Bloody Jim Jams

I know there was only Mike said yes but he said it a lot – sorry Margaret.  I have put it right at the bottom so that hopefully whatever the size of your browsing window it won’t jump out at you.  Then again you might be less than impressed.  I couldn’t have showed it to my Auntie Ann, she would have passed out.

I stood up to get my purse from the locker – to pay for the hard drive for the files off the laptop.  As I turned away I noticed a few spots of blood on my wrist.  There was a particularly lovely Registrar with one of the other patients but I thought ‘It’s only a few drops, it would be rude.  It must be my canula.’  So I knelt across the bed and pushed the buzzer and looked down at a patch about three inches square but I could feel it gushing, really it felt like it was gushing, down my arm.  So, I decided it was merely impolite to interrupt.  As I turned round I noticed the canula on the bed still as straight as when it still had the needle in, pressed my hand to the crook of my elbow and called the doctor’s name.  She whizzed over and the junior doctors went off for gauze which she pushed up my arm to the leaking bit.  The nurse then took over with more gauze and really pressed.  So much so not only did it work but today I couldn’t understand why my arm was sore at the back until I went for a shower tonight.  I had a cracking couple of bruises.  But, hey, it worked.  The sticky plaster was still there perfectly applied – seriously it was the most perfect looking dressing ever and ‘that’ doctor that put it in didn’t even get it stuck to his gloves.  A feat I’m sure has never been repeated in the civilised world.  Just goes to show looks aren’t everything.

Before I present the pic – I felt ropy this morning and by late morning my temp was 39.3.  The same bloody registrar has changed my antibiotic and thinks it is all mouth related.  Generally its administered for five days.  B was not impressed.

Because of a query in the way the drugs in my pump are administered I went without the permanent antisickness for about nine hours.  The things I ate (not that much due to the ropy feeling, but some) and drank (a fair bit) stayed down.  However B brought me some soup in and I brought that back.  I have got a bit of a cough and I coughed and brought up an interestingly red coloured production.  It would appear its from my mouth.  There’s been another two bowls since – one including my tablets.   Hopefully by morning it will have kicked in fully again.

So anyhoo back to the jim jam top…

5 responses to “Bloody Jim Jams

  1. Mighty impressive and a right Christmassy color, I might add.
    Luckily, I can take the sight of blood as I’ve been around quite a bit of
    it, but my daughter would have turned a shade of green and probably
    passed out if she were there. Sure hope your mouth heals up. So painful, I would imagine. Tim used to get awful canker sores quite regularly in his mouth and they were bad enough. Ironically, after all the chemo, antibiotics, anti fungals and anti virals, he no longer gets them at all.
    So worth it. NOT.

  2. oh, dear – paula! though i’ve always had a penchant for a red and pink combo, that jim jam top just isn’t RIGHT! it should be interesting to hear what you’re going to do with it – i can only imagine…

    i hope that in spite of B’s being skeptical of the new antibots, your mouth will respond so you won’t have any more pain. i just hate to think of you with any more ouches. you best blow that pop-stand ASAP!
    hugs, karen

  3. Very festive colour Paula and not as grizzly as I feared. Strangely I’m fine with other people’s blood … it’s mine I’m not so good at seeing!!

    Hope the new antibiotics work and get the temperature down / sort out your sore mouth so that you can get out of there for Christmas (5 days takes you to Saturday, right?).

  4. Thanks for putting it at the bottom of your post for us squeamish folks…Hmmm, though…I feel a bit strange now…think I’m going to ffffain………………………………………………………zonk! (head hits floor).

  5. So it’s tie-dye tee-shirts for Christmas pressies this year is it? I really do think it is going beyond the call of duty to dye them with your own blood – can’t B get you some Dylon from Woolworths?! 😉
    Do they know what’s going on with your mouth? Is it a drug reaction? Hope it gets sorted soon so you can pluck the turkey with your teeth as usual (or am I thinking of Buddy?)

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