Uneven Pom Poms

I have to say I surprised even myself by getting this jacket finished in time for today.  I then un-surprised myself by forgetting it was in the washing machine last night but fortunately remembered just as I was going to bed, popped it in the dryer on a time delay and forgot about it again this morning!  It had about three minutes on hot and was then ready to go.  It’s for a two year old but we went with the age three.  Since I worked so hard to get it done let’s have more photos than strictly necessary.  As I didn’t have time to photograph it before I  left home I did it when I got to dialysis which explains the blue background of the bed.


Yes, I know those pom poms aren’t level that’s intentional.  Well it wasn’t going to be initially but then together they looked too sticky outy and with one any higher it just looked odd – well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  I’d also like to take this opportunity to officially state that I intensely dislike, in fact possibly borderline hate, making poms poms.




The buttons are reindeer antler which, I think I may have mentioned before, came from the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd at Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands and were made just for me as they had stopped making them to sell in the shop.


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I am still sleeping in my own bed and intend on ringing the ward this afternoon if I’ve not heard anything as I can’t see me getting admitted now until Tuesday at the earliest.  When the peritoneal nurse came to flush my PD cannula just I asked if I could be booked in to do my training then at least I could get it done so that when my neutrophils went back up after the DT-PACE I could start from home straight away.  Turns out that the training nurse is booked with a problematic patient so she couldn’t fit me in.  I know it was short notice on my part but I thought ‘what the heck I might as well ask’ just simply because I may dislike making pom poms but I’d rather do that than come in for haemo dialysis.

8 responses to “Uneven Pom Poms

  1. Such a lovely wee jacket … and I love the pom poms (possibly because I didn’t have to make them!!). Hope the 2 year-old likes it … I’m just thinking: toddler – white clothing …. it’s not going to be white for long, is it?!!

  2. It is mind boggling to witness your production!
    I think this is about the cutest little sweater I’ve ever seen… Perfect for Easter.

  3. How darling that little cardy is!! I’ve never been much one for pom-poms, either.. including the ones the cheerleaders had to carry as they ran onto the field, but my best friend said that was the whole reason she wanted to become a cheerleader! (We can laugh about that now, thankfully.) At any rate, I love the photos!

  4. Paula, this sweater is so lovely – absolutely adorable! What booklet is the pattern from? I would love to knit it for my grandaughter. Lovey

    • Hi Beth – the pattern is surprisingly called Aran coat with large collar and is from Debbie Bliss’s New Baby Knits. I have to say I don’t know if it’s still available, probably as Debbie seems to have grown in popularity over recent years, I’ve had my copy 20 years! I thought surely not this long but then when I realised that my eldest nephew was 20 this year and I bought it to knit for him I realised that was in fact correct. 😀


  5. That looks so comfy and squishy! What a lucky little one to have it to wear.

  6. Wow – that’s really lovely! So much squishy texture! Just be glad you were not the “problematic patient”!

  7. Perfection!!!! Absolutely adorable. Happy Easter to you, P, and the double B’s too. :o)

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