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You know what it’s like you have something to do and you keep dragging your feet and putting it off and arrggghhhhhh a little something that should take an hour maybe turns into something monumental that takes hours.  I should in fact be doing it now!  Instead I’m typing this and getting goose bumps all over and screwing my eyes up as Bud munches through his BIG bone.  I brought it in for him earlier as he was such a good boy by not chewing the door frame when I went to yoga this afternoon and B went to his mum’s.


Bud was looking so sorry for himself and wanted to check on his bone so in it came and now I’m at the computer and Bud has the bone on a towel at the side of me.  He managed to break the end off it and is currently causing my eyes to wince and my stomach to turn by industriously nawing at it.  I think I may be developing a tick.


I can say however that this bone buying and eating is proving very educational from a myeloma view point.  ‘Ohh, so that’s what the inside of a bone looks like.’  ‘Mmmm, yes I see how the bone could thin.’


The one thing I did do with the smaller bone he got and which I found really disconcerting was scrap out with a spoon handle the marrow out that Bud couldn’t get to.  ‘Wow, does  my marrow look like this?  Well , except uncooked!’


And now I really must get my finger out and do what I’m supposed to be doing otherwise it will be tomorrow before I get to bed.  I’ll get right on it right after l just check my emails, catch up on a bit of blog reading, and I may need a drink, ohh and a snack!  Arghhhhhhhhhhhh – Focus, Paula, FOCUS.