Hiccy Burpy to me

Hiccy Burpy was on a card I got a friend years and years ago – it featured drunken frogs.  It really amused me.  B says it doesn’t take much but I found this particularly amusing.

Its been a lovely bright sunny day

(photo does not do it justice)

B and I went to a friends for tea yesterday where I got a cake with four candles in it and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday by a quartet – minus the one member of the house who’s actually in a choir.

We discussed going out for tea ie, I suggested we go to the one pub within walking distance, take Bud and sit outside – B thought this idea sucked as it was so nice we wouldn’t get a seat outside so we decided on an Indian takeaway, after neighbours and eldest nephew suggested newish Indian restaurant we decided on this, we didn’t know opening times, they weren’t open when I phoned, B and Bud got back from their walk and I suggested we call on the way back from dialysis tomorrow and have an Indian takeaway tonight!

Bud got to have the chicken tikka but everyone declined the salad

Here’s some other pics…


Yoga Frog – The Tree

After an inquisitive visit from the small furry family member…

it was a fallen tree – making him jump.  Bud did like the box too

‘I just caught it, it was trying to escape’

I felt bad taking a chunk out of Tatty Ted but he tasted yummy

Wonder whose legs those are

These were off Bud.  I tapped B on the arm nine times and asked if that was how Bud has requested them.  B looked at me quizzically – ‘Nine times.  After eight.’  Not as funny as I thought apparently.

New shawl, PJ bottoms and socks

Look I’ve got five o’clock shadow – not to worry we’ll get rid of that next DT-PACE

‘What are you doing?’

‘Come here my pretty’


‘Hey! That’s my behind – get your own.’

‘I’m not very happy about this – you know I don’t pose’

My sister in law is improving her crochet skills daily – like this tag.  It’s really funny/strange watching her crochet left handed.

Sheep – the source of hours of pleasure and not just for the Welsh

On Friday when Prof realised it was my birthday today he said ‘Well done’ and I nearly piped up ‘What for getting to another one?’ but although I’ve been taking the Thalidomide earlier (7.30pm to 8.00 pm) and this has made me perkier earlier in the day, I still need a bit of a run up to get to smart a*se mode.

Then today when all three of us were sitting on the settee and I’d finished opening the presents and cards I had at the time I sat there and started getting teary – I did leak a little bit.  B asked me why I was crying, was it because of the cancer.  I said no.  He said ‘You wouldn’t be crying if you didn’t have myeloma.’   When I could trust myself to speak without bawling I said ‘I know no-one knows what will happen and lots of people don’t make their next birthday but I’m just so grateful that I did.’

11 responses to “Hiccy Burpy to me

  1. Linda (in Chicago)

    Happy Birthday!! You do never know… but here’s to many many more for you!! Prayers for you always…

  2. Happy birthday wishes for you Paula!!

  3. Happy birthday, Paula!

  4. awww, paula – hiccy burpy! i WISH i could say that just like a soused frog, but alas, another thing i am NOT allowed with chemo. so, my friend, in a sober and loving state i will say, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”. loved all the photos! and tears shed with gratitude for life are no small thing – it’s a (happy) cryable event! XOXO, karen

  5. Hey Paula, it’s alright for you……I gotta wait till next January to know!
    😉 x

  6. Happy Birthday, Paula!

    Just wait… When you get to my age, you’ll shed tears from the gas pains that come from eating the cake… (Caution around burning candles!)

    Hope it’s a great day for you.

  7. You got some lovely things 🙂 I hope you had the most magnificent birthday ever 🙂

  8. Hippo Birdie!
    FL says – look forward to many more birthdays… and how old are you anyway? I said that was not the question to ask a lady… but you were definitely younger than me… which got the inevitable response that MOST people are younger than me – tsk!

  9. So pleased to hear you had a fabulous day. It looks like Buddy enjoyed himself too.

    I noticed Sandy on the quilt behind your flowers and he is definitely looking well loved.

    I won’t share what effect the remark about birthdays had, especially followed by Mike’s.

  10. Happy belated birthday! That thing you said about sheep and the Welsh? What on earth did you mean by it?

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