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Guess what I did!

Guess what I did today, well this evening, within the last hour.  Go on guess, go on – no, not that, not that either, no, how dare you I’d never do that – well not twice!

Okay I’ll tell you – I cut my own hair!  This is pretty monumental because when it was long I practically needed a valium to get it trimmed.  Now, well I don’t really give a sod – it’s just hair – I have a hat!

However I have two things to say

1)  There’s a reason hairdressers TRAIN

2)  My mum was a hairdresser, even having her own shop up to me arriving – it’s not genetic!

There was however some very logical reasoning behind my decision to give it a whirl, or rather a trim, myself.

Do you know how much it costs to have your hair cut?  Well obviously some of your do – a number of the women in my life either lie or do their very best to avoid having the men in their lives find out how much they spend – and let’s not even get started on having it coloured.

After having it long for so long (boom, boom), I had gotten use to having it cut twice a year, whether it needed it or not!  A dry cut round here costs about £9.50.  The hair trimmers cost £19.99 so even if I thought if I only get two haircuts I’ve more or less broken even. Plus if it worked out all the money I’d saved* is extra money for wool!

(* I realise this is subjective – if I’d not decided to keep it short I wouldn’t have to spend the money and since this is a new expense I’m not really saving anything – more avoiding a new expense but as I said extra money for wool.)

A friend said it particularly suited me when it was at pixie cut length, this was before it went particularly curly and started growing OUT.  Before it was fine and straight – now it’s thick and curly.  So I decided to go with a pixie cut rather than the bob I’d originally thought.  Well, with the size of my backside at the moment not so much a pixie cut more a garden gnome cut.

So despite ordering the trimmers before B’s Christmas present of a garden vac/blower they only arrived yesterday.  I was beginning to think I’d have to use the garden vac.  They charged overnight and I just ventured into the garage to give them a whirl.  Well I thought it could get messy.

We (Bud supervised) narrowly avoided a bit, well HUGE boo boo because I hadn’t realised it had two length attachments and we nearly had 11mm instead of 21mm!

I could not believe the amount of hair on the floor and how much was still left on my head.  So I made it shorter and then some other bits a bit shorter!  The directions did happen to say keep a note of the settings so you can repeat the cut – I think I must have used about 25.

Lessons I learned…

1)  Stand closer to a mirror.  We do have a mirror in the garage, we don’t have one in the bathroom mind, but the one in the garage is the other side of the multi-gym so at least five feet away.

2)  Double check the length setting (I should have known this as one of the ladies at Armchair Yoga was scalped by her husband about a month ago).

3)  It looks better once it’s been washed.

As for pics well the camera is still busted!  Actually I took a before one on the webcam and I may take an after in the cold light of morning.