Bananas in pyjamas, no wait – a bear in pyjamas!

I got my finger out and finished my first bear tonight – watched closely by Bud, who when introduced to Mr Bear attempted to greet him with a nibble on the nose.

Here he is sans pyjamas…

With jim jams and slippers…

And remember this…

the mis-matched front and backs of the dressing gown?  Well it turns out that I wasn’t the problem – well in this particularly instance.  After finishing the jim jams I didn’t have enough variegated yarn for the dressing gown, so I re-knit it in another colour and as I was working up the first front I realised that there was no way that it was going to match the rows for the back – so I had to adjust the decreases to get them to end up the same length.  And here’s Mr Bear in his full outfit…

I think the second bear may turn out to be an Aviator Bear.  B meanwhile has stated that although I always deal with Christmas presents, and he has always had minimal involvement, that as presents go these bears potentially suck as gifts for the recipients concerned!  Well at least I know Bud likes the look of this one.

6 responses to “Bananas in pyjamas, no wait – a bear in pyjamas!

  1. What does B know? I think they’d make great gifts … your Mr Bear is adorable and I can’t see why any member of your family wouldn’t want one handmade by you. Of course, B may just secretly not want Mr Bear to leave the house because he likes him so much ….??!!

  2. All Mr. Bear needs now is a book, reading glasses and a pipe. The perfect gentleman. I love the bear and am continually amazed at your knitting talents!!! Unluke B, i think Mr. Bear would be a perfect gift for someone with a bare spot in thier bearcollection I can’t wait to see aviator bear. EZ

  3. How can that bear suck? He looks positively woebegone at the suggestion! And he is certainly the best-dressed bear I have ever seen… and I have seen some bears in my time! ; )

  4. Woof woof woof. Whine, whimper, WOOF!

    I’ll have either bear that Bud doesn’t want. x x x

  5. That is all so cute I can hardly stand it. Beautifully done.

  6. Just too cute! GREAT jammies and robe, too!

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