Sometimes you just want a good night’s sleep


One of the things you look forward to when you get home from hospital is a good night’s sleep.  I didn’t sleep too badly but since I was attached to various antibiotics/flushes for the previous three nights I did get disturbed a few times even though the nurses are very quiet.

B got home early on Friday, came straight to bed at which point I proceeded to have a coughing fit so got out of bed to avoid disturbing him and sat on the settee for an hour eating an ice lolly.  I then went back to bed and snuggled down for a few more hours sleep.

8:22am the phone rings until it goes to 1571 (answer service) and then it rings again.  B got out of bed and checked the number – it was his brother.  While B was checking who had called – the b-i-l must have called a third time and left a message unbeknownst to us at the time.

At 8:22am when he knows B would be in bed (not that it’s the first time he called at 7:25am two Friday’s before) and what he thought I would be doing I don’t know.

When I did get up – after not falling back to sleep properly just doing that dozing thing (that I don’t like) when you have funny dreams there was a message.

‘When did you last go to my mum’s?  I was there at ten past nine last night and the fridge freezer is broken.  It’s leaked on the floor.  We need to get another one sorted ASAP so that would be today or tomorrow.  We can pick it up either in your car or in mine because I have an estate.  (DER!) Can you go and look at Currys or check it out on the internet. (Statement not question.)  And we need to decided if the carpet tiles can be dried or if they need replacing.’  All in the tone of an emergency – to quote an old boss of mine – ‘it’s an emergency if something’s on fire or bleeding profusely’.

When B got up he sorted lunch out while I had a tootle on the web, found an ideal small fridge freezer, B gave it the stamp of approval, I ordered it and it was available for free delivery on Saturday.  Job done – well you’d think so.

It was an open delivery time (8am to 7pm) as that was all that was left.  The b-i-l wanted a number to call about this – well yes, because the m-i-l has such a busy schedule – and I’m sure if they had any timed slots available they would have been more than happy to charge us £21 for one.

Further phone calls asking whether B was going to go and sort it out on Saturday and then it turned out that when the b-i-l had called at the m-i-l’s at 9:10pm on Thursday he hadn’t emptied the freezer as he didn’t have time – I mean what five minutes – bin bag to bin!  So B went and cleared it out and wiped it down.

Saturday the fridge freezer was delivered at some point in the afternoon, they took away the old one and set up the new one and then we got a call from the b-i-l saying it was there, it needed to stand for four hours and then be switched on and was B calling round.  Now we’d had a little trip out to the butchers and green grocers to get supplies for a hot pot because that was what I was craving (it smelled gorgeous but I didn’t enjoy it) – I’d been reluctant to go but felt better for the fresh air but then needed an hour and a half’s sleep after making the hot pot and we’d decided that a little trip out to Auntie Ann’s would be nice for us so he’d see what he could do.  When he did call round at 8:30pm the m-i-l was upstairs going to bed and the fridge was switched on.  (She did shout down a request, well probably more a demand, for a cup of tea but B told her that since she was already going to bed she didn’t really want one!)

And then yesterday I went for my MRIs.  I am somewhat claustrophobic and my biggest concern is having some sort of screaming hissy fit part way through and I think it is just the thought of embarrassing myself that keeps me from doing it.  I was in there ages – at least 50 minutes to an hour and I rested by hands palms up and concentrated on my breathing (as per armchair yoga teacher’s relaxation).  I opened my eyes prematurely on the way out from the last one (lower back) and I wasn’t all the way out so I snapped them quickly shut again.   Now I hadn’t given much thought to the head MRI which was just as well.  Chris called round last night and she has always said that if she ever needs another one they will need to sedate her as it was truly awful (turns out she didn’t close her eyes from the get go).  I’d always said it wasn’t that bad, eyes, closed, relax, don’t think about the fact that you’re in a tube.  Last night I said that she is never, ever to say to me how awful an MRI is until she has had one with her head in a plastic cage.  ‘Just pop your head in the hole.’ In this plastic brace thing.  GULP!  Surely they won’t put anything on top I thought and didn’t quite close my eyes in time to avoid seeing it close in.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch The Man in the Iron Mask again without having hysterics.

I am overall feeling better, temp seems to be a bit high in a morning, and there has been a little bit of knitting going on – Friday there was about three/four rows and then Saturday a few more.  I put the shawl to one side for something easier and decided to do the pyjamas for the one of the bears I’m knitting.  This is how it’s going so far…





11 responses to “Sometimes you just want a good night’s sleep

  1. Next time you are due for a head MRI, ask them if you can take the cage home for B’s brother’s mum. I noted she is HIS mum.

    Me I’m having a panic attack just reading about it all. No really, I can’t breathe and my heart is pounding.

  2. I once fell asleep in one of those “tubes” (’twas a long session for me, too) and was awakened by the loud sound of my own snoring. I couldn’t look the technicians in the face when I finally emerged…:-)
    Hey, don’t forget to post a photo of those bears in their pajamas! Wanna see, wanna see!
    I’m not even going to comment on the fridge freezer thing…….Sheeesh!

  3. I have a terrible time in those machines. The last one I did was the “open” MRI and it was much better. The last time I did the closed version, the doc wrote me a script for
    a single valium pill and WOOHOO, I could have stayed in there all day. No
    wonder so many housewives were addicted to those little pills.Glad to hear
    you’re feeling better. You are a good d-i-l for finding the fridge.B’s bro is
    such a cad. Every family seems to have one.

  4. Hate MRIs .. not so bad if you can take a loud CD along to mask some of the noise …but at Northallerton hospital they had an old machine set up in a portakabin in the car park … no music options (and I wasn’t happy being in one of those skimpy gowns that don’t do up at the back when anyone can walk in from outside … but that’s another story!). I’m very claustrophobic so have my eyes tight shut all the time. Hate them.

    Your m-i-l and b-i-l are simply impossible. You’d think the b-i-l might have some more consideration, but obviously not. I trust B tells him where to go sometimes.

    So glad you’re home and knitting … even if that does mean you’re around for telephone messages from the in-laws.

  5. Snazzy pj’s for a teddy!
    I won’t comment on the b-i-l / m-i-l stuff cos I would be very rude. THEY are very rude! Don’t they understand you need some peace and quiet with B?
    Oops – I commented didn’t I?!

  6. Just reading about having an MRI triggers a panic attack in me. . .

    Very, very cute bear threads!!

  7. Thanks for your insightful comment on my blog!

  8. I hope you are enjoying every moment being home. Sleep is overrated anyway, don’t you think??? I love the pj’s! XOXO

  9. Relatives…. harumpf!
    At least the MIL isn”t living closer to you or WITH you – horrors!
    There are things to be grateful for after all.

  10. Seems to me you are trying to do too much. Glad to see you are home though. Please try to rest and leave MIL’s problems to hubby and BIL they can worry about all that..(Gosh I do sound like a MUM – sorry x) You just focus on getting well again. Sending all very best wishes xxx

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