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Buddy and the Beach

I have been taking Tuesdays as holidays so that I can go to Armchair Yoga, however yesterday I was unable to attend for two reasons as it turned out.  The bathroom is being refitted so someone had to babysit Bud and as it turned out I couldn’t have gone anyway because I have a bit of a cold that I may not have been able to keep to myself.

I had contemplated taking Buddy somewhere different for his walk but then I started thinking well I have something to do and maybe I shouldn’t take him far in the car by myself on the motorway and then I thought if I have to wait for Bernard to come… well I wouldn’t hold my breath for that to happen.  I’m not saying it’s difficult to get my husband to go to places he doesn’t normally go but it took me four weeks to get him to come to the ‘nature reserve’ two miles up the road with us!  And then it was after a rainfall so it was muddy and although he didn’t quite get to the point of saying we couldn’t go again (he knows better than that) but I was advised to take a change of shoes next time we went.

A couple of people have suggested that I see if I can have my four weekly Zometa infusions at the local hospital rather than in Liverpool – if I did this I would never get my lunch out!

So with a view to enjoying TODAY and not putting things of until tomorrow (not because there may not be a tomorrow but because there may be something equally new and fun to do then) we set off in the car.

Buddy is not a good passenger.  He is all to keen to get IN the car but once we move off (and he does this if B is driving too) he starts to whinge.  Now I like the idea of him being fastened in but since we are completely down one seat belt and he started on another for the time being he is a loose cannon.

He whinges in the back – sitting up, lying down, looking out of the window, staring at the floor – he’s not fussy. Then he gets in the front, and is a little bit quieter and looks hysterically funny sitting in the passenger seat staring out of the front windscreen.

Yesterday however he got a little bit more than he bargained for and indeed had fair claim on a whinge.  There was a little bit of sudden bracking and he nearly ended up in the footwell.  He lay down for a while after.

I thought I did particularly well and managed to tune out his protests at being in a moving car by… turning up My Chemical Romance on the CD.  This however did not cover up the beeping noise produced when Bud shifted his little doggie weight to such a position on the seat that the car thought ‘Oh, there is someone in the passenger seat who has not put the seat belt on.  I must therefore make an irritating noise until they rectify this position.’

Needless to say we got there in once piece and had a ‘whale’ of a time.

We saw super large jelly fish – well they were super large to us at over a foot across – I’ve only ever seen little ones on a British beach before

It was lovely and sunny, freezing cold but lovely and sunny…

We met lots of dogs which gave Bud some more experience interacting with other canines – including a near hysterical tiny, tiny dog no bigger than Bud’s head which he just blanked twice.  I still wouldn’t trust him near another dog off the lead but maybe one day in the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuture.

Some of you may be aware that B has only ever read about two of my posts and what goes on the blog stays on the blog apart from ‘Keygate‘, so I shouldn’t really need to say that B doesn’t NEED to know about any frollicking in the surf, because remember we were in the his car…

This is an ‘arty’ shoot as someone had accidentally switched to panoramic…

We both really enjoyed ourselves, Bud so much that he was reluctant to get back in the car – YES IT WAS BECAUSE HE HAD FUN ON THE BEACH – and nothing to do with my driving.  And we both ended up having a kip on the seettee when we got home for all of 10 minutes until the tiler rang the doorbell.

I for one won’t be putting fun things off in the future, life is oh so precious and we really do need to make the most of it.


Creative Space Thursday Again

Artyish photo – The tie on Buddy’s duvet…

Trimmed of it’s loose ends this morning.

Does Buddy like it?  Well yes…

and no…

(Oh I made that quilt too by the way, many, many moons ago)

and undecided...

And what was all the panic yesterday over this…

something always comes along to put things in perspective – like this, this morning…

It’s been nice knowing you!

There’s no need to panic!

Really there isn’t.  Keep calm!  Everything will be okay!  Really?  No, there’s every reason to PANIC, and then PANIC some more!  LOTS AND LOTS OF PANIC and lets throw in some anxiety for the fun of it!

As you may be aware my darling husband LOVES his NEW car (when exactly do cars stop being NEW – this one is 12 months old in November for goodness sake – B could probably tell us exactly how many months, days and hours old it is exactly).

Well, okay deep breaths, in with the calm out with the not so calm.  Buddy and I went out in my lunch break in the car.  I contemplated taking him on his second walk of the day but the weather was lousy so we went for a drive for another essential dog toy and some non essential dog food.  The toy was one I’d seen last week it was a big goose with a ropey neck and legs (Mister Twister) – because B is a little unsure around the small rubber ring that we got Buddy (which he loves) as B has never owned a dog and he gets a little nervous with his hand so close to Buddy’s mouth when he’s frothing and growling – Buddy not B!  Needless to say Buddy proceeded to introduce the goose to the garden this afternoon and brought it back in at my insistence all damp and with a broken wing after all of about three minutes!

When we went into the pet shop he was so good – even though I was by then a little distracted – he got two treats off the cashier for being so good and sitting when I asked him to for the treat and complemented by the couple in front whose dog is half the size and apparently has a ‘give me the treat or I’ll bite you’ attitude!  He also got fussed by both of them and was so well mannered they were so impressed!  I should have got something in writing.

When we got to the retail park my first port of call was TK Maxx for the goose and I had to leave Bud in the car! THE CAR!  Now on Saturday we called at ASDA after leaving my Auntie Ann’s and left Buddy in the car with his harness still attached to the seat belt.  I got back to the car to discover that he’d decided to play ballerina and pirouetted round and round and round until he, the harness and the seat belt were as one.  He had then attempted to free himself from this predicament by CHEWING THE SEAT BELT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I looked at the seatbelt slack jawed in horror he jumped out of the back seat while still attached and managed to escape from his harness whilst leaving it still buckled!?!?! Maybe we should rename him Houdini.  Fortunately he is quite obedient and got back in his harness at my insistence just in time for B to arrive with the milk he’d gone back for.  I then got Buddy strapped back in without B noticing anything untoward.  I obviously then confessed to the misdemeanour and B took it really well – I know I should probably have started to panic there and then.  He didn’t even get flustered when a neighbour informed us that the car won’t pass an MOT with a seatbelt damaged in any way, I had suggested we could say the m-i-l tried to chew her way out – she has never been able to successfully operate a seatbelt to Bernard and his brother’s continuing annoyance.

We decided that when we left him in the car in future we would release the harness.  I did this on Monday when I nipped to the chemist – he was in the car alone all of three minutes and somehow an alarm went off – which is a bit worrying because we don’t have one!  Either he found one somewhere or I totally didn’t see someone going to a neighbouring car and switching their alarm off at the exact moment that I pressed the door release and the noise stopped – it’s a small car park and I would have had to have had my eyes closed for this to be the case.

When we arrived at TK Maxx  Buddy was settled on the back seat – so you know what I did – I left him there because he whines a bit in the car anyway so as he was settled I didn’t want to disturb him by moving him to unbuckle the seat belt.  That makes sense.  IT DOES.

I whizzed through the store as fast as my lytic lesion in my right femur would allow, grabbed the goose by the neck and queued and queued – while some elderly lady and her quite rude son debated whether they were prepared to pay for a carrier bag!

I got back to the car to see Buddy still on the back seat, looking cutely out of the window – awwwwwwww – I opened the door to tell him what a good boy he was and give him the goose and nearly passed out.  He may have been seating there cutely gazing out of the window but he didn’t have to be sat there because HE HAD CHEWED COMPLETELY THROUGH THE SEATBELT!

I haven’t told B yet – when I got home I pulled the back seat forward and wedged the end of the seat belt behind it before clicking it back into place!  It could have been worse I nearly put him in the passenger seat it was only the thought that it would be better to be consistent that stopped me!

I think I can safely say I am in deep, deep doo-doo!

Oh, and if any of you so much as snicker (not naming any names in particular – Denise) I will send you a lambasting email.

I’m now going for a lie down in a dark room!

Stem Cell Transplant Holiday Packing List

In view of Sean over at My Life with Myeloma going in for his stem cell transplant next week I decided to do a stem cell transplant holiday packing list.  Obviously some items are specific to the Royal in Liverpool, and some to the UK.


Mild hand wash (I took Highland Soap Company and can recommend this one fully – in fact we took a 50 mile detour on the way to Aviemore so I could stock up and get to smell everything)

Body lotion (again Highland Soap Company – this agreed with me even when my usual facial moisturiser which is quite natural didn’t)

Facial moisturiser (mine fell out with me as my skin, which is the only sensitive thing about me went extremely sensitive and I ended up sending Auntie Ann on a shopping spree for Simple stuff, which I don’t normally use as it’s not natural enough)

Shower gel (naturalish)

Children’s fruity toothpaste (I took natural, again, minty toothpaste but it stung when my mouth got sore)

Soft toothbrush (Aldi’s best)

Deodorant (again, strangely enough, natural)

Moist toilet tissue and barrier cream along with mouthwash, mouth coating rinse and pastilles supplied by holiday hosts.  (I didn’t make the most of these since the rinse made me throw up, it got swapped for a less volitile one

Hand sanitiser – took my own as hospital one makes my hands raw, applied in conjunction with body lotion (just to my hands) as I did use a lot


Pyjamas (or nightie – whatever takes your fancy – I decided against trackie bottoms and T-shirts even though they are comfy and even though I got up every day from the bed to the chair jim-jams were the right choice.  Even allowing for washing being taken home every day you need about 100 pairs.  Okay I exaggerate but only slightly.  I took about seven and had allowed for two pairs a day – HA  – on a good day maybe but I didn’t take into account a nosebleed, the odd bit of vomit and a lot of wee – I would have you know not because of THAT kind of accident but because of missing the jug!  I know how hard is it but I now realise it’s no wonder because little did I know at the time but diamorphine, of which I was on 30mg at one point is heroin!  I’m a junkie.  There was oramorph and paracetamol on top of that.  I have to say I don’t see the appeal!

Undergarments – Knickers, bras, socks –  I can say without a doubt that men have the easier option here.  Bras and IV stands/Hickman lines DO NOT MIX.

One set of outdoor clothes – I kept the pair I went in – I had intended to use this to go home in when I was able to go for a little walk around the hospital when it was quiet for two days before I was released I got dressed as I was not prepared to wander round in my jim jams even though a lot of people do even outside.

Slippers – I don’t do slippers!


Bearing in mind that for most of the time everything, EVERYTHING (cordial, biscuits, sweets) opened has to be used within 24 hours or given away individual stuff is best if available.

As I went in on the Monday after the Wednesday I didn’t really eat any hospital food except for breakfast cereal/porridge and a cooked breakfast provided on my last morning.

Mint tea, camomile and night time tea again these lasted until Wednesday.

Things I did eat

Rice pudding – tons of

Cottage pie


Sweets – blackcurrant and liquorice, fruit sherbets (went off these a BIT when mouth got sore), Haribo gums, again sours were a no, no.

Fruit pastille ice lollies

Hospital shakes

Tinned fruit – satsumas (although I can’t say I ate that many)

Yoghurt – Muller Fruit Corners – generally just the yoghurt – a big NO NO are probitoic yoghurts

Ribena – I went off water, it tended to make me sick

Orange juice (hospital supplied – I know this is contraindicated for chemotherapy but it went down better than just water)

Milk (hospital supplies) with crisps

Hot chocolate (hospital supplies)

McVities Digestives

Chocolate – this was okay at first but then made my teeth hurt, like cold stuff can do!

Chocolate milk – okay at first but then went off


Hospital supplies TV with freeview (I didn’t switch mine on)

Laptop – downloaded quite a few films from skyplayer, bigfish games also essential if only for visiting husband!

Knitting – socks, myeloma buddies, baby blanket – not much done but like toddler’s security blanky

Books – at least one big one for storing in ‘library’

Other Stuff

During administration of melphalan I had a hospital ice lolly.  I think I should have gone with ice instead and lots of it.  I don’t know whether this would have made a difference to the trouble I had with muscositis but this is the route I would take if need be again.  It may not make a difference but it won’t do any harm!

I didn’t have my hair cut/shaved before I went in.  I did however have a number one as soon as it started falling out which was 12 days after the melpahlan – however I understand this varies immensely.

As Fred, my first night nurse said when discussing whether I wanted a Periton for itching caused by plaster covering Hickman line (same plaster that she had put down not to be used and which caused a bigger scab than from line – I still have a mark the reaction to the plaster), anyhoo, Fred said ‘Heroes don’t get better faster and it seems longer!’

Whilst I was typing this I remembered something and had to ask B a question.

Me:  ‘Did I ask you to look at my green poo?’

Long pause – B: ‘Yes, but I didn’t.  Well at least I don’t think I did.’

Me:  ‘You can’t have done, you’d have remembered.’

Apparently it goes green as a result of some bloke called Billy and his rubic cube!  No, seriously it’s because of bilirubin and the liver detoxifying and as one of the nurses said it’s not like real poo!

And you get to have conversations about wee like…

Me:  ‘Is that okay?’

Nurse:  ‘Yes, I was just thinking what a good colour it is.’

Me:  ‘No, the froth on top.’

Nurse:  ‘Maybe it’s normally like that.’

Me:  ‘I think we can safely say based on what I’ve seen over the past few weeks, no, it’s not.’

Nurse:  ‘I wouldn’t worry about it.’

It only happened a couple of times and only at night and only after taking a certain tablet.

And my final tip – when your wife is driving for the first time on winding highland roads, don’t ask her what speed she is doing when approaching a bend and then after she provides the answer complain that she nearly (allegedly) crashed!


Well I truly excelled myself today in the fluff head department. Previously I have been quite sharp to the point of being in danger of cutting myself whilst at the minute I’m as sharp as a sausage.

I did myself a list for the day so nothing essential was missed off.  Acupuncture appointment with Deb, pick up material, finish myeloma buddy and donkey nosebands* for yoga tomorrow, make cards for blood group meeting tomorrow and a couple of non deadline things.

(* I sold three Buddies last week at yoga, by accident, and agreed that in exchange for keeping the change I would make a donkey noseband for WSPA.)

It was the first time I’d been to Debs since getting back from holiday. So during an in-depth how did it go I mentioned that I was experiencing forgetfulness, but as long as it didn’t get to the point of needing to do a list saying – have wash, clean teeth, go to the toilet – it would be okay.

And then it cost me £25!

I’d paid for two hours on the car park from 11:34 – you can see where this is going. I left Debs at about 13:20 called for some green tea at the health shop and as I was leaving thought I’ll just nip and get some hand sanitizer from an adjoining shop. Whilst there I was pondering the wiseness of getting the m-i-l something germ neutralising so that I don’t get Ebola from her kitchen cloths, okay bit of an exaggeration, maybe just Marburg, when my mobile rang. It was the occupational therapist over the bath seat the m-i-l is refusing to have fitted. The therapist thought it may be a good idea for her to call round with it instead of getting the workman to turn up and have the m-i-l throw a wobbler. So she was ringing to make an appointment for this. I sorted that out and then picked the appropriate ‘kills 99.9% of bacteria within a two mile radius’ products and it was only when I was on my way back to the car park that I even gave a thought to the time.

Low and behold I got back to the car and there’s a traffic warden keying the car’s details into his little machine. He apologised twice and said I could appeal it at a nearby building but I was 10 minutes late so how could I argue.

I was getting a bit teary on the way home – it’s just a parking ticket, wasting £25 fair enough, but a parking ticket, no damage to the car, no points on my licence, no biggy.

B was up when I got home and asked what was up as I seemed quiet. Nothing. A little later as B was getting lunch (well warming up soup) he asks again and I start crying, what the … So then B is looking really worried because I rarely cry and asks

‘Who’s died?’

‘Nobody, I got a parking fine.’

‘Is that all?’ laughing with relief ‘I knew you’d done nothing to the car I’ve been out and checked. Why are you so upset? It’s just a ticket, you don’t get any points on your licence.’

‘I know! It’s the thought that I didn’t even think about it until I was on my way back to the car park. I get distracted by something and everything else goes out of my head.’

To do list for Tuesday

  • Get up
  • Go to the toilet
  • Brush teeth
  • Have shower
  • Get dressed
  • 11:30 – Pick up fellow yoga participant (Need at all costs to avoid having to say at lunch ‘Excuse me I’ll be back shortly…’)

Addendum – I checked my email before posting this and there was one from the MMA List (which for those of you not familiar is a mailing list where you can send out myeloma questions/information). It contained a link to ‘Jim’s Story’ on Heroes Web TV. It’s worth a look – Jim was diagnosed in 1996. It’s nice, he seems, as is compulsory, lovely – my eyes sprung a bit of a leak again, whilst smiling though this time, it must be something in the water, or maybe I need a plumber.

Divorce Proceedings

This is what the start of divorce proceedings looks like…

Tiny ripple at the corresponding position above the number plate too…

Where’s the week gone?

Monday – Exercise bike – 20 mins only.  Started making a dress.  Left home at 13:30 to go to the Royal to check Septrin hadn’t affected blood counts (it hadn’t), got home at 17:30.  Did some knitting.

Tuesday – Took it easy as we weren’t having another worn out Wednesday.  Back little bit niggly.  Did more knitting.  Bit of sewing.  Honed my skills at match three game.

Wednesday – Decided to go to Ikea first thing to check out bed linen.  First thing turned out to be about 11:00 because I only got up at 9:15 after waking up a view times and them B coming to bed and fidgeting.

Ikea turned about to have way too many people – as B had told me and reminded me that he had told me so several times later.  I did however manage to see some storage units that would look fantastic in the back bedroom but they form a post in their own right.

Decided to do look at dresses in TK Maxx on the way home, then decided that the way home should be my second trip on a motorway.  This one a bit busier than the first.

But hey why go to St Helens when I could stay on the motorway and go to Southport (and get some yarn that Auntie En had got from a cheap shop), it’s only up the road (the yarn not costing more for the petrol used of course), not far at all knitting wise, however driving concentration wise it was 25 miles from where I was and going a way that meant going to places I’d never been before in my life, driving or passengering!

Get to Southport.  Can’t see the shop on the retail park where I thought it was.  Carry on driving trying to avoid the town centre.  Realise if I don’t have a wee I am going to pop.  In the attempt to get onto a supermarket car park a warning light comes on in the car.  Oh bum!  Get the handbook out.  Can’t see anything at all about warning lights, but do find out how to operate a mobile phone hands free system and integral sat nav, both of which the car doesn’t have.  Need to go for a wee because I can’t concentrate on the book and not having an accident at the same time.

On the way into the supermarket notice a stand asking me have I paid and displayed.  Well no I haven’t.  By this time I am prepared to live dangerously and take the risk of getting a fine.  ‘I’m bald and I needed a wee, my husband will have a wobbler please don’t give me a fee.  Did I mention I’m bald?  By the way I’ve had a stem cell transplant so don’t stand so close I don’t know where you’ve been!’

Get back to the car and find no fine.  Phew.  Switch the engine on in case the light has disappeared.  Doh!  Carry on looking at the book.  Ahhh, this would be the emissons indicator light.  ‘If the light stays on or flashes on and off seek service advice promptly.’  Does that mean I can drive home first?  What the hell.  Turn the engine back on and the light has disappeared.  Yeah!

Drive on.  Decide whilst I’m here I might as well go to the beach.  There’s not much chance of seeing the sea in Southport but nevertheless…  Find a tiny car park with a surface that would have made B blanch.  Realise it’s 13:30 and B is getting up at 14:00 to take the car to see about a recall.  Yes we got a letter on Saturday saying that it needed a new thermostat fitted as it may be defective.  Did I laugh, well yes I did while B sought to look unbothered by it.  Yeah right!

Nearly made it to the beach before it was time to head for home via a route I was familar with eventually and which included several sets of roadworks including convoy systems!

Get home, need a lie down in a dark room with a couple of painkillers (back little bit more niggly) and a cold drink.  Get cold drink and trip out to Service Centre to book car in following look and slight lecture on taking it easy and pushing myself too hard.

Get home again.  Try dress on which was just shy of finishing edges.  Get stuck in dress as zip not long enough and dress too tight.  Stop just short of claustraphopbic attack.  B no asisstance whatsover in removing me from dress.  No unfinished seam to rip so keeping slashing with scissors to last resort, ended up unpicking zip while breathing shallowly.

Thursday -Wake up 4:49.  Too hot.  Get drink.  Can’t get back to sleep.  Knit, watch TV.  Nod off.  Wake up 6:30ish.  More TV.  Look through Ikea catalogue and fantaise about shelving and getting rid of spare mother in law er I mean, mother in law’s bed  for a chair bed (like a sofa bed but smaller).  Bit more nodding.

Leave home 9:40.  Drop car off.  Walk to Auntie En’s for five hours which was really stressful with the knitting, chatting, getting given coffee made with milk, biscuits, tea and salmon sandwiches.  Pick car up.

Notice on the way to doctors to sort out new prescription for Septrin and pick up outstanding Aciclovir that the chemist was short from last week that the place where the mileage is normally displayed now says ‘Code 3’.  Now what?  Park, sort prescription.  Switch the engine on, still there.

I’d have to drive past home on the way to the garage so sod this, I’m going home.  B should be up by now he can sort it.  Mobile rings as leaving car park – must be B wondering where I am.

Get home.  B comes out before I get out of car.  Point out the message.  Book comes out.  Now 16:00. ‘Don’t worry I’ll ring the garage and see what they say.’ says… me.  Better me looking the fluffy female than B.

‘It’s the coolant level, Insignias can be a bit tempermental.  You can either bring it back or top it up with water and see if that sorts it.’

I’m for topping it up with water.  B looks iffy.  I now need a wee and a drink.  I get these whilst B decides what to do.  It’s ‘his’ car after all.  The bonnet of which he has not yet lifted.  So maybe now’s not the time!

Me:  ‘Do you want me to go back?’

B:  ‘Well if you don’t mind.’

Me:  ‘No, I don’t.’

B:  ‘Give me a hug.’


It just happened to be in my knitting bag.

Get the knitting and head for the car.

At the garage.  ‘He’s just finishing off, he’ll only be five minutes’.

This much knitting later I got the car back.

Go home – bit of deja vu going on.

Get out of the car and realise I didn’t take the garage key with me (still no come across my own house keys) and B is in the shower.  Wait on the front until he gets out.

Get in.  Get drink.  Get changed.  Get big toe stuck in handle of laundry drawer.

Start cutting dress out – after getting toe free.

Friend calls round.

And now I’m going to bed as…

Friday – We have an appointment at the Royal at 8:55.

In the afternoon I intend to come home, pick up my knitting and settle down to watch Avatar – which Auntie En lent me!

Meanwhole other than these…

I don’t seem to have got anything done!

Driving and Iron Men

Blogging hell, I can’t sleep! I’m so tired I’ve got a headache but I can’t nod off. I think I may be over tired. Normally I try to keep the same bedtime and similar wake up times. So I got to bed between 23:30 and midnight and get up when I wake up generally between 7:30 and 8:00.

Tonight after B had gone to work I finished watching Mrs Minevar and then started watching The Last House on the Left, I know not much difference. By 22:00 I was nodding off. I knew if I snuggled down on the settee I would be asleep in about two minutes but with B at work who was going to wake me up and remind me to take my tablets before I staggered upstairs to bed, so I took my tablets and went to bed and now over two hours later I’m still awake. So I’m blogging and waiting for the glass of milk to kick in.

Okay, so maybe putting the rest of The Last House on the Left on upstairs was a bit of a mistake, it was quite brutal and gory but had a satisfactory ending. I hate the ones where the baddies don’t get there comeuppance. I had been going a bit stir crazy last week with B going back to work. I missed him! So at weekend I suggested that I felt capable of driving again. Now we know what B is like with the car and that he asked for a medical opinion of competency not once but twice while I was on my holiday with regard to when I could drive. I must be appearing more compos mentis as he said okay, but declined my invitation to accompany me. So off I went on a short trip and everything was fine.

Yesterday with this freedom and the weather picking up, I went to Croxeth Park, had a little walk round and a little sit down knitting. Oh and I did the elastic band exercises again for good measure.

Today I went to Crosby Beach to see Anthony Gormley’s iron men. This involved a little distance on a motorway, my first time, but it is apparently the quietest in the country and fortunately was today and is the furthest I’ve driven so far. However after getting there I realised why B can get a little fraught occasionally when he is driving somewhere he doesn’t know and the signs aren’t very good and you don’t know which lane you should be in and there’s a bus right at the side of you and that’s where you think you should be, there’s a lorry up your backside and a van in front so you can’t see the signs – oh no, wait that was me.

When I had to turn round because I missed the extremely well sign posted car park, hah, I thought oh no, I have to get home yet, I should have brought B then he could have drive while I knitted and looked at the nice houses.

Anyway I had a nice walk along the beach and timed it quite well because the tide was coming in but there was still beach when I got there.

No bathing…

No wonder…


And finally some iron men (frontal views have not been released as they had ‘bits’, well not so much ‘bits’ in some cases)

On the way home I missed the turn off for the motorway so ended up more or less in the city centre, and at one point having to turn round completely.  Fortunately I normally navigate and so am a firm believer that you can’t really got lost just mislaid however I’m staying in tomorrow or rather today, knitting, there’s such a thing as too much excitement!

RTA Update

I tried to post this last night but somehow lost half! This was obviously so I could share the state that B brought the car home in this morning.

Well B normally gets woken up and then ‘comes to’ for half an hour or until I can be bothered to get him his ‘breakfast’ bagels. However on Monday his dulcite tones issued from the bedroom asking what time it was and I said 14:34 and got asked why I’d not woke him at 14:30 (we got him a T-shirt in Edinburgh that said ‘Sarcasim is one of many services I offer’). I hurriedly pushed the publish button and went to face the music.

At approximately 14:40, there was a slight delay because he thought I was winding him up and I had to convince him I wasn’t, he was outside inspecting the car.

Fortunately the next door neighbour who was there when I arrived home was still out and the other side pulled up about a minute later so I had three witnesses and a ton of moral support although Ted tried to deny all knowledge of our previous conversation, particularly the bit where he suggested I didn’t say anything as B would never notice!

It looks huge on that photo but it was about two inches – it’s the mark in the box by the way not the black rectangle. As you can see from the reflection of our car and my dress it was very sunny.

The owners haven’t rang yet so either it is just a scuff and buffed out, they’re not bothered or they are getting the most expensive quote imaginable and we can expect a call from their solicitors.

And this is our, what am I typing, I mean Bernard’s wing mirror. As you can see it is really tiny, the mark that is not the wing mirror that’s the size of Dumbo’s ears. Not that B would agree.

The neighbours who had just got back from shopping said ‘Here’ give it a rub with this, that’ll sort it out!’ Offering the wire brush he had just bought. Needless to say B didn’t see the funny side.

By this time Bernard had got the T-cut out of the garage and a cloth and was sitting dejectedly on the front wall since no-one had symphatised with him at the trauma I’d caused.

So he gave it a little rub with the T-cut but it didn’t disappear. By now I had the suspision that the mark was more of a kind of flattened bit caused not by the contact with the MPV but more likely the ticket dispenser, a fact I had to that pointed refrained from sharing. As you can imagine there was more sighing and vigorous rubbing of the wing mirror as it this might suddenly work.

Now he had been quite restrained up until now, apart from expressing his concern that I may have parked the car too close to the gosh darn (or some such word) garage door.

So I toasted bagels and went to transfer the photographic evidence from my phone to the computer so that the damaged could be assessed clearly. Whilst doing this I noticed the comment from Lorna relating to the safari park.

I then went and sat on the settee with B to watch something entertaining (Man v Food – everything really is bigger in America!) anything involving large quantities of food puts B in a good mood and I regaled him with Lorna’s tale of her son at the safari park. ‘What the monkeys?’, ‘No, a rhino’, ‘Why take a car to the safari park?’ slightly panicky because we have one nearby. And then he asked

B: ‘Why did you park where you did? Where there no emptier areas?’ – Oh, nooooooo!

Me: ‘Well I thought it would be good practice and if I had any problems I knew there were other spaces to park.’ Well it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I did say he’d been quite restrained up to this point didn’t I – well light blue touch paper and stand back.

B: ‘What? Why did you do that? That doesn’t make any sense. I can’t believe you did that!’

Now I need to search the house to find where B keeps his notes on my driving because I tell him something and he either denies all knowledge or says that maybe I did tell him but it goes in one ear and out the other but he is able to remember in exacting detail where I went in the car, at what time and what the weather was like.

B: ‘You parked twice between cars on the car park behind the town hall! You knew you could do it. It doesn’t make sense. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!’ – Okay I can take a hint, well maybe I can’t but I think three times is a little above a hint. – ‘Oh, it’s all coming out now isn’t it! Why didn’t you tell me this before?’

Me: ‘Well maybe for this reason!’

B then settles back, arms folded looking at the TV and commenting that he wasn’t really watching the programme any more – but I think the sight of a 72oz steak brought him round, that and me saying I wouldn’t attempt anything so ludicraious in the future – parking that is, I’d never manage the steak!

So I suggested a nice cup of tea and a biscuit while we played a computer game.

Just settling down in front of the lap top with my cup of tea…
B: ‘Can I have a look at your blog?’

Me: ‘What? Now?’ The only time B has read it is when I left it word open with my driving test on and when I put his bunny eating photo on.

B: ‘Yeah.’ – I look desparately out of the window but unfroutnately there are no naked women parading round the garden with which to distract his attention because I think the unlocked door is a step too far – let’s keep that to ourselves especially since it’s not the first time but will be the last!

Me: ‘Okay, but just look at this email first it’s hilarious!’

And then we played a game.

I was allowed out in the car yesterday but only after the following…

B: ‘And you’ll …’ No need to finish

Me: ‘Yes, be careful where I park.’

When I got home he went out and gave it the once over! I wasn’t quick enough locking the door so he got back in.

And then this morning B pulls up on the drive and before he reaches the kitchen I notice this…

I think we must have vultures.

But it wasn’t like that when he stopped the car on the drive of course or he would have noticed, well I hope so, but that bird couldn’t have timed it better.

And then he does this…

If only I could get him to clean the house as quickly and efficiently!

Road Traffic Accident

Everybody is fine, well I am and so is the car, but Bernard doesn’t know yet so that’s subject to change.  I might need a pair of ear muffs.

Technically it wasn’t on a road, it was on a car park, and didn’t involve traffic, we (the car and I) were doing about 0.001 miles per hour and the other vehicle was definitely stationary, but the word accident is appropriate.

It is a fairly biggish car, it’s a Vauxhall Insignia, and B has expressed concerns over this!  Ooops!

I set off to get a peice of fabric from town.  The car park I have been using which is small was FULL and had someone waiting.  So I decided to use the huge flat one nearby.  My first boo boo was on to the car park.  I desparately don’t want to be one of these women who have to open the door to get their ticket, so far I’ve had to do that once and a second time I had to hang out of the window.  But today I wouldn’t have had room to open the door I was that close.  In fact I was close enough to scrap the same wing mirror involved in the later incident on the ticket dispenser!  ‘Ohhh, I hope that doesn’t leave a mark’ I thought.

Onto the car park.  Now there were a lot of free spaces but did I park in the first one I came to with gaps either side and get the benefit of the additional walk into the town centre, noooooooooooooooo.  I decided to drive round to see if there was a closer space and then I decided that I would park inbetween a BMW and a Toyota people carrier/van type vehicle. Why? Well because I want to get use to parking just in case I ever encountered a car park where there is only one tiny space left of course.  I think this highly unlikely now because B is highly likely to confisicate my car key.

So I got in the space but was I happy? Noooooooooooo!  It could be straighter.  So I went to straighten up and ended up more un-straight.  So I tried again and then it happened… my wing mirror brushed the MVP.  I stopped.  I twiddled the knob to try and bring the mirror in, I can’t decide if that made it worse, I fought back the rising panic.  It’s just a wing mirror, it’s just a wing mirror, IT’S BERNARD’S WING MIRROR ON A CAR THAT HE KNOWS HOW LONG HE HAS HAD TO THE DAY.  Only having said last week it was coming up to five months since he’d bought it (obviously he corrects himself and says he means, our car and we’d bought it – yeah right)!

I thought about just driving off.  It’s surprising how that Bart Simpson attitude from childhood reappears at times like this – ‘I didn’t do it!  It was like that when I got here!’  But the problem with that was the owners of the other car weren’t my problem Bernard was.  So for that to work I would have had to drive off to somewhere else completely and leave my old live behind.  I decided that as I didn’t have my sewing machine, just some knitting in the boot, this wasn’t feasible.

A couple were walking towards me and I thought

‘It’s their car, I can get it done with.’ and then I thought about Denise’s car park incident and thought ‘Don’t let it be their’s’.  They were next but one.  Now it’s not that I can’t stand up for myself but I don’t really like confrontation and don’t see the need for it.  B quite likes a good argument, not with me of course he knows better than that but this could be a test!

So I left a little note under the windscreen wipers of the MVP you know to the effect of

‘I hit your car.  People watching think I’m leaving my details but I’m not.  Have a nice day! ;o)’

He he, no I really did leave my details.

It was only a scuff on the plastic I don’t even think it caused a scratch as such and absoluately no dents on theirs.

Meanwhile back on our wing mirror – there is a little black mark.  I think this is likely to be off the ticket machine personally.

Thank goodness for mobile phones as I was able to take pictures of the mark however in the process of doing so I walked off without locking the car!  I reallised this on the way back but fortunately it was still there!  I suppose if it had been pinched I could have claimed the car thief scratched the MVP.

Bernard doesn’t read my blog so I’m safe telling all here as I don’t think I’m going to tell him I left it unlocked.  He’s just woke up so here goes…