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It’s a dog’s life by Buddy

When P took me to the Doggie Dermatologist in September she was asked where and what my bedding was.  The answer was that I have my mini duvet mat in the lounge, in addition to either settee but not P’s chair, and it is a mini duvet – the cover keeps getting smaller every time it’s washed!  I also  have a less mini duvet mat in the hall slash dining room, a basket with knitted blanket in the ‘library’ (because there’s a lot of books in there – I don’t mean the bathroom) and of course I get to share the big bed too.  I don’t have anything to lie on in the kitchen which is okay because I can lie on the dining room one and keep my eye on things while I’m out of harms way and I don’t have anything in the bathroom which is fine by me ‘cos I don’t like to hang about in there for too long in case someone decides I’d like a bath!

The one room that is a big omission is the second bedroom or as it’s commonly known P’s sewing room.  I have nothing.  It’s all hard flooring and if I lie on the landing carpet I can’t even see  in.  It’s shocking considering I’m supposed to be spoilt.

So a small furry family member has to do what a small furry family member has to do and adapt to whatever is available…

Of course it contains clean washing I’m not going to get in one holding dirty laundry am I.

B wasn’t too impressed and took my bone and put in the my basket.  I went and got it and came back.

It may be a bit snug but it’s comfy.

They still haven’t taken the hint and sorted me something out.

At least some members of the family are more in tune with my requirements – we’ve all, I was specifically mentioned by my own specific name,  been invited to Auntie Ann’s for a roast tomorrow which means I’ll get one too!

Happy Bud-day by Buddy

Hey it’s my birthday today.  Well my new birthday.  Since I joined the Kilgallon family on 9 September 2010 and was about 18 months old B thought it would be a good idea to add six months to that so my birthday is today.  It’s just as well it’s not tomorrow as that’s my Anti Pat’s birthday.  We call her that because her name is Pat and she’s frightened of me and all other dogs so doesn’t pat me.  Although she did once nearly do it by accident which made Paula laugh.

Here’s a video that P took of me opening my present from Toni who’s such a little sweetie.

I love it and so does P.

I got these three rings from B and P.  I think the secret is I need to get them apart.

This is a nice shot of my derriere as I hastily left my mat and present at the sound of B rustling something that would produce food in the kitchen.

Sometimes it was hard to decide which present I wanted to play with.

See…then I went back to the teddy.

And then I went back to the rings.

And then I bite the teddy’s bottom and it started to leak.  I like it when they do that.  P says she is going to stuff the white fluffy bits back into the body so I can do it again.

I crashed out after – all that disembowelling takes it out of you you know.

Some Dayz – by Buddy


P knows that I’m partial to a little taste of yoghurt so on Thursday morning, after her Uncle Ray had dropped her back at home after going to the Royal for blood tests for the appointment on Friday, she was thoughtful enough to collect a cereal bowl from the kitchen for my share.

We exited the kitchen in the ‘Budmobile’ with P driving via the cereal bowl.  I was in the passenger seat on the right so we had to pretend we were in the US but once we’d got past the dining table P was driving with one hand as she’d picked her knitting in the other. So I switched sides ‘cos she’s used to driving on the left and we were transported back to the UK briefly because P remembered the Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads programme she’d seen recently and they drive on the left.  So we popped over to India.  With all the beeping, from the horn and the expletive covering bleep machine, swerving and dodgy manoeuvre around the lounge door is was the most fur raising two metres (six and a half feet) of my little doggy life.

Fortunately the yoghurt was worth it even though I had to work round the whole grain bits in it.


P got a spiky temp and spent most of the afternoon on the settee asleep.  We did however get our 7.00 pm tea at 8:15 pm ish.  And then guess what, she slept some more.


Yet again P was spiky and there was more sleeping.  P got up just before 8.00 am and took to the settee.  I’ll give her this though when I got up about half an hour later she did get up and open the back door so I could go wee wee.  Since I’ve mentioned going wee wee I would like to point out that saying ‘D’you wanna go wee wee’ in an Aussie accent doesn’t make it sound like I’m going for a barbie on the beach when it’s raining, freezing or dark out.  Oh, and saying ‘It’s wee wee time with Buddy Kilgallon’ can give a little doggy a complex.  I mean it’s not a spectator sport!

Now although P did get up for my toiletry needs when I hinted that I’d like my salmon and kibble breakfast I got two Markies and a Peteromi.

Now I was a little concerned when B and I got back from our walk as P still had The X Factor on the TV despite the Sky controls being within reach.  I was relieved though when I realised that P had slept through most of it.

Oh, oh and before I go for a little nap myself and since Julie asked – this is a Rodeo…

And to pre-empt another question this is a Markie…

P says we can’t have a Peteromi photo as I won’t be able to let her put it back in the cupboard!  I so need to learn how to open the treat cupboard door and use the camera.

I’ve had fish up to here! by Buddy

As you know I’ve been on a fishy diet for weeks and weeks now and although P has given me a teeny tiny piece of fudge, a finger nail size bit of corned beef, less than a quarter of a cracker and a piece of ice lolly (not necessarily completely out of the goodness of her heart on that one as she came back to bed with an ice lolly in the middle of the night when she had a temperature and I managed to give it a lick when she wasn’t paying attention!)  Oh, and today she caught me as I was just getting my chops around a piece of chicken that had dropped off next door’s bird table – but basically it’s been fish morning, noon and night despite whatever pitiful looks I could manage.

On Friday we went to Auntie Ann’s and Uncle Ray gave me a Rodeo – fair enough to P she did let me have it as I was sitting in front of him with my paw lifted up so high I could have hi-fived him – but despite following him whenever he got up no more appeared.  And then yesterday we all got home from a short walk to this from one of our neighbours…

and has any of it come my way – noooooooooooooo!  It’s the final straw or in this case currant.  So after mulling it over…

I’ve decided I need to take action and I’ve prepared my list…





Waggley tail Che – no, wait it’s not where I left it!  Where is it?  Oh, whoof! It could be a deal breaker?

Doggy Dermatology by Buddy

A few weeks ago (22 September 2011 at 9:30 – not that it sticks in my mind at all) P took me to the thingie, you know where they poke and prod small furry family members, the {grumble, whinge} vet.  It had to do with the bald patches I was getting on my paws that were looking raw and weepy – nice!

It didn’t even start off well.  I got told off by B as I played up getting into the car, but hey I thought we were going for a walk I mean at that time of day who goes out in the car.  Then we got to the {humpf} v – e – t (look spelling it helps me too).  Except it wasn’t even our usual one, it was a big building with a separate waiting area completely for cats.

We went in to see the Doggy Dermatologist (DD) and she was very nice – mind you they all seem very nice until they are trying to take your temperature!  Oh I’ve seen P take her temperature lots of times and it involves the opposite end completely!

After numerous subtle hints ie, rubbing my harness against P’s legs, the DD’s legs, the floor, the chairs, P explained and I was able to run round like a little nudist – well I say run but it was more – go to P, throw myself on the floor, get up whine, churner, pant, throw myself on the floor.  So P and DD spoke for ages, then I got a quick once over and after being put onto the table I attempted an escape without the aid of a parachute, and then DD popped a lead over my head and codded me into going with her voluntarily – as I was curious as to what was beyond the door and there was a new person there to fuss me.

I needed a general anaes, anaesthetic rather than a sedative as I’m so perky and I woke up to find I had three draughty patches where I was furless.  The one on my side was huge but I was more concerned about the big blue sock on my back paw!  I’d had a biopsy on one of my patches.  I was however a very good boy, I am, I am a good boy, I am – sorry got a bit carried away – and didn’t whinge in my cage.  However when B and P came to pick me up the nurse brought me out to wait with them and apparently I was a tad disruptive.  Oh, yes there were other dogs there who were all being very quiet, except for one that barked at me briefly, and one whose back legs kept shaking – but what’s the point of that if you’re not happy you need to let the non furry family members know.  So I whinged and told them off for about 20 minutes despite B and P’s best efforts to keep me still – people were looking but I wasn’t bothered.

And then we all got up and I thought we were going home and the next thing we’re heading back into the room we started in that morning – I attempted to back up but they were both behind me.

It turns out I’m allergic to wheat, grass – particularly rye, nettle pollen, leaf mould, dust mites (few comments regarding dusting were made there) and I got some antibiotics and some cream for my paws.  P asked if she could pick up anything from my inflamed paws and the vet said B should put the cream on – in the end B got P some disposable gloves!

Don’t get me started on the diet I’m on!  It’s fishy!  Literally fishy although I’m sure it’s a bit of an iffy idea.  We came home with a bag of fish kibble and to be honest it’s alright, in fact it’s quite nice – P said it should be at that price.  We also got a free sample bag of Sea Jerky.  Do you know what that is?  Neither did I but unfortunately I do now – it’s dried fish skins shaped into a circle or a square (like it makes a difference).  It’s got so I go to my treat cupboard and when P gets the bag out I turn away and walk off.  I have however been getting tinned tuna and the odd tin of ‘on offer’ pink salmon – although P says this is probably cheaper than the special kibble.  The tuna solved the dilemma of what to do with my tablets as it’s impossible to get them in Sea Jerky!

My blue sock lasted about five minutes after we got home – it started doing a Turkish slipper impression and then it was off – I didn’t really encourage it – much.  But I was a very good boy, I am, I am a good boy, I am…. oops did it again – and didn’t bother with my stitches.  They were supposed to disappear but one of them stayed put and P got all confident took it out herself.  I have to say I didn’t feel a thing but thought it was a bit suspicious when I was just lying on the settee dozing and she was suddenly telling me I was a good boy and I am, I am but she’s not normally that enthusiastic when I’m sleeping.

We go back to see the DD on Monday (I overheard them saying) and hopefully I’ll be able to go to my treat cupboard and come away with something yummy for my tummy and not something that could be used to sole my shoes – if I wore any!

Feeling Whoof – by Buddy

You know there are days when you think you know exactly how your day will go and then it all goes paws up, like today for instance.  I thought we were back to our regular Tuesday routine ie, I’d get a walk before P abandoned me to go and sit in an armchair somewhere else and wiggle things about.  Did this happen? Noooooo!

I should have known before I got up that things weren’t going to plan as we got a lie-in on a week day.  P got out of bed somewhat reluctantly quite some time after B came to bed and it turned out she had a temperature of 37.4.  So she took some tablets to lower it and although she managed to make some porridge I got more than my usual snoutful.  P then lay down on the settee and I realised then my morning wasn’t going to pan out as planned.

However P’s temperature had gone up to 37.9 and I got a whole new experience.  There are long windows in the living room and it turns out these aren’t windows at all they are doors.  Doors that open straight to the ‘garden’.  I didn’t know what to do.  I stood at the edge sniffing and then I put my front paws on the outside ledge and when P didn’t shout me back I jumped out.  One second I was in the living room, the next I was in the outside.  I had a little sniff and then jumped back in and apparently this door doesn’t work like my pet flap – nobody appeared with a towel to wipe my paws.  I needed to think about this so I jumped onto the settee with P and contemplated it.

After letting P stroke me for some time because she likes doing this I decided to venture outside again.  I had a good old mooch round the garden and then I came racing in like I normally do – WHACK – through my pet flap into the garage. And you know what I had to wait, and wait and when P finally opened the kitchen door she didn’t even bother to wipe my paws.

After more snuggling I thought I’d give it another try going out through the window door. Again I ran back into the garage.  Again I waited but I only waited once, then I popped back out the pet flap and looked in through the door and there was P still on the settee.  I gave her a look that said ‘What are you doing there? Don’t you know the protocol?’

And a B, no wait, a bee flew into the window.  I couldn’t see it properly from inside so I went outside and put my paws on the wall and looked in at it.  I hadn’t seen one close up but have snapped at some when we are on my walk but they walk in the air so they are hard to catch.  I can look at these but I shouldn’t poke them with my nose or they’ll make my nose sore.

P finally picked up her knitting at 12:30 when her temperature had dropped down to 37.1.  P and B went out later in the afternoon, without me, to get the ball thing that I have to keep away from taken off and they took some blood to see if anything was brewing.

I did finally get my walk later on with B while P had a nap.  When we got back I jumped on the settee with her and snuggled.  There wasn’t much room and I had to put my tail in her face – I think she likes it.

Cow Innards on the Carpet

Hi I’m Buddy.  I am led to believe that when P started this postAday2011 malarkey she mentioned that at some point I would be involved.  Or as is the case today I get drafted in because P is still feeling a bit pooped and I have to pick up the slack.  Someone being fine this morning and wilting like a delicate bloom about 19:00.  Hmph! Planning, planning, planning but do they listen?

So I would like to give a lesson in how to deal with an out of control cow.  Here is the wild animal I was presented with…

First politely made your acquaintance with the wild but let’s face it slightly dumb animal.  I established that this particular one is called Hildegard.

If she does ‘do a runner’ it is useful to have ensured that she leaves a trail which you can track…

Once retrieved you have to be ever vigilant for two things, back up Hildegards and someone/thing attempting to rustle yours.

In this hectic world sometimes you need to multi-task, dismantling the squeaky device that could possibly – and I’m not committing myself here, have been installed by dodgy aliens – at these times ensure that Hildegard cannot moo off.

And remember your Hildegard does benefit from some cuddle time.

Hope you enjoyed my first first, from what I’ve seen it’s better than the drivel P produces.  To whoof, I mean whet your appetite, things I’m thinking of maybe posting are ‘How to Train Your Non Furry Family Members’ and ‘The Lost Ball Saga – No, ball gets left behind!’.

Until the next time P needs a stand in – Keep those tails wagging or they might seize up and drop off!

Have a whoof-ley weekend!