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Buddy stages a protest

B was remiss with the shopping last week which resulted in the bag of Winalot Shapes in the cupboard approaching empty without a replacement in sight.

However with going into Liverpool on Friday B was sure this could be remedied. Obviously the protest would not have taken place if this had been the case.

Tesco in the city centre let us down and we had to make the critical decision between their own shapes and Bonio.  We decided that Bud was worth the 39 pence extra and plumped for the Bonio – a decision we would come to regret.

To be fair Bud will generally eat anything and everything, including the kitchen door frame but excluding salt and vinegar crisps and onion.  The Winalot Shapes bag clearly states that ‘your dog will have his favourite’.  I’ve always thought ‘No, Bud just asks for a treat and snaffles it down with no regard for shape or taste.’  It turns out I was wrong.

After suspiciously eyeing and sniffing the first Bonio he was offered he did indeed eat it.  However by Saturday when he had established that this was the replacement for a Shape when he asked for a treat (Bud will tell you about his treat obtaining training in due course) he decided action needed to be taken. On being given a Bonio (which are larger than the shapes I’ll have you know) he took it to his bed, put it down and demonstrated his feelings on the matter…

B subsequently went to the local Tesco under the pretense of doing a little bit of shopping but the prime objective was to satisfy our little Buddy’s treat requirements.