Odd Man Out

I used to love Sesame Street especially Mr Snuffleupagus (or however that’s spelled), the Count counting and Ernie the Grouch – so let’s get all Sesame Street – ‘One of these things just doesn’t belong here, one of these things just isn’t the same.’


An orange


Any guesses? Well if you guessed me you’d be right. The connection between Bud and the orange is this…

B has stuck both Bud and the orange with it. After taking Bud to the doggy dermatologist for his allergy related cysts and infections on his paws back in September she suggested that we could try a desensitising vaccine on him. Now I may have been tempted to say no but his paws did look quite sore and there’s also the risk of an infection I could pick up and the other longer term treatment if he needed it involved a medication that I wouldn’t be able to touch, so I said yes.

B took him for his first jab while I was in hospital. The dermatologist said that we could do the rest of the injections at home, there’s about ten in all but B felt that he couldn’t manage it on his own with so he’s been taking Bud back to the vets and the nurse has been doing it. Well, the nurse did the second one and then B did the third under her supervision. On Thursday we took Bud for his fourth and B did that one too. Bud however wasn’t as settled and calm as on the previous occasion – possibly because I was there – and I have to admit my heart was in my mouth when Bud started to wriggle while B still had the needle in. B has decided that he will take Bud back for another one under instruction and then give them a whirl at home.

The nurse had given B the old syringe on the third trip and suggested he practise on an orange which he did. Now when we went to the clinic on Friday I got some anti-clotting Fragmin injections, because of the Thalidomide, and on Friday when I did the first one I asked B if he wanted to do it since both mine and Bud’s are done subcutaneously (under the skin as opposed to into a vein). He declined and maybe it was just as well he did if we take a little looky at the post injection orange…

6 responses to “Odd Man Out

  1. You look beautiful Paula. I LOVE Sesame Street! XOXO

  2. Oh Yikes. In B’s defense, I think orange rinds are much tougher than
    the skin of a human or doggie. I’ve given shots to both and never left a mark like that! ;o) I was singing that Sesame Street song to myself a few
    months ago, when we had my brother-in-law’s Ferrari in our driveway for
    a few days. Our 3 vehicles all looked terribly wimpy next to it.

  3. I never would have made the connection between the three without your guidance! Did you know there is a movie under construction about the ‘reunion’ of the muppets? Should be a fun flick! Very nice photo of you liking quite elegant, IMHO…

  4. Please don’t eat that orange…!
    I never did work out why they use oranges to practice – surely something softer would be more appropriate… but I suppose it depends how old the orange is!
    Maybe you could train Bud to inject B…? 😉

  5. Excuse me??? “Ernie the Grouch”???? It is Oscar the Grouch. We ‘Ernies’ are never grouchy. We may be cantankerous, cross, crusty, discontented, grumbling, grumpy, ill-tempered, irascible, peevish, petulant, querulous, snappy, sulky, surly, or testy, but never grouchy.
    You look great in your prayer shawl! Poor you and Bud with all the shots….hopefully B becomes a master shot provider. Have a wonderful day. EZ (Ernie)

  6. Yeah, that orange looks a little severe. Here’s to better injections in the future!

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