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New Boots

Following on from Monday’s post ‘… and me boots are heavy’ – my boots really were heavy.  After I had a fall a few weeks ago (please note that when you are old or have an issue for which a fall is a big deal you don’t simply fall over you ‘have a fall’ which makes the whole thing sound so much more dramatic don’t you think) a few days later I nearly had another fall – my foot went over again and I stumble but remained upright – just as well since it was going dark and Bud and I had just walked past the last house for a bit.  So I decided it was time for new boots…

Aren’t they lovely and shiny and big looking.

And here’s my somewhat used and moulded to my feet old ones looking, to me at least, somewhat smaller in comparison.

However when I weighed them to confirm that the one ones were indeed heavier than my old ones the difference is pretty minimal.  New ones 571g, with the old ones weighing in at 477g per boot a meagre difference of barely 100g (4oz).  But they feel so much stiffer and heavier however they are keeping my feet firmly rooted on the ground and they have much better tread…

Whilst buying the boots I came across these…

hh, trainers!  Now I haven’t bought new trainers in years (since exercising was a bit of a no, no) but I can confirm that these carry a caution against doing anything in them except walking!

‘Product to be used for walking only.  This product is specifically designed for walking and normal daily wear.  This product is not intended to be used, nor should it be used, for any other athletic endeavour.’

And that’s because they are my ‘hidden beauty secret’ (I’m so nice I’m sharing it with you) and they will enable me to ‘get more out of everything I do’ with ‘jusqu’a 10% de calories bruelees supplementaires’ double ohhhhh.  Oh, wait that should be ‘up to 10% increased calorie burning’ plus, yes there’s more, they will make my leg muscles have increased activation of anywhere between 14% and 29% more.

I got these two days before my last appointment at the hospital and wore them for the first time the day before on a short trip to a retail park (just in case they made me hobble).  Now you may remember that when I got weighed at said appointment I’d lost 2kg.  B is well impressed – 2kg after an hour’s wear!  He can’t wait to see the long term results.

Don’t fall till you get home

I received a phone call last evening informing me that the family had a new member.  Although I was extremely happy at this news and that mother and baby were both doing well despite one of them having about 3,000 stitches it buggered up my planned present!

I have been getting on with my Greenway blanket from Comfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans and liking it a lot.

The ‘daisy-shaped’ blocks are just beguiling (there’s a word I never thought I’d used) and with the original having multi-coloured stripes rather than just the two I’d thought a blanket in pale baby colours would be great – so ‘daisy-shaped’ blocks in pastel colours – maybe not so good for a boy!

Anyway I suppose I should just thank my lucky stars that I’m in any condition to crochet/knit anything as on Sunday I fell.  And not just a quick slump to the ground but a wild and dramatic stumble that lasted about an hour before I ended up on my back staring up at B bending down over me looking slightly, okay I under exaggerate, he looked extremely horrified.

My left ankle kind of went over and then I must have over compensated to the right and I veered to the right of the path crossing in front of B and almost stopping half way across as I received a note from my collapsed L3 vertebra that it really didn’t like what I was asking it to do and then I was on the ground.  Well okay I managed to think in-between the vertebra message and landing ‘Oh dear!’. Really, that was all – although I can at times turn the air blue at others for some reason I say ‘gosh’ or ‘blimey’ or, as the case in point, ‘Oh dear’.

So there I was on the ground on the weedy/grassy edge of the track in complete and utter surprise – the surprise stemming not so much from the fall as from the lack of pain – any sort of pain – other than a teeny, tiny bit of grazing to my palm from an equally teeny, tiny splinter.  At the realisation that I’d not broken, bruised or sprained anything I started to laugh.  B reached down and lifted up my sunglasses to check whether it was a laugh or a cry – popped then back down and after giving me a minute helped me to my feet.  After me declining the offer to go back home (we hadn’t even got that far) we carried on, me with a feeling of almost euphoria and B being the one who probably needed to go home for a stiff drink.