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My Creative Spaces – Oh My Giddy Aunt!

There’s a blog that does My Creative Space on a Thursday.  A lot of the creative spaces/projects being worked in/on today, and previously, are so neat and artily photographed.  I decided to show my own creative spaces as they stand today…

I nearly didn’t do this not because, as you would have guessed, my creative spaces are just too arty today to show (I may enter them for the Turner prize they should give shed, boat, shed* a run for its money), but because I couldn’t find the camera.  Whilst looking for this I realised I couldn’t find my purse or mobile phone either!  On the second attempt I managed to ring my own mobile number and low and behold it was in a box I’d tidied with the camera and my purse – well, obviously!

*  I couldn’t find a site that showed the boat too, all I can say is – If that’s the state of the shed and they had to show that instead of the boat I dread to think what the boat looked like!