Bright Star

I finally finished the aran weight blanket I was knitting.  Considering it was all in garter stitch, where every row is knit, it proved a bit challenging.

There were three squares like the top one where I hadn’t moved the green or blue over by one stitch which I had to reknit – because let’s face it that boo boo hits you in the eye.  A man on a galloping horse could see it.

Then there was the notched piece ie, the pink square isn’t part of the block, that I actually sewed in before I noticed that the green line had a kink.  Three friends and B told me no-one would notice but I had to disassemble it and redo.

I sewed several pieces in the wrong place and then when one side looked like this…

the other looked like this…

as I closed the seam with only three pieces in it instead of four! Der.

And then I managed to have a square over

as you can see it didn’t really matter as that one had a boo boo too.

So here it is in all it’s glory.  On the original pattern, Bright Star from Berroco Knitting and Crochet Afghans, the square at the centre of the large cream diamonds is a different colour but I decided against this – one of the reasons being that because I ordered the yarn over the phone I couldn’t decide what additional colour to put in.  I think because of this the ‘stars’ don’t pop out as much as on the original.  It’s quite big at 6ft x 4ft 10 inches.

The edging was once again a double crochet (US single crochet) row worked round with the second row being double crochet worked in reverse.

The blanket was to be a Christmas present and since Bud hasn’t had one off us yet I think he may be laying claim to it…

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6 responses to “Bright Star

  1. Glad to see you’ve picked up the knitting again. It’s a lovely blanket … too good for a dog maybe?!!

  2. Woke up to a dark, frigid morning, Boston’s streets icy with a crust of snow just heavy enough to turn the morning commute into a slow crawl. I shivered, peering from my apartment window at 0530 hours to the misery below. Then I checked in to your page to see Bud curled up on the magnificent blanket! I am jealous…

    Beautifully done, Paula…

  3. That pup is a lucky one to have such a B-ootiful Blankey….

  4. Just gorgeous, Paula!!!

  5. Bellissima coperta (=lovely blanket), Paula…and glad you’re up and at it again! Awww (for Bud)…
    Ciao from Firenze! 🙂

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