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Crochet Catch-up

I thought it was about time I got up to date with the stuff I’d crocheted this year so far.

Another cot/pram blanket in the Greenway pattern from Comfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans in lemon and white.

This one is 75cm x 95cm and took four x 100g balls.  With the pink and white one I had more of the pink left but this used it up pretty evenly resulting in a two tone edging…

which hopefully looks like a design feature rather than a necessity.

I finished the chunky afghan I started when I lent my 4.5mm hook to my sister in law.

Its about 100cm x 130cm and I found some cream and blue chunky I had lying around – not too sure where it came from.

The green was given to me by the same yoga friend as the lilac and I had to use it double.  I gave my Auntie En the remainder last week for her blankets as I didn’t think I’d use it single and was in no rush to do anything else on a BIG hook.

And I finished the bits and bobs afghan with the 4.5mm hook…

I do think it would have looked better with all the squares edged in the same colour – more together.  This is about 90cm x 120cm.

It got a row of double crochet (US single crochet) for the edging with the second row done in reverse double crochet.  Hey it’s simple but effective.

This and the chunky one are for the South African creche/hospital via one of our GPs’ receptionists.

Gill, my sis in law, has still got the crocheting bug and when she mentioned that she was going to buy herself a selection of hooks I thought that might be a good idea for a Birthday present at the end of this month.  How about these for colourful and very reasonable at £8.99 from Amazon – certainly cheaper than buying plain grey ones individually and although I haven’t test driven any but they got good reviews and feel nice to handle.

For my Birthday I got…



Other Stuff

 A box made by my youngest nephew at school.  He got an A, he would have got an A star if the little box on top had successfully fit inside with the other one!  I may wax it so it doesn’t get mucky.  It’s flanked by the cards made by my sister-in-law,Gill, (his mum), she’s way more patient and talented at cards than me.

This is what Philip made B for his birthday, it’s a CD holder, but I have a bit of an overflow of cookery books so I may put them in it instead.

And my final present was a vomiting virus!  I woke up yesterday morning and felt fantastic even though I’d had a late night because we had a little party.  They I had a drink of cordial and it made a rapid reappearance.  So I got back in bed and the sick feeling passed.  A few hours later I phoned the Royal to check it wasn’t a delayed side effect.  No.  So I asked B to take me to the walk in centre as I am very rarely sick.  My temp, blood pressure and pulse were all fine and I was informed there are a lot of vomiting viruses going round.  So I came home and went back to bed but couldn’t keep any water down and felt blah to say the least.  I knew I didn’t feel well because I wanted to go back to bed, which wasn’t a done thing in our family.

Gill offered to stay over but settled for B leaving a key with her and me promising that I would ring if I needed anything and I felt so bad I meant it.  I got up this morning at 10 and looked like Ken Dodd*, had a shower and got back into bed. 

I have felt better as the day went on and even had a little bit of hotpot for my tea.  When Gill rang the second time to see how I was she confessed she nearly came over in the night with a spare duvet to sleep on the settee.  As it was she dreamt I turned into a prune from dehydration.  I meanwhile had  a fitful nights sleep and dreamt/thought it was a good job I hadn’t even started knitting the first Myeloma Buddy on order as it would end up like the episode of the Simpsons where Homer buys a juicer from Japan and the flu germs are sneezed in and then let out when he receives it!!!!!

Here’s my Gorgeous Red Ruby Rose Peacock Clutch Bag

It arrived while we are out on Friday and one of our neighbours took it in and looked after it.

Well what do you think of it?


Okay, it’s a little boxy.  

Gill, my sister-in-law, on reading my enthusiasm over the bag has bought me the matching purse for my birthday.  She could hardly contain herself over buying something on the internet but managed to keep it what it was exactly to herself, other than saying it was from a link on my blog.  And then I won the bag and she couldn’t contain herself.

So I’ve decided, despite the major temptation, to wait until my birthday as it’s only a few weeks away.  This is so I don’t take the shine of Gill’s present, especailly since she claims it took about three hours to order.  After a few weeks of stroking and petting and uhhing and ahhing over the bag and sleeping with it on my pillow, you know the usual stuff, I don’t want to open the purse and go ‘Oh, yeah, it’s a purse that’s nice.’ 

So, the box is currently sitting on top of the printer looking at me and I even like the brown paper it’s wrapped in (although I have a bit of a fetish for that, bit like the paper bags) and the mock parcel tag address label!

To Do List 6 – Times on List in Brackets



 Still Hanging About – not started

 *  Make 3 baby presents (3 – the age they will be by the time I’m finished)

*  Make cards for Sunflowers Centre (2) – still ASAP – meeting next Tuesday – gulp

* Make cards and other stuff for lady who is fund raising for Myeloma UK (2) – by end of month (didn’t say which month but did mean February!)

 Still Hanging About – but started

 *  Aran cardigan for me in rose tinted colour (4)

*  Post patterns and knitting to Ravelry (4) – now got five knitted items on

* Power of Attorney for mother in law – awaiting certification from GP (this seemed a bit easy to fill in so I’m sure I’ve mucked it up somehow)


 *  Sister in law’s birthday present – allegedly loved



 *  Pattern for colourful baby blanket in squares (3)