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Doggy Dermatology by Buddy

A few weeks ago (22 September 2011 at 9:30 – not that it sticks in my mind at all) P took me to the thingie, you know where they poke and prod small furry family members, the {grumble, whinge} vet.  It had to do with the bald patches I was getting on my paws that were looking raw and weepy – nice!

It didn’t even start off well.  I got told off by B as I played up getting into the car, but hey I thought we were going for a walk I mean at that time of day who goes out in the car.  Then we got to the {humpf} v – e – t (look spelling it helps me too).  Except it wasn’t even our usual one, it was a big building with a separate waiting area completely for cats.

We went in to see the Doggy Dermatologist (DD) and she was very nice – mind you they all seem very nice until they are trying to take your temperature!  Oh I’ve seen P take her temperature lots of times and it involves the opposite end completely!

After numerous subtle hints ie, rubbing my harness against P’s legs, the DD’s legs, the floor, the chairs, P explained and I was able to run round like a little nudist – well I say run but it was more – go to P, throw myself on the floor, get up whine, churner, pant, throw myself on the floor.  So P and DD spoke for ages, then I got a quick once over and after being put onto the table I attempted an escape without the aid of a parachute, and then DD popped a lead over my head and codded me into going with her voluntarily – as I was curious as to what was beyond the door and there was a new person there to fuss me.

I needed a general anaes, anaesthetic rather than a sedative as I’m so perky and I woke up to find I had three draughty patches where I was furless.  The one on my side was huge but I was more concerned about the big blue sock on my back paw!  I’d had a biopsy on one of my patches.  I was however a very good boy, I am, I am a good boy, I am – sorry got a bit carried away – and didn’t whinge in my cage.  However when B and P came to pick me up the nurse brought me out to wait with them and apparently I was a tad disruptive.  Oh, yes there were other dogs there who were all being very quiet, except for one that barked at me briefly, and one whose back legs kept shaking – but what’s the point of that if you’re not happy you need to let the non furry family members know.  So I whinged and told them off for about 20 minutes despite B and P’s best efforts to keep me still – people were looking but I wasn’t bothered.

And then we all got up and I thought we were going home and the next thing we’re heading back into the room we started in that morning – I attempted to back up but they were both behind me.

It turns out I’m allergic to wheat, grass – particularly rye, nettle pollen, leaf mould, dust mites (few comments regarding dusting were made there) and I got some antibiotics and some cream for my paws.  P asked if she could pick up anything from my inflamed paws and the vet said B should put the cream on – in the end B got P some disposable gloves!

Don’t get me started on the diet I’m on!  It’s fishy!  Literally fishy although I’m sure it’s a bit of an iffy idea.  We came home with a bag of fish kibble and to be honest it’s alright, in fact it’s quite nice – P said it should be at that price.  We also got a free sample bag of Sea Jerky.  Do you know what that is?  Neither did I but unfortunately I do now – it’s dried fish skins shaped into a circle or a square (like it makes a difference).  It’s got so I go to my treat cupboard and when P gets the bag out I turn away and walk off.  I have however been getting tinned tuna and the odd tin of ‘on offer’ pink salmon – although P says this is probably cheaper than the special kibble.  The tuna solved the dilemma of what to do with my tablets as it’s impossible to get them in Sea Jerky!

My blue sock lasted about five minutes after we got home – it started doing a Turkish slipper impression and then it was off – I didn’t really encourage it – much.  But I was a very good boy, I am, I am a good boy, I am…. oops did it again – and didn’t bother with my stitches.  They were supposed to disappear but one of them stayed put and P got all confident took it out herself.  I have to say I didn’t feel a thing but thought it was a bit suspicious when I was just lying on the settee dozing and she was suddenly telling me I was a good boy and I am, I am but she’s not normally that enthusiastic when I’m sleeping.

We go back to see the DD on Monday (I overheard them saying) and hopefully I’ll be able to go to my treat cupboard and come away with something yummy for my tummy and not something that could be used to sole my shoes – if I wore any!