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Myeloma Survivor Car is a FINALIST

Remember this and this, and if not why not?

If you do and you did – THANKS! And I hope you’ve been keeping that mouse clicking finger in shape because the Myeloma Survivor car is a a finalist and so it’s that clicking time again!

Anyhoo all YOU NEED to do (please, pretty please, pretty please with a cherry on top?) is click on the following link and click for the car

Myeloma Survivor NASCAR

and WHEN (everything crossed) the IMF design wins the car will be showcased at NASCAR 2010!  Thus raising awareness of multiple myeloma and costing you nothing other than (10 clicks x ohhh 10* seconds a click) 1 minutes 40 seconds of  your time spread over the next 10 days.  There’s no need to register and it only takes 10 seconds because of the car driving onto the screen with a cool tyre sound!

And you could do what I do you can make it an additional home page so it will load automatically when you click for the internet and the screeching of tyres will remind you to click!

Thank you in anticipation of your clicking!  😀


*  I timed it! So there!.