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Nelson Mandela nearly made me miss my post a day!

Well we got through the whole month of January with a post every day and of all the days that it was a close thing – even more so that the days I was so sleepy I could’ve nodded off at the keyboard – yesterday cut it the finest and it was Nelson Mandela’s fault!  Well not completely obviously – Bud was also partly responsible.

Yesterday afternoon I started flagging again and decided that I would take a late lunch when B woke up and we could both walk Bud.  Basically because it was one of those fine line times ‘Will I feel better for an hour’s kip or some fresh air?’  So I figured if I got too tired I could just come home and leave them to it.  However this was the right decision to make and I felt perkier when we returned.  Earlier in the afternoon, yet another boring report had nearly got me nodding off.  I actually took one of my breaks in the  middle of it because I was becoming unable to make sense of what the surveyor wanted particularly when he was saying things like…

A precautionary inspection of any (relevant housey bit)  is recommended as part of ongoing inspection.

Electric storage heaters are provided elsewhere.  Okay but then instructed me to go back and take out ‘storage heaters’.

And used the word functionalability!

So after some fresh air and then a perkifying bath with some ‘upper’ essential oils I got tea and then as B was getting ready for work, and this is where Nelson Mandela makes an appearance, I started to watch Invictus whilst making up Daniel and Danielle.

Now this is so not my type of film for two reasons – sport and politics – I ‘watch’ some sport, Rugby League, because I don’t really have a choice at home or if we go to Auntie Ann’s and there is a match on – I may have said this before but in the off season for our Super League this can include anything, the Billabong Bandits vs the Coolangatta Service Mens Club – anything!  And if there is no League on then Union is a poor, but acceptable substitute.

I used to go and watch my two nephews play Rugby Union – I didn’t understand it but I went anyway.  I think I’ve picked the rules up to Rugby League by osmosis over the years, goodness knows I can’t ask B anything when a match is in progress, but Union! I’d be staring at a bunch of lads pushing to and fro and then a player would ‘appear’ 50 feet up the field running with the ball!  It wasn’t rugby it was slight of hand.

And politics – I avoid as much as I can – I only end up shouting at the telly something like ‘Just say yes or no!’

So I figured I’d watch it until B went to work and then find something else to watch.  However I popped it on pause when B left at 20:20, then did some ‘chores’ and settled back down to watch the rest at 22:30 because I needed to watch the rest.

It was truly gripping and Nelson Mandela seems such a genuinely lovely man. Almost too  good to be true – maybe some dodgy past like time in jail – I don’t know.  I was choked and teary a couple of times – I did manage not to cry, even when Matt Damon took his rugby shirt off.  Now in my book he is ‘easy on the eye’ no more, no less however he seemed to have acquired quite a set of pecs, delts, biceps and any other muscle above mid torso – I think they may have been digitally enhanced the images since I’m assuming I’ve seen him without his shirt on before and I don’t remember thinking ‘Wha!’ and having to ask someone to kick my eyeballs back.

Anyhoo I suddenly realised we (Bud snuggled down to keep me company) had to be close to the end of the film, and I wasn’t wrong, but it was 23:50!  I grabbed The Dans and headed upstairs to stick on their paws and get their pictures taken. Popped my post text on wordpress whilst waiting for the glue gun to warm up, glued felt pads on, took photos, downloaded photos and then Bud indicates that he needs to ‘go wee wee’.

Now sometimes this can be a ploy to get a treat but on this occasion he wasn’t being abiguous and couldn’t have expressed it better if he had had a neon flashing sign in his possession that said ‘I NEED TO GO WEE WEE NOWWWWWWWWWWW!’.  It was 23:56!  I have to admit that I did actually toy with the idea of carrying on uploading the pics and clearing up the puddle later – then I realised I was actually considering letting my carpet smell of doggie wee and my little Bud Bud feel guilty for weeing in the house.

So I… pushed publish, rushed downstairs and opened the door, Bud shot through his pet flap like a rocket, then I rushed back up stairs and added the pics and then went back down and let Bud back in – it was only a minute or two but yes, he did give me a ‘You left me in the garage when I’ve been a good boy’ look!

The only thing and I apologise on Nelson’s and Bud’s behalf for this is that I assume that those of you who receive an email didn’t get the pics, even though the original post and revision were timed at 23:57 I don’t think wordpress would say ‘Hey, Paula wanted pics with these they are fully embedded we should just hang on!’

Oh and I forgot to say that I cheated and crocheted the ears rather than knit the loop stitch.  And is it just me or does Danielle remind anybody else of Matt Lucas?






Sometimes I just don’t learn

Friday I felt much better and we did stuff, Saturday I felt okay, bit tired but okay and we did stuff.  By Saturday evening at my Auntie Ann’s I could barely keep my eyes open.

And yesterday I was too tired to move.  So I knit all day, for fun, these…

And the pattern is from here.