To ‘Nearly’ Done List

I’ve nearly done by ‘To Do List’ along with some additional things.  That said when my sister in law rang yesterday afternoon I got panicky thinking it was the hospital and I hadn’t finished it.

In addition to the list I’ve cancelled the laptop insurance for our lost laptop, changed energy supplier, got a better deal on the house phone, added some yarn that’s been lying around to my yarn index, made a dressing gown that was too much of a bargain to leave on the rail into a cardigown and knit/crocheted this…

Some assembly still required

I had two units of blood today so I fully expect to finish my list tomorrow and I’ve told B that with this haemoglobin boost and once I’ve caught up with my sleep tonight he better brace himself as I’ll be so full of beans.

Now usually, although I’m not shy with my opinion, I’m not one to force advice on people but I’d like to finish today with a little bit of marriage guidance for the ladies.

When one’s husband says that the district nurse was at his mother’s tending too a sore on her bottom he may not appreciate it if one responds with ‘A pressure sore?!?  That’ll be because she’s sitting on her arse to much.’

4 responses to “To ‘Nearly’ Done List

  1. I hope you feel better after the blood does its job. Thank goodness for donors, huh?

  2. Good advice!! You really have powered through that list… Hope you get it all finished. Quite keen to see that whatever it is assembled before you go on vacation again … Trying to imagine what it might be!

  3. I am quite in awe of all you accomplish! I am so happy about your test results, not quite so happy you have to do DT-PACE again, but glad you are doing it. That seems a contradiction in terms, but I think you know what I mean! Good luck with everything!

  4. The M-I-L at least didn’t ‘pressure’ you to do something about it!!! LOL! Glad you are feeling gooder and intending there is more gooder to come!

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