Twisted cables

I knew I’d have to do it – maybe if it had been for me I would have fought the urge but as it wasn’t I undid the back and rectified my cabling boo boo.  Then I undid it again as I’m obviously still behind with my sleep (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) and made another boo boo when I reknit it because I couldn’t do two things at the same time – don’t tell B he readily accepts with me as a prime example that women can do 16 things at the same time whilst men can’t do one and a half.  Two of our neighbours called round yesterday afternoon and while knitting and chatting I missed another cable twist out of the new knitting.

Mind you it’s not like I need much of a distraction at the minute I also had to undo the left front twice last night and in fact somehow the right front ended up as the left front (ie, the v-neck slope was on the wrong side) and vice versa – so although the right front was ‘right’ it should have been ‘left’!

Fortunately the sleeve turned out to be a sleeve AND had the correct amount of cabling.

It’s not just knitting I’ve been having trouble with.  I tried a logic puzzle last weekend – just one of the simple ones at the very beginning of the puzzle book that only have three answers and with a great deal of effort I got the first one right and the second one completely wrong.  It would have been easier trying to plait fog.  I can’t say it’s got much better since.  However a friend who called round on Wednesday night said that she was glad to see I had my ‘Paula sparkle’ back as it had been a while.  I must be at my best at night as I’m pretty sure B wouldn’t say I sparkle in a morning!

And now I have some potentially very good news from the visit from the renal doctors yesterday.  Basically my kidney function is borderline for coming off dialysis.  I’m having dialysis as usual tomorrow then I get to wee into a container again for 24 hours from 6am Monday to 6am Tuesday and go in for blood tests on Tuesday but no dialysis.    It could be that the amount of dialysis can be reduced if it can’t be stopped altogether and the dialysis type changed and I could do it at home.  I have to admit the brief description of tubes in tummies didn’t exactly have me saying ‘Yay, sign me up now.’  I was home from dialysis yesterday by 12.30 as B came and picked me up.

I’m still getting the migrainy visual disturbances but fortunately no follow up headache.  In fact last  night I got the netbook out to blog and then couldn’t see the screen clearly enough – indeed it’s going funny again now.

My mouth is a teeny bit sorer which may, or may not, have something to do with Sherbet Lemons!

I would also like to point out (and I think that as I can I need to blame either disturbed sleep patterns or medication for this) that it doesn’t constitute a REAL fire unless you need to call the fire brigade – even if the flame is a foot high and it nearly makes your husband enter a state of shock.

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8 responses to “Twisted cables

  1. What fire? Where …?!!

    That’s going to be a great cardi, Paula. So cute.

  2. sounds like there’s some good news to hang on to! and this? “It would have been easier trying to plait fog.” lol yer funny.

    thanks for the smile. i almost always leave here with one 🙂

  3. Paula, You are tough as nails! It’s funny because you project such a sweet and innocent image…

    Great news on the kidney function. Makes me happy to hear you’re kicking this thing. I guess we’ll have the details on the fire later?

  4. woooo hooooo! I am so happy for you that your renal function is recovering! I know how huge it is to get OFF of diaylsis. F***ing Fantastic!!

  5. YAY for very good news!! And who cares about wonky cables?

  6. That is just terrific about your “kidleys” as you would say. Hope your wee-ing experiment comes out great so you can cut way down on these trips.
    And what on earth did you fire up?

  7. Paula – great news about your kidney function!
    Saying a prayer that you will soon be off dialysis! I can really relate to the mental fogginess, too. When caught up in a “brain freeze”, my standard reply is, “Don’t mind me, I am heavily medicated.”. Btw -beautiful knitting!

  8. mmmmmm sherbet lemons!! 🙂 I have to say one thing i’ve never done is trying cabling…….yeah how easy/hard is it??

    I hope you can come off Dialysis….(did i spell that right??) soon!!!

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