B goes shopping

On Tuesday as I was writing myself a little reminder B asked if I could do a food shopping list assuming I’d be home on Saturday. He leaned over to look at the paper and I said ‘I’ll write it down in a second when I’ve written this.’  Meaning I’d write a reminder to write the list not the list, so as he was about to go about an hour later, and us obviously not having spoken that much in-between, I was a tad surprised when he asked for the list.  ‘Did you see me writing one out?’  Apparently he wanted to get the shopping done on Wednesday to stay ahead of the rush.  (After all my efforts he went on Thursday.)

Wednesday morning I went online at Tesco so that I could include exact details on the list B was going to ring in for later.  And I was very exact, because at home when I do the shopping list I realised how many questions he asks about the items I put on the lists I make.  Now I have to admit it was a case of picking the first item I came to in that category that met the criteria which resulted in a selection of a few items that we don’t usually buy such as ‘Ski smooth strawberry and raspberry yoghurts’.  This made B start questioning things – ‘We don’t normally get them.’ – ‘No, we normally get whatever you think is right.’  Resulting in yoghurt with sweeteners and the one with the bits that Bud managed to eat round.  As I said to him on one of his six phone calls querying things while in the store ‘I thought that would make it easier for you.’  Apparently not!

Now bearing in mind we still don’t know if I will get discharged on Saturday I had to pick things that wouldn’t perish if I don’t whilst also bearing in mind that if I do Auntie Ann is going to feed us on Christmas Day, as usual, but also on Boxing Day to save me – plus this also saves me from having the m-i-l round – its not like we need to ward off starvation.

Medically it turns out that my line tested blood culture from Saturday tested positive for streptococcus sanguinis.  This according to the junior doctor who told me is rare.  He told me this after turning up with a pleasant gentleman I’d never seen before who shook my hand and introduced himself as I read his badge which said ‘Infectious diseases’!  And thought ‘What the dickens,’  It turns out it needs 12 days of antibiotics.  The good news however is that from tomorrow ,I think it was, this can be in tablet form, the one the doctor changed to earlier in the week is the right one for this infection, the line doesn’t have to come out and he had no objections to me going home on Saturday if it was okay with my doctors.  He’s calling back tomorrow.

My mouth is feeling a lot better.  It’s much less painful although its shedding its lining which resulted in it feeling very odd yesterday but less so today.  I also managed to chew today.  That said it was only on tinned peaches.  Oh, and this was an issue raised when doing the shopping list.  I’d said to B about getting some steak but not a whole piece for me, just a piece a bit bigger than he’d want and we’d cut a bit off as I didn’t know a) what my appetite would be like or b) whether I’d be able to chew.  When he subsequently checked the freezer to see if we had any of the things listed in he said ‘We’ve still got a few bags of scampi in breadcrumbs.  You like that.’   And he’s not wrong I do but I don’t think I’m wrong in thinking it goes quite crispy and it needs chewing.

My dialysis yesterday today should have been at 7am.  I woke up about 7.45am to the nurse telling me the renal department had rung a few hours before to say due to staffing issues it would be later.  It turned out that by ‘later’ they might 10 past midnight!  I have to say this p’ed me off a bit as it’s not the first time they’ve just reshuffled my appointment without notice and what sort of time is that to be going anywhere.  I got back to bed at 4.30 this morning and woke up at 7.30 when the water jug as getting changed.  I haven’t been able to get to sleep earlier tonight as I think I’m overtired possibly as a result of not sleeping well the night before either.

The prof came to see me today for a flying visit and confirmed the situation with the infection and my mouth and also that he didn’t know if I’d get discharged for Christmas but ‘fingers crossed.’

And finally, B phoned me not long ago over the location of the Christmas decorations in the loft and panicked when I pointed out that he probably put them away last year rather than me as ‘they could be anywhere.’  He did subsequently find them quickly.  However while he was on the phone he mentioned the mincemeat that he’d bought for our neighbour when he was on his shopping spree.  She’d asked for Robertsons Mincemeat.  He’d asked how much, about two pounds.  She’d said yes as she could freeze the surplus.  He’d bought her four packs of minced beef.  She wanted to make mince pies!  I laughed till I coughed.


11 responses to “B goes shopping

  1. Remind me never to have a mince pie at your house if Bernard has been shopping 😉

  2. Oh my dear Paula. What an adventure – for you AND for B. The minced beef made me laugh out loud.
    I didn’t realize how lucky we were… they brought the dialysis machine right into his room to do treatments whenever Vern was hospitalized. He never had to get out of bed and often was able to sleep nearly the whole time when we got those dreaded after midnight times.
    I hope your mouth continues to heal, the antibiotics do their job, and you get your discharge on Saturday. What a lovely Christmas present that would be for you, for B, and all of us who care about you.

  3. Ha! I guess it’s shepherd’s pie for Christmas at your neighbor’s house.
    Who ever thought of calling a raisin concoction mince meat was a bit
    daft anyhow. Nice try B! Crossing everything that they send ya home
    for Christmas. Don’t be stringing up your bras on the IV lines or doing
    anything else that would tempt them to keep you in there! ;o)

  4. Oh Paula, how I pray you will be home for Christmas! What a time you have had, and as always your sense of humor and wit prevail. May the holidays bring you much needed rest in the comfort of your own home with B and Buddy snuggled closeby. Merry Christmas from your NC friends!

  5. You sound happy Paula, and I must assume you are feeling better! How sweet of B to go shopping and he must be so very excited to have you home for the holidays and to get everything ready for you. We just want to see you home! Take care sweet lady… and have a joyous Christmas.

  6. Bridget Rochfort

    Its good to hear the smile in your writing Paula I am so glad you are feeling a little better Adding my prayers too so that you get home tomorrow A few years ago I was in hospital until a few days before christmas and we went through the shopping list routine so I know where you are coming from Mind you Jeff hadnt set foot inside a supermarket for over 20 years which didnt help But despite everything I got home and we didnt starve! Merry Christmas Bridgetxx

  7. You gave me a chuckle with the shopping list! Here’s hoping I never have to send Andy to the supermarket here … with the added complication of everything being in a foreign language. He would be totally lost! The mince meat for your neighbour was priceless!

    Fingers crossed that you can get those antibiotics to go and get the green light for Christmas at home. It’s great to ‘hear’ you sounding a bit better in this post.

  8. Poor B. Fancy making him shop when he has sooooo much else on his mind.
    By the way, I looked for a sponge while visiting many shops during my Christmas shopping, but I think they must have outlawed them on H&S issues, unless you wanted a scourer one that is. 😉

  9. FL says “hang on in there woman and hope you get home for Christmas”.
    I say: why didn’t you just do your tesco shop online since you were there anyway? And use B’s card to pay, of course! 😉
    Be better!

  10. Wishing you the merriest trip home and the happiest Christmas once there.

  11. Until Denise revealed the mince in mince meat is a raisin concoction, I couldn’t figure out why B’s purchase was funny… So don’t feel bad, B.

    You do sound happy, as noted by Elizabeth. I hope you feel as well as you sound and that you’re home before B get’s into more trouble.

    Merry Christmas, Paula!

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