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Buddy gets a Bandage

On Friday we had a lovely lunch out with Sean and his charming Mrs, Charito. To save me blogging about it you can pop over to Sean’s blog and get all the gen along with seeing pictures of my current cancer patient hair cut (it’s shortness having been confirmed by my Uncle Ray on Saturday).

So after a good time being had by all we arrived home to find Bud had stamped the bedding with little spots of red, unfortunately he hadn’t used a fabric paint but his own bodily fluid ie, blood.  An inspection of his little furry body revealed a graze on his right rear paw.  However by this time it seemed to have stopped leaking – possibly because the 3,000 spots on the bed had used it up – so we left it alone.  Then later on in the evening I noticed a couple of little spots on the landing carpet near where he was lying so decided action was required.

Okay I admit may just have been an excuse to use this…

It was in our original first aid box and is therefore over 12 years old.  In these 12 years the opportunity to experiment with this obviously useless essential piece of kit had never, ever arose and it had been relegated to a basket in the kitchen cupboard – because you can just have bet that if I’d thrown it away we would have needed it.

The bandage is tubular so how easy would it have been to pop onto Bud’s paw – very, I assume, but since his paw was a tad too big for the tube that knocked that idea on the noggin.  However I was by now unwaverable in my determination to use it in some way, shape or form. Well, that and the fact that we only had a wappingly large crepe bandage that had been tainted with the aroma of citronella or sticking plaster.

Now I have to say that I have limited bandage applying experience (I was going to title this Nurse Paula but decided that was really too much of a stretch).  I have applied them to my knee when I had stitches following the fall off my bicycle (which was adequate – the bandage, not the fall) and on the couple of occasions I sprained my left ankle (which was superb – really, I am your ‘go to gal’ if you ever want an ankle strapped – you even get a free herringbone pattern included – I can’t take the credit for this skill since my Dad showed me how) however it turns out I am not your ‘go to gal’ for getting a bandage to stay on your small furry family member.

Bud was really good at being still whilst the bandage was being applied, and the second one did stay on for at least two hours but then promptly fell off after he’d got on the duvet at bedtime – which worked out really well as one of the prime objectives for applying it was keeping the bed linen clean.

‘What the heck is this?’

‘I can still see it behind your hand.’

‘Okay, let’s play!’

‘Sigh.  I’m not feeling it.’

‘Right, I’ve having this instead…’

‘…it’s all mine now.’

‘Right you’ve had your fun, now pleasssssssssssse take it off!’

And yet more crocheting…

Last week after I’d used the yarn bought specifically for Share a Square I found some aran/worsted weight I’d been given by a neighbour.  The problem with it was that it didn’t tell me what it was made of – I asked but it was being coy.  I was pretty sure it was acrylic and indeed the cardigan I’d made myself from it didn’t bother me and I am wool phobic from a wearing point of view – I think this stems from a pair of tartan trousers my Mum made me when I was little they still itched after she’d lined them.  (I also had a matching cape!)

So I made a couple of squares anyway but since I wasn’t 100% sure (Share a Square squares need to be artificial to any allergies) I decided to make a blanket for the hospital/crèche in South Africa that one of the receptionists at our GPs has ties with and having bumped into her on Tuesday (not literally) she mentioned there was another container leaving in the next couple of weeks – so I timed that well.

I used the yarn I had left over from the Greenway blanket (presumably so called becasuse in the book it was done in shades of green but from here on in known as the Daisy Blanket because of the stitch) and I cannot tell you how gorgeous that cream yarn is even though it as 20% wool. It almost glows and it has to be fondled to fully appreciate its softness – as B was instructed on Sunday ‘Feel that.’ slight touch ‘No, fondle iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.’ (In my best Homer Simpson impersonation.)

The edging is also à la the Daisy Blanket.  I was going to leave it as three rows of double crochet (US single crochet) but then did a backwards row of double crochet and it just finishes it off nicely – well I think so.

I had my hair cut by a friend on Monday.  She used our clippers.  She regularly cuts her husband with their clippers – he has it very short and she consciously tired not to get mine the same.  Let’s read the reviews.

Friend who visited last night on being informed that I’d had it cut – ‘Yes I noticed it was shorter than last time.’  (That being two weeks ago.)  So noticed but hadn’t said anything – mmmmm.

Friend who cut it as she was leaving – ‘As I say to my husband, if you don’t like it it will grow back in a couple of weeks.’

My husband (who as we know says what he sees) – ‘It’s alright.’ Oh!  When asked a second time because I had the strange feeling he may have developed a dose of tact. ‘It’s a bit (sparse, say sparse) bald looking in places.’  Doh!

Me – ‘I look like a cancer patient.’

Other creative spaces are here.

Prickly positions

If at all possible I go to Armchair Yoga and pre Yoga lunch on a Tuesday however today as I still have the sniffles I had to forego it so after walking Bud, crocheting and watching Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (which produced extra sniffles and copious amounts of snot) I decided to do some gardening.  Well, not so much gardening as making a start by cutting out anything prickly eg, brambles…

(yes I know me peony’s pooped – the flowers started to open just at the time of the recent high winds and there were so many buds this year too – 26 in all)

and nettles…

which resulted in me getting nettled in an awkward spot.  Let’s just say that if the shed door had blown open whilst I was rubbing said spot with a crushed dock leaf it would have been embrassing for all concerned.

And here, courtesy of a friend who called round tonight and not B, is a pic of my latest hair cut…

Bud was in the photo too but my top seemed to be hanging funny* making it appear as if I had a roll of fat so it got edited!
*Yes that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Crochet Club Tuesday – March Madness

I was intending on posting a picture of my Crochet Club 2011 progress stating that I’d finished the March instructions and wasn’t I good for doing that, etc, etc and then I realised that although I have finished the crochet bit of March there’s some sewing together to do – DOH!  DOUBLE DOH as it means I HAVE to weave some of those 60,000 loose ends in.

So here’s the crochet bit, which was photographed with the aid of my trusty assistant…

Speaking, or even typing, of ends I had my hair cut today.  It stopped thinning after the second lot of Doxorubicin.  Fortunately it had come back thicker than before my SCT so I could afford to lose some.  Since we have a very, very important event to go next week I thought I’d get it cut by a professional in a salon rather than me in the garage with the clippers – uh, that sounds like a solution from Cluedo.  I’ll post a pic tomorrow if I can get B to take a half decent one, Bud’s finding it a bit tricky to hold the camera AND press the button at the same time.

Guess what I did!

Guess what I did today, well this evening, within the last hour.  Go on guess, go on – no, not that, not that either, no, how dare you I’d never do that – well not twice!

Okay I’ll tell you – I cut my own hair!  This is pretty monumental because when it was long I practically needed a valium to get it trimmed.  Now, well I don’t really give a sod – it’s just hair – I have a hat!

However I have two things to say

1)  There’s a reason hairdressers TRAIN

2)  My mum was a hairdresser, even having her own shop up to me arriving – it’s not genetic!

There was however some very logical reasoning behind my decision to give it a whirl, or rather a trim, myself.

Do you know how much it costs to have your hair cut?  Well obviously some of your do – a number of the women in my life either lie or do their very best to avoid having the men in their lives find out how much they spend – and let’s not even get started on having it coloured.

After having it long for so long (boom, boom), I had gotten use to having it cut twice a year, whether it needed it or not!  A dry cut round here costs about £9.50.  The hair trimmers cost £19.99 so even if I thought if I only get two haircuts I’ve more or less broken even. Plus if it worked out all the money I’d saved* is extra money for wool!

(* I realise this is subjective – if I’d not decided to keep it short I wouldn’t have to spend the money and since this is a new expense I’m not really saving anything – more avoiding a new expense but as I said extra money for wool.)

A friend said it particularly suited me when it was at pixie cut length, this was before it went particularly curly and started growing OUT.  Before it was fine and straight – now it’s thick and curly.  So I decided to go with a pixie cut rather than the bob I’d originally thought.  Well, with the size of my backside at the moment not so much a pixie cut more a garden gnome cut.

So despite ordering the trimmers before B’s Christmas present of a garden vac/blower they only arrived yesterday.  I was beginning to think I’d have to use the garden vac.  They charged overnight and I just ventured into the garage to give them a whirl.  Well I thought it could get messy.

We (Bud supervised) narrowly avoided a bit, well HUGE boo boo because I hadn’t realised it had two length attachments and we nearly had 11mm instead of 21mm!

I could not believe the amount of hair on the floor and how much was still left on my head.  So I made it shorter and then some other bits a bit shorter!  The directions did happen to say keep a note of the settings so you can repeat the cut – I think I must have used about 25.

Lessons I learned…

1)  Stand closer to a mirror.  We do have a mirror in the garage, we don’t have one in the bathroom mind, but the one in the garage is the other side of the multi-gym so at least five feet away.

2)  Double check the length setting (I should have known this as one of the ladies at Armchair Yoga was scalped by her husband about a month ago).

3)  It looks better once it’s been washed.

As for pics well the camera is still busted!  Actually I took a before one on the webcam and I may take an after in the cold light of morning.


My Hair

Finally we have pics of my hair – but you can’t see the purple at all but can see the asymmetricalness.  My Auntie En asked today if I’d had it cut and enquired as to where I think this was so she avoided it as obviously the hairdresser must have had one leg shorter than the other.  It was behaving extremely badly at the time and I got the impression that straight and even might be better.

 So here’s one showing the purpleness.

And here’s the cut – smooth


And hedgerow

I know not much difference it was in a netural mood neither sleek nor funky but this was the only time I could get B to take a photo even if at one point he had the camera the wrong way round.

I went out for my tea tonight with work and I know I said I wasn’t going to open it but my Red Ruby Rose Peacock Clutch bag seemed to be just the right size for my purse, phone and keys and it was!  And even the packaging was lovely.

One of the other homeworkers who I had only meet once over a year ago introduced herself as we were going and said that she didn’t know I’d been ill and she couldn’t tell because I looked so well!

Hair Cut 3

I went for my hair cut again on Thursday.  I didn’t give much thought to the maintenance side of short hair on the basis that it wouldn’t be there for that long.  When it was long I religiously went for it cut twice a year whether it needed it or not.  So I copied Roobeedoo this time and went for an asymmetrical look, a very much asymmetrical one, the first time I had it cut short was far enough.  Did I mention that I’ve now gone from red to purple?  I had to ask for maintenance tips since the red had really faded and apparently BRIGHT ones do.  So there followed a shopping spree for colour treated hair shampoo, conditioner and some serum which have all been applied for the last two nights.  The hairdresser was heard to say … ‘You can always do this’ (light tousling with fingers) ‘for a funky look for a change from the sleek one’.  Well yesterday I had a sleek top and a funky bottom and today I have a very funky everything and look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!  Not too sure the sleek look is going to work out.  I’ll post a picture if I can get B to take one that won’t scare small children.

Hair Cut 2

Well I went this morning and now at the back my hair is 6.5” and a little longer at the front. And I like it. My husband on the other hand is not so struck. I asked the hairdresser if she had ever had anybody cry. Apparently not and she didn’t want me to be the first. I wasn’t. She cut some off but then I was distracted by a lady who had commented on my knitting whilst I was waiting and by the time we had finished chatting and I had given her a copy of my hat pattern it was done.

I then meet a friend for lunch who was surprised but said it suited me and I can normally tell by her face it she doesn’t like something regardless of what comes out of her mouth but face and mouth seemed to concur.

I haven’t been conscious of it which is a good thing. When I washed it it did feel like there was nothing to wash but when I have had it trimmed this is when I notice it most.

Now I know my pics are generally a bit dubious but this was taken by hubby and basically the first photo does, as long as the object can be identified by anyone with a little imagniation. If it doesn’t meet this criteria a second will be taken but that’s the limit. The view is from the back because apparently I don’t take a good photo from the front!

Hair Cut

I’m going for my hair cut in the morning – I normally go twice a year for a dry cut to get rid of my rats’ tails to use an expression my Aunt used to use. BUT I have decided to get it cut short, well by my standards. It’s currently 14″ long which I consider quite short. I had about 2″ off in November and had already had it cut twice this year.

So I rang and made an appointment for tomorrow and now I’m slightly panicking whether I’ve done the right thing. I may need a stiff drink in the morning. Sod the sun over the yard-arm stuff.