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A driving dilemna

After going for my blood counts taken on Monday morning I hadn’t heard anything and intended to ring yesterday.  However by the time I’d got back from yoga, gone for a walk with B and Bud I was about to step into the shower at 16:55 when B reminded me so I ended up ringing this morning.

Me:  ‘Hi I came in for my blood counts on Monday and am just ringing to find out when I need to come in again.  It’s Paula Kilgallon.’

Receptionist:  ‘You’re due to come in today for your blood counts again.’

Me:  ‘Nobody told me’ high pitched squeal thinking about how to get there ‘I can come in any time?’

Receptionist:  ‘Yes, see you later.’

Oh, what to do!  Ring Uncle Ray, try the next door neighbours, take Bud out for a walk and then get B to take me when he got up.

B anticipated being greeted on waking up with…

‘Your lunch is ready, cheese and onion on multi seeded brown bread.  I’ve assumed you didn’t want a tomato as well but there’s Red Sky crisps.’  (Highly recommended except they need to change their name to Blue Sky since that’s what I keep calling them and writing on the shopping list.)  Or words to that effect.

Possible new greeting…

Me:  ‘Get your bum out of bed, get dressed and take me to Liverpool.  There’s no sandwich.’

Or I could drive myself!!!!!  I sat gazing out the window pondering the complexities of this decision.  I knew the route well enough.  The ramps between levels on the multi storey car park are generously wide however as B has reminded me on several occasions my Auntie Ann said the turn to get to the entrance barrier was tight and that was in a smaller car.  And what about the way home?  The way B goes requires moving over into sometimes very busy traffic a short distance  after leaving the car park.  Could I do this?  Or I could go the way Uncle Ray does which ends up as the route but where exactly did it become the same way? I was sure I’d recognise it when I got there. Ohhhh, should I… the phone rang…

‘Hi, it’s 7y day unit.  I’ve had a word with the pharmacist and your blood counts were okay so you just need to come in on Friday for treatment.’

The car survives another day without me taking it onto a multi storey car park. Speaking of surviving – little everyday comments can take on whole new meanings in the wonderful world of myeloma such as this…

Me:  ‘Owwww!’  On catching some part of me on something in the kitchen yesterday.

B:  ‘Are you alright?’

Me:  ‘I’ll live.’ Slight pause ‘With a bit of luck.’

B:  ‘Hopefully.’