’t quite as playful as usual and I MAY have had to compensate since I was throwing the punch with my left arm as I didn’t want to risk causing myself pain with my right (cos my wrist is still sore) but B MAY have over-reacted slightly.  I went to bed!

Then Saturday morning – I need to set the scene – we were sitting on the floor eating our breakfast in the lounge and we have French doors in the middle of the window which enables Buddy to get a view of his garden.  His garden, where, over the past few weeks, he has discovered other things call round to visit – a squirrel, wood pigeons and he’s even interested in the little red robins that bob bob bob along, and this little stoat like small furry animal – okay I admit Miss Wildlife here thought the first and maybe even second time that this was a funny looking baby squirrel with an unusual black bit at the end of it’s tail!  I can however recognise a wildebeest, a lion and possibly even an elephant – I don’t think David Attenborough’s done a garden wildlife show.  So last Saturday morning doesn’t that little critter put in an appearance and show that it really isn’t any sort of squirrel at all.

So Bud is stood looking out of the doors, ears pricked and making funny noises and I said…

‘It makes my heartache to think of him wandering the streets on his own with no-one to look after him.’

B:  ‘He’s only a dog!’

Second punch to the arm.  B cries out and Bud turns round to see what’s going on, comes on over to investigate why B is clutching his arm and on his way stands with one of his front and then one of his back paws on B’s er, um, general delicate manly region!  Double uuuuooooofffff from B and that was my fault too!

Once B had regained the ability walk and whinge at the same time we took Buddy out for a walk.  Now I can’t remember why but during said walk where I tend to be on B’s left (sore arm side) I had cause to give him another little love tap which resulted in me concluding the rest of the walk on B’s right (poop scoop bag side) so I was a good girl from there on in!

Fortunately I get to have 12 months free of B having another jab and then only if I’m still immunocompromised – the other 12 revaccination shots I get to have on my own.

I just realised that I abused my husband three times in less than 24 hours – if it suddenly transpires that I haven’t blogged for a while will one of you check the local police station and then come bail me out?