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I have no idea how the decision to start most charities happens and it would be interesting to find out.

I went to visit Deb, my acupuncturist, on Monday (parking ticket day) and she was telling about being at a seminar with some fellow acupuncture friends and one morning at breakfast one said to her ‘I think I agreed to start a charity last night and go to Africa’.   How cool is that?

Two of Deb’s friends had stayed drinking in the bar drinking and got to discussing how a simple and cheap treatment with moxa can be very effective with TB.  They then decided to do something about it.  I’ve checked out the website, Moxafrica, but can’t find any reference to this although for me it’s as good a reason as any –

‘And tell us why did you decide to start this charity?’

‘Well, we’d had a bit to drink and it seemed like a good idea at the time!’

After a skinful most people think it’s a good idea to go for a kebab!

Exercise, Nutrition & Needles – not sewing ones

I ordered an exercise bike on Thursday which arrived on Saturday. Last night I unpacked it and the very last bit I got out which was the main part looked like it had been charged by a rhino. The company are sending me a new casing and in the meantime I’m going to put the rest of it together to see if it works because I need to get this fat shifting.

I have received from the nurse at Myeloma UK a couple of leaflets on stretching and strengthening exercises for people with Myeloma. They are really good but a little basic compared to the Oxygen magazine I subscribe too but then I thought well they were probably originally designed with an older age group in mind and I need to consider my collapsed vertebra (just the one fortunately) so maybe no handstands yet. The professor we meet re the stem cell transplant said no lower body exercises, that walking or cycling should be enough but I really liked doing squats and I don’t think I’m yet ready to part with my 7ft barbell. Don’t tell hubby I’m even thinking about the barbell.

I’ve started going back to an acupuncturist. I went when my back problem was thought to be muscular. And am going to try eating from a ‘Traditional Chinese Food Energetics’ viewpoint to improve my overall health. We had a very nice lamb dish yesterday which would benefit my Qi, Blood, Spleen and Kidney. I’m not going to even pretend I know how it works but apparently it does (10 squillion Chinese can’t be wrong).

When I fell off my bike two years ago and needed nine stitches under my knee we were chatting with the orthopaedic surgeon who stitched me up (Eleanor). (The A&E doctor wouldn’t do it and wanted someone from plastics obviously thinking I had very attractive knees.) Anyway whilst we were chatting we got onto the subject of alternative therapies and Eleanor was saying that acupuncture is one that western medicine has proven scientifically to work but doesn’t know how. So that’s good enough for me.

I also need to eat better because I am becoming a small round pudding. I got on the scales last night and I am 64kg. I have bought (on ebay auction) a dress mannequin to photograph my seductively draped scarves on for my etsy shop and also to make clothes. I did not get an adjustable one but a fixed one – 36 26 36 because they look better and are cheaper AND as I am currently (I can’t believe I am going to put my current measurements in hard print but figure it will shame me into action) 39.5 34 39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!