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Creative Space Thursday – It’s curtains but not as you know them

Now I thought that by this time this week I would have combined what is currently in my creative space ie, this…

with these from last week

and they would be hanging here…

Obviously not!

I want one of these…

I’ve been looking to see how much it will cost to replace the wash hand basin before deciding whether to claim on the insurance.  It turns out that the one we have is discontinued but no worries I came across a website called funnily enough ‘Discontinued Bathrooms’.  I submitted my request – Jacob Delafon Odeon wash hand basin with one tap hole in pergammon – and they sent me an email requesting a photograph to make it easier to match.  Since it’s a set product I couldn’t understand why and then it dawned on me – it’s so they can see what state people have got their current one into – that’s the only reason I could think of – ‘You should see what’s happened to this one!’

Anyhoo whilst browsing the web I came across this…

There’s no longer – it’s too cold, ahh just right, it’s getting hot and OWWWW – because

  • LED turns green when under 28°C, turns blue when between 28°C – 38°C, turns red when between 38°C – 48°C and flashes when higher than 48°C

And there’s no need to worry because…

  • No battery and electronic connection needed. There is a micromoto inside the faucet and it can supply power to the led light with the water flow supply power to itself

which, whilst I don’t fully understand, I read as ‘You won’t be electrocuted if you use this tap’ even though micromoto sounds like something off  an anime cartoon.

And finally, bearing in mind that on our stairs/landing, we have light switch plates that B changed which work in the following order

Bottom switch – turns light on and off

Top switch – turns light on and off

To turn light on from bottom and then off from top to avoid going upstairs in the dark..

Flick bottom switch (light turns on)

Go upstairs and flick top switch (light remains on)

Go downstairs and flick bottom (light remains on)

Go back upstairs and flick top switch (light turns off)

Collapse into bed in exhausted heap!

the website claims…

  • It’s easy for you to install the faucet correctly even if you never install faucets before

which presumably avoids turning on the tap and the toilet flushing.  Although we may have a slight problem because over here we have taps not faucets!