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Christmas Stocking

I knit a lot, hence Feresaknit because somebody already had Feresa, who’d have though it. ¬†And I cross stitch and sew and will try anything arty although I’m not a big fan of glue! It likes me too much, more of it sticks to me that to what I’m trying to stick.

I’ve just finished a stocking for my friend’s grand-daughter. I did her two brother’s one each last year but didn’t get her’s finished ‘cos I wasn’t too well and ran out of time, so I knit her one instead.

I’ve always wanted to do something crafty for a living, I did once work for a double glazing company so I suppose that was pretty crafty – to be polite.

I recently set up a shop on etsy.com and have discovered that although I am creative, even if I say so myself, its really, really, really hard to photograph stuff. There’s all these arty looking photos, some selling similar things and my look like a grandma with old-fashioned tastes did them. Oh, there’s a hat similar to the ones I knit it looks so cool, mine look so cute in ‘real life’ but look naff in my shop. I think I need photography lessons. Now I know why they use fake food in recipe photos, pooling gravy developing a skin wouldn’t sell. I only buy cook books with lots of photos in and this would explain why my results never look quite like theirs – well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway back to my stocking. I’ve popped a pic on here just so you can admire it.

And now I have to get back to the hundreds of illogical things women do this time of year like

* Finishing off some baby jumpers for charity just so I have more room in the glory hole so I can have space to find the felt I need to finish of a James Graham doll for Christmas. What’s that you say, just move them are you mad!

* Shred some old bills so I can fit a pile of magazines I’ve been given off the ‘library’ (or bedroom 3) floor onto the book shelves.

* Steam clean everything with my new steam cleaner that arrived today.

* Make an elaborate green chilli for tea (or dinner if your posh) instead of oven chips, oven fish and a tin of peas.

* Finish knitting a belt for the cardy I’m currently wearing.

* Make some paper decorations to hang in the porch – oh, wait that is kind of relevant but not urgent. I’ll move that down my list of priorities but put it before wrapping presents, getting my nephews, mother in law and 3 dogs presents, baking and get to them after the other things.