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I got up this morning, apparently it’s -13 degrees outside the car, I was informed of this at 7:40 a much more acceptable time, and did my yoga, because it’s good for you apparently. There was Maddy (Madeline Lewis the instructor), I feel I can be familiar since I have my pyjamas on, looking svelte in her blue lycra on a sunny tree surrounded platform looking all fresh and there was me in said PJs with flannelette bottoms, not having brushed hair or washed as B was having trouble nodding off so I didn’t/daren’t disturb him with my morning ablutions. I had however brushed my teeth. I was also snuggled in my new cardy completed for Christmas. It has a bit of a design issue with the sleeves but apparently looks like this is the style but knowing that it isn’t how I intended keep thinking about ripping out the sleeves and redoing top sections.

I was going to attach a pic but can’t find the timer on the camera, can’t say I’m too impressed with this latest one. It’s a Kodak with 12 mega pixels but I’m a bit disappointed with some of the photos and I don’t think it’s completely my fault.

I’ve decided I’m going to have an etsy day and blitz everything I’ve made and get them listed but first I think I may have to try out the long johns that I got for Christmas because I think it’s cold and I’m basing this on my fingers being icy rather than relying on the car to tell me.


I recently opened a shop on etsy. Spending my time crafting is something I have always wanted to do. I didn’t want to regret not doing it but somehow always managed to put it off. So I reached the point where a big life decision like this was nothing and realised that the only way not to end up with regret was to put myself out there.

I’ve sold two things so far, the same knitting pattern for a Christmas Stocking.

I wouldn’t mind but when I put the listing on I hadn’t done the pattern. That’s not strictly right… I had a pattern but one only I or an expert in code could follow. So when the first one sold after a day I was in super pattern mode. Fortunately I thrive under pressure and had the pattern completed about four hours later (this included time spent making and eating tea, making it because my husband was going out to earn real money not mess about with wool).

The thing that has really surprised me is how hard things are to photograph in an appealing way. I have a head and notebook, because my head gets chocka and things fall out, of ideas of things to make but haven’t got to them because I can’t get the photos right on the other things and think there’s no point adding loads more stuff with naff photos.

I’ll have to email David Bailey.