Happy Christmas

Well I made it home by four o’clock. It’s obviously fantastic and was just wonderful to see Bud, who I think was pleased to see me too. I shan’t discuss the state of the back bedroom or the dining room table and part of the lounge actually but that’s just unused as yet Christmas decorations. We had a minor hiccup with the switch from IV to oral antibiotics in that they hadn’t been prescribed on my drug chart. Two of the junior doctors came in, separately, looking for it yesterday and presumably when they couldn’t find it they either forgot or just didn’t carry on looking hard enough. The pharmacy is technically closed today but the doctor that is in got round it by doing an outpaitent prescription and one of the nurses went down to the chemist and picked them up as it was only open until 1.00pm.

Tuesday night I started coughing then Thursday I think I woke up unable to breath through my nose and swabs were taken. The nurse this morning came over to me and started saying that the doctor had said that the swabs had come back postive for flu but as I felt well I could still go home. My counts today were HB 11, platelets 24 and neutrophils 0.0. I gave myself a very short haircut last night as I had started to shed. One of my fellow patients said it really suited me which was what people said the first time funnily enough. Maybe a number two (how a very short setting on the clippers is referred to and now the bodily function) is how I should go in the future.

It looks like it’s me, B and Bud for Christmas lunch. Auntie Ann’s cold hasn’t got better. However she’s making lunch and Uncle Ray is bringing it over – he insisted even though one of our neighbours had made the same offer – they couldn’t have us round either as two of them have colds. Auntie Ann however is really disappointed about not being able to spend Christmas Day together but we are going to have Christmas Day on New Years Day.

My sister in law and nephews left not so long ago after dropping off our presents and as I was sitting typing in the dining room I heard the sound of the bag being investigated by the small furry family member. Fortunately when he didn’t reappear to be near me I went to investigate him. Bud had knocked the bag over and was proceeding to unwrap one of the presents. I wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t even his one it was B’s. He hadn’t got very far. He’s now having a kip, I think he’s tired himself out.

Oh, and one thing that B did do this year that I couldn’t manage last Christmas was get the reindeer antlers on Bud the other day. I asked him how he’d done it and he said ‘I just put them on’. And they were on so well that Bud couldn’t reach them with his paw to take them off himself!

So I wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and really appreciate you reading, commenting and caring.

Love and hugs

Paula xx

18 responses to “Happy Christmas

  1. Great your home x

    Relax and enjoy the day as I’m sure you will.

    Love to you all.

    Sean and Charito.

    X x

  2. Merry Christmas, Paula. I suspect there are sooooo many of us out here in MM Cyberspace who are very happy that you’re home with B and Buddy. We love you.

  3. Bridget Rochfort

    Paula I am so glad you made it home today!! Have a lovely day tomorrow celebrating in the best place in the world –home!! Take it easy though lots of love Bridget x

  4. Paula,
    So happy that you are home. I know that B and Bud are delighted.
    Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!
    Linda and Ernie

  5. Fantastic news- so happy to hear that you’re home at last. Hope you enjoy Christmas and that Buddy doesn’t chew all the presents before you get to open them!

  6. So very glad you’re home. Rest, and know you are thought of.

  7. Great news! (I had money on you, Paula…)

    Merry Christmas to you, Paula, and as well to B, and Bud…

  8. Oh happy happy Christmas to all of you! Just take it easy, won’t you? We don’t want to read any tales of diy over the next few days!
    Roo and FL

  9. Overjoyed at the news you made it home. Wish we lived close enough to have you round for lunch, we’re fighting fit at the mo. 😉
    As you know, Toni is also a phantom pressie opener, usually someone else’s. 😀

  10. Glad you are home for Christmas Paula. Like many of your fellow MMers, I have been thinking of you. Best wishes for the Holiday and especially in the New Year!

  11. So happy you are in your own home for Christmas.
    Have a lovely day! xx

  12. So happy you are home for Christmas! Enjoy and be assured that you have many prayers for healthy days ahead.



  14. Paula, had heard thru FB (Susie) that you were in the hospital. So glad you have busted out for the holiday and are doing better. Hugs dear friend!

  15. Absolutely glad you are home for Christmas! Having been following your “in and out” of hospital and hoping you be well. Stay strong and cheerful, as always. Rest and take care.

  16. The “Knit-work” has been buzzing about whether you’d get home or not and I’m mighty glad to hear that you did and I am intending that you have a couple of days of just plain pampering and that your new year is one of medical marvels with your team finding a good combination of things to get you back on track… for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is… whoooooooo!

  17. Merry Christmas to you Paula! I am so glad that you made it home and the Buddy got to wear his antlers. You should post a picture! 🙂

  18. Merry merry merry, Paula, to the three of you plus super Auntie Ann and Uncle Ray!!! Like everyone else, I’m ecstatic that you’re home…whoooooo indeed! You rock, girl! Hugzzzz from your buddies in Firenze! 🙂

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