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Look at My Blog

Progress to date. It may not be impressive compared to some but so far I’ve managed to upload my own photo at the top, add blogroll and other links, schedule a posting and change the description under the title. This last one may seem like a small thing but I must have spent 45 minutes or maybe more the other night clicking away and then took to my bed. The following day after showing a friend’s husband how to do something with folders on windows (something I know about), I had another look and it took all of TWO minutes.

The Printer is Testing Me

The printer is testing me. It must have thought I was bragging about my IQ and now it won’t communicate with the PC. Does it not know that I have things to scan so that I can sew some hearts for Valentines Day. Of course it does – which is why it is playing up. I’ll go do some knitting and then surprise it later.

This is what I’m currently knitting. Can you tell what it is yet?