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150 Share a Square 2010 Squares

Well I can’t believe it.  Of course I can since I crocheted them all with my own fair hands but you know what I mean.  I have finished and have a patchwork parcel (I had to tape several end bits of brown paper together as we appear to be out of it) of my final Share a Square squares.  This takes my total to the maximum permitted 150 squares.

Shelly over at This Eclectic Life is such a slave driver – Just kidding! (I’m not really but don’t tell Shelly that!)

When I started I thought I’d do maybe 20 possibly 25 – but with them being aran weight (after my initial boo boo with double knitting following US to English translation problem) they just crochet up so quickly.

So here are my final 37 squares…

And here’s a little something, I think it’s a bit of mortar, I found in the garden…

Love is everywhere!

Free Knitting Pattern – Orange & Lime Heart

I decided to offer a free pattern in my etsy shop and have put the link on this blog. So if you are interested it’s over there -> somewhere.

Here’s what you’ll be knitting to save you the trip if you don’t like the look of it…