Cast your mind back to last June

What were you doing?  We were fortunate enough to go to Lorna and Mike’s wedding.  I had blood poisoning at the time and had gone into hospital on the Friday as the wedding was on the following Tuesday but was given day release to attend – as detailed here and here – but very, very briefly I hadn’t been up to making the dress I intended to wear and being in the Royal couldn’t go and get my back up dress.  As it turned out my eldest nephew went to buy it for me and they didn’t have it in my size so I trusted his judgement as to another black and white dress and this is what I ended up with…

A very nice choice I think we all agreed and at the time I mentioned this was no less remarkably in light of, not said nephew’s age of 19, but his choice of fancy dress (well I think it was fancy dress) for a party at Uni shortly after.  I somehow didn’t get round to posting the pic – well here it is now…

What’s worrying is the only thing he had to buy was the… vest!

4 responses to “Cast your mind back to last June

  1. Furry tails. X

  2. ‘Said Nephew’ made a remarkably tasteful choice in your dress. Most attractive!

    Further, I doubt, (by the size of his biceps), that he was challenged by anybody in regard to his choice of costume.

    A wonderful age, 19…

  3. Are you sure a shop assistant didn’t chose a dress for you?!!

  4. Last June was memorable to me because I started following your blog. I believe that this wedding dress adventure was one of the first posts I read. Thanks for the lovely visit to the past. It is so nice to see the face behind the story.

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