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Cast your mind back to last June

What were you doing?  We were fortunate enough to go to Lorna and Mike’s wedding.  I had blood poisoning at the time and had gone into hospital on the Friday as the wedding was on the following Tuesday but was given day release to attend – as detailed here and here – but very, very briefly I hadn’t been up to making the dress I intended to wear and being in the Royal couldn’t go and get my back up dress.  As it turned out my eldest nephew went to buy it for me and they didn’t have it in my size so I trusted his judgement as to another black and white dress and this is what I ended up with…

A very nice choice I think we all agreed and at the time I mentioned this was no less remarkably in light of, not said nephew’s age of 19, but his choice of fancy dress (well I think it was fancy dress) for a party at Uni shortly after.  I somehow didn’t get round to posting the pic – well here it is now…

What’s worrying is the only thing he had to buy was the… vest!

Wedding Daze – Part Urn

If we cast our minds back a couple of weeks we arrive back in the Royal with me being told that I could go to the ball, or rather Lorna and Mike’s wedding, the day before the event.  There were a couple of things I needed to get sorted eg, train times, getting B to think it was a really good idea and something for me to wear.

The train times sorted itself with my Auntie Ann ringing soon after and printing these off to bring with her that night.

Now if push came to shove for something to wear I did have the unironed linen trousers and T-shirt that I’d travelled to the hospital in on the Friday night but I did have the whole afternoon to sort something more appropriate.  Why did I not have something to hand hanging in the wardrobe at home all ready to go I hear some of you ask.  Well that would be because I had these…

which I had intended to turn into a wearable item the previous week.  At the beginning of that week I was getting over a cold and because I needed to alter the pattern (by alter I mean make bigger) I felt I needed better powers of concentration so I’d left it to do at the end of the week little realising that getting off the settee to go to the toilet would be a major feat by that time.

I did have a lovely black and white (the theme of the wedding) in the wardrobe at home however we, the dress and I, had had a difference of opinion regarding one of us apparently no longer being a size 12, so I needed a new dress.

Now don’t be thinking I had put all my eggs in the self made basket I had identified my back up dress in the local Wallis store.  Black with big white polka dots, sleeveless and with a gathered belt effect under the bustline.  However I needed to get said dress from Wallis to me.

I could have phoned B and asked him to go get one.  I could have if I wanted to risk my blood pressure causing the machine to implode ie,

Me:  ‘Can I have some wool.’

B:  ‘Where is it?’

Me:  ‘It’s in my sewing room, in the small shelf unit on the left hand side.  There’s four openings, it’s in the bottom right box.  I think it’s blue.’

B:  ‘It’s red.’

Me:  ‘It’s in that one anyway.’

B: ‘This bag in the RED box not the blue one.’

Me: ‘Yes.’

B: ‘The whole bag?’

You get the idea.  This conversation happening over a mobile phone with B in the middle of Wallis – I didn’t think so.

Now the ideal nearest friend, who would have come back with matching accessories, was currently the furthest away on holiday.  So I decided to trouble my sister in law, who when I asked for a favour said ‘Anything, as long as it doesn’t involve the car.’  When I said it did and what I wanted Gill volunteered my eldest nephew, who is 19!  Neil was going to town for some stuff from the Saints shop – the local rugby league football team – and would be more than happy to call at the local Wallis – women’s clothes shop for me a frock. Neil gave me a bell and informed me he was no Gok Wan but he was happy to give it a go.  I informed him he was more Gok Wan that his Uncle B which he conceded was indeed correct.  So off he went with a description of the dress and its location in the shop two weeks before.

Tomorrow Wedding Daze – Part Deux…