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Now here’s a funny thing…

Don’t you just love the dog’s attitude it’s really ‘wearing’ that hat – as opposed to any the dog I know who would be rubbing their head along the floor and pawing at it.  In case anyone is tempted to purchase one – here’s a link to the etsy shop which sells them!

No, the funny peculiar as opposed to funny ha-ha thing is muscle soreness.  I suppose it’s to be expected but from exercising with the elastic band to using the weed whacker – thanks to Sandy we no longer have a strimmer, we now whack weeds

‘Hey B, do you fancy doing some weed whacking?’

Sounds so much more exciting than

‘That could do with strimming.’

B didn’t think it was a good idea on my part to weed whack and got a little bit huffy when I stated politely (really) that if I didn’t do it who was going to.  And then yesterday when he hoovered (you will be pleased to learn I don’t hoover, for two reasons it doesn’t agree with my back and I HATE it) I asked if he would do the two back bedrooms as well.  I was in the smaller of the two and it turns out that he hoovers as far as the cord will stretch from the other room!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo, enough husband whacking, getting back to the point, my muscles seem to get a little bit sorer for a bit longer than I would expect.  This could be due to lazing around, otherwise known as convalescing, and them getting used to this, that any weight lost on ‘holiday’ was lean tissue rather than fat (what a swizz) or lack of a more nutritious diet.   I have included more fruit, mostly tinned, since my appetite has picked up but I probably need to eat more protein now and then I’ll be able to move up to the BIG elastic band!

Patchwork Quilt

Earlier this year I joined the esty baby shower and agreed to give two gifts to etsy new moms.  I thought it would give me something to do.  Here’s the first one.  This mom had no preferences at all but as I had quite a lot of spare cotton fabric I decided to give a patchwork quilt a go.  Something I’ve only done a couple of times in the past. 

I used it as an opportunity to see how long something like this would take to make and whether it would be worthwhile to make them to sell. 

It was completely done on the sewing machine even the edging. 

I probably should have spent a little more time with the iron before I took the pics.

Fortunately the etsy mom in question from House of Mouse loved it!

Removable Wall Art

I do, well did, most of our decorating.  B did some ceilings because he is so much taller than me.  I’m now 5′ 1 and a bit” and he’s still 6′ 2″.  The most notable being the dining room ceiling when he neglected to cover the mahogany bannister which we have now painted white, which is a pain the behind with all the fiddly bits. 

However I don’t do wallpapering.  I tried it twice and well let’s just leave it at that.  I think it’s the glue issue.  I’m not good with glue or maybe too good, it ends up everywhere  hands, clothes, hair, everywhere except where it’s supposed to be!

So I stenciled some of the walls.  Most people upon seeing it for the first time think it is wallpaper – I can’t decide whether that’s a complement or an insult.  I take it as the former.

Here’s my efforts …


But now I’ve come across these on etsy – Charming Wall Art – Oh, the possibilities are endless.


I want my fridge to look like that – first of course I’d need that type of fridge.

I somehow don’t think mine would look like these with the sticking down involved, my wavy lines would be straight, the straight ones would be wavy and the text would be illegible – a bit like B’s language if he came home and I’d actually put one of these on the wall!  But there’s no harm in looking.

To Do List 4 – Times on List in Brackets


* Make 3 baby presents, 1 for friend’s grandson, Kaiden (new to me), 1 each for etsy mom’s. I like trying out new ideas with someone in mind, so decided to join the etsy baby shower. I thought I had until the end of February until the first arrival but Declan from House of Mouse has arrived early!

I’m one of those people who wait for the idea to materialise, they always just do, rather than force it out but Declan has arrived before my idea has completely appeared.

Still Hanging About – but started
* Make nosebands for donkeys (4)
* Sister in law’s birthday present (2)
* Aran cardigan for me in rose tinted colour (2)
* Post patterns and knitting to Ravelry (2) – if one pattern and one item knitting count as started
* Pattern for colourful baby blanket in squares (2) – again if four rows count

Still Hanging About – not started
* Make another pet toy for etsy – have two ideas for this (2)

* Make fabric hearts – well heart, no s

And from last week’s here’s the sweater I designed and knit with the sleeve hand bits inspired by Roobeedoo.


Tested by Tommy

Testing of the 1172 Dino is proceeding as hoped. So far it’s still intact. However we did have a casualty last night. My yoga ball. It was completely my fault. Tommy has perked up since the ‘incident’ on Monday and I thought how cute would he be playing with a ball. I’ll make him a fabric one. However in the mean time I remembered a small yoga ball I had in just the right size. Not fully inflated and soft so not likely to cause him a problem while he’s healing.

I was right he was so cute, especially when he managed to get a hold of it because it’s so soft and
carry it around. However said yoga ball lasted all of 15 mins. So if anyone knows a good puncture repair kit let me know.

I’m not a complete slave driver so here’s Tommy having a rest from testing with 1172.

Look at my Tommy

Well I had something to eat yesterday and within the hour was back to my version of normal and went on to have an otherwise good day even managing to persuade my mother in law that the milk that was three days out of date and starting to smell funny really did need throwing out and then coming back from my Auntie Ann’s with Tommy.

He’s 8 months old and a cross between a jack russell and a staffordshire bull. He is a little bit energetic. He chewed through his toy last night and is currently working his way through the plastic bottles for recycling. Once suitably squished they ten become a toy to be thrown and then we start on a new one. There was a slight confusion when Tommy attempted to procure one full of water from my side.

We went for a walk this morning and I impressed myself with how far and how fast I was able to go and Tommy equally excelled himself.

He will sit patiently if he wants something but can’t grasp doing so when instructed. He’s not allowed upstairs and will go as far as the first step then look ‘Can I?’ and when told no waits until you’re out of sight to ensure the imploring look doesn’t go to waste and then tootels off with a whine to amuse himself until your return.

He has inspired me with an idea for toys which I’ll tell you about tomorrow and post a photo of him then because another bottle is squished and ready to be thrown around and I need to tire him out so that when hubby gets home in the morning nothing is chewed or I’ll be in more trouble than Tommy. I did manage to finish a mitten today while he slept which I just love it’s so bright. I don’t suppose I’ll get much done this week as I tend to knit/sew/use the PC upstairs. Well gotta go his head’s cocked and the big brown eyes are looking at me expectantly. ‘I’m so cute and adorable play with me!’

Let It Snow

Snow, glorious snow!

I had my driving lesson cancelled because of the snow. I missed last week’s because of a cough that kept me up most of the night and I have my test next week. Oh, crap!

BUT the snow is something else. I had a Relaxation Yoga class but there were no buses. Well, the bus website said there were buses but they were delayed but they lied there were no buses that I saw. I did however get to walk a mile and a bit in the snow and it was GREAT! When I rang the hospital to say I wouldn’t be attending they said it was cancelled but the teacher had been unable to get hold of one of the attendees possibly me because I was out in the snow. I did think about walking into town but I had been ‘instructed’ not to go by my other half and if I did there was no way he was picking me up so I didn’t want to be marooned at the hospital – this was the genuine reason I wasn’t being good and following orders! How dare you even consider this.

So I came home played a few games on the computer and finished a scarf to sell on etsy. A scarf I just love. One of those things you do that is so simple but turns out to be just gorgeous and an appropriate snowy colour.

Hubby is currently out clearing the drive – he is such a spoil sport. He is going to attempt to get into work later. He is renda, rendeou… meeting (couldn’t spell rendezvousing) with a work mate, don’t know who is wearing the carnation, and they are going to give it a whirl. Must make sure he leaves with a hot water bottle, thermos of coffee, blanket, flares and some sort of entertainment but not the laptop or mobile so that he can’t phone me at three in the morning to say he is still stuck in snow.

Better go and get tea and pack supplies for his epic trip. I mean it’s all of 2″ maybe 2 1/5″.

Charity Knitting

I finished the wool the receptionist at the doctors gave me and here are the results in all their glory. I realised that I can try out styles for my etsy shop without needing an exact size at the crèche in South Africa they can just go along until they find a head that fits the hat rather than a hat that fits a head! You could see them if I could find the photo – I had a reshuffle and can’t place them. I only knit one pair of socks since I could knit a jumper in the time it took to knit one, they were so fiddly and I’m not even sure they are the same size although I don’t know how. I’m normally so precise.


I recently opened a shop on etsy. Spending my time crafting is something I have always wanted to do. I didn’t want to regret not doing it but somehow always managed to put it off. So I reached the point where a big life decision like this was nothing and realised that the only way not to end up with regret was to put myself out there.

I’ve sold two things so far, the same knitting pattern for a Christmas Stocking.

I wouldn’t mind but when I put the listing on I hadn’t done the pattern. That’s not strictly right… I had a pattern but one only I or an expert in code could follow. So when the first one sold after a day I was in super pattern mode. Fortunately I thrive under pressure and had the pattern completed about four hours later (this included time spent making and eating tea, making it because my husband was going out to earn real money not mess about with wool).

The thing that has really surprised me is how hard things are to photograph in an appealing way. I have a head and notebook, because my head gets chocka and things fall out, of ideas of things to make but haven’t got to them because I can’t get the photos right on the other things and think there’s no point adding loads more stuff with naff photos.

I’ll have to email David Bailey.