Crochet Catch-up

I thought it was about time I got up to date with the stuff I’d crocheted this year so far.

Another cot/pram blanket in the Greenway pattern from Comfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans in lemon and white.

This one is 75cm x 95cm and took four x 100g balls.  With the pink and white one I had more of the pink left but this used it up pretty evenly resulting in a two tone edging…

which hopefully looks like a design feature rather than a necessity.

I finished the chunky afghan I started when I lent my 4.5mm hook to my sister in law.

Its about 100cm x 130cm and I found some cream and blue chunky I had lying around – not too sure where it came from.

The green was given to me by the same yoga friend as the lilac and I had to use it double.  I gave my Auntie En the remainder last week for her blankets as I didn’t think I’d use it single and was in no rush to do anything else on a BIG hook.

And I finished the bits and bobs afghan with the 4.5mm hook…

I do think it would have looked better with all the squares edged in the same colour – more together.  This is about 90cm x 120cm.

It got a row of double crochet (US single crochet) for the edging with the second row done in reverse double crochet.  Hey it’s simple but effective.

This and the chunky one are for the South African creche/hospital via one of our GPs’ receptionists.

Gill, my sis in law, has still got the crocheting bug and when she mentioned that she was going to buy herself a selection of hooks I thought that might be a good idea for a Birthday present at the end of this month.  How about these for colourful and very reasonable at £8.99 from Amazon – certainly cheaper than buying plain grey ones individually and although I haven’t test driven any but they got good reviews and feel nice to handle.

7 responses to “Crochet Catch-up

  1. I love the bits and bobs afghan! It is so fun to look at! Actually Paula, everything you do is nice. I think the crochet hook set is a wonderful idea.

  2. You’ve been busy!! And I’ve only managed a measly few blocks for my first ever afghan. I take your point about edging the blocks in the same colour – I’ve been wondering about that with my blocks and I think you may be right. I should just bite the bullet and start edging them all now in one colour.

    Great present idea and so pretty too. So much nicer than grey.

  3. the bits and bobs is psychadelic, i like it. not sure if that’s what you were going for but hey. i haven’t crocheted anything in a while, but seeing those pretty hooks all in a row makes me want to pick them up. they’d make a great gift.

  4. I really don’t know how you do it…I only wish I could be half as productive as you! What beautiful creations they all are. I especially love the cot/pram blanket in lemon and white. Tell me now, I know what a pram is, but is a cot like a small bed?

    • I’m not sure what you’d call it – maybe a crib? You know the thing for putting babies in at night with high bar like sides – or any other time you want them to sleep/stay put! 😀


  5. You HAVE been busy!
    Great stuff Paula!
    And colourful hooks have got to be a good thing even if they only ever sit in a jam jar on the shelf looking pretty!

  6. ooooo that lemon and white blanket is lovely 😀

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