The kindness of strangers

Here are the 84 squares that brings my total Share a Square squares (facebook group) for this year to 150.  Shelly was struggling to get squares from enough different people so just bear in mind that even one square makes a difference – any worsted/aran 100% artificial yarn (due to allergies) in any pattern as long as they are EXACTLY 6 inches.

All the squares I’ve done previously have been sent with the tags separate, as wonder woman Shelly will laminate the tags and attach them, but I thought I’d see if the local print shop (I thought it had closed but it had changed hands) did this kind of thing.  Now I know that the cost of getting them laminated in Texas is very, very reasonable so I was a little taken back at the cost for 88 tags (four extra just in case of boo-boos).  However I decided that the extra cost on my part was well worth the saving of Shelly’s time.

While the guy in the print shop was seeing how many he could get on each A4 sheet I felt the need to tell him what they were for.  Basically because I knew if I was in his place I would be close to bursting wondering what they were – particularly as these ones had this picture of Bud on them.

When I returned to collect them later I only needed to hand over one of the notes clutched in my grubby little hand as the lovely man in the shop had reduced the bill by about a third because of what they were for.   Therefore I can heartily recommend the services of Triprint in St Helens.

I had envisaged labelling my squares last night and getting them in the post today however between too much gassing with a friend last night and not enough tagging (I missed an opportunity there to get her tagging as she is one of my few – able to poke in person with a short stick – crafty friends) and me needing to get out of the house this afternoon after I’d had to leave Bud with the Doggy Dermatologist this morning (when I wasn’t expecting to and the house being so empty when I got home) this is how they still looked this evening…

More of Bud’s appointment to follow – it included two shaved bits, two stitches, blood tests, sedation and an Oscar winning performance in the waiting room – and that was just me! Just kidding, it was Bud that provided the show.

And in a photo worthy of Lorna’s ‘What’s That Friday’ I have managed this knitting over the past two weeks…

Can you tell what it is yet?  No!  I’m not surprised as neither can I!

With regard to THAT blood condition I didn’t in fact get my appointment brought forward so we go to the Royal in the morning.  I have felt generally better this week than last – not right (nobody say a word) but definitely improved.
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6 responses to “The kindness of strangers

  1. Like, like, like. x x x

  2. There are some really nice people about, I hope you gave him a big (virtual) hug.

    My brother Nigel has an appointment over at the the Royal Liverpool tomorrow and I’m going with him, so hopefully see you there

    Sean X

  3. Next time you need tags, just ask. If you email a digital copy of what you need printed and laminated, I’ll send you back the laminated tags for free. I’m a teacher and I have a laminator ostensibly for teaching materials, but in reality it doesn’t get used much (last time I used it was for a sign for our letter box asking the postman kindly not to deliver any flyers …. not that he pays any attention most of the time!). And I have a whole box of laminating foils just sitting there – they might as well be used for something.

    Hope Bud’s OK???

  4. Improved is a good thing! 🙂

  5. filleverywindow

    Your wellness is a secret with me. . .

  6. Congrats on the squares and helping out, good to promote a cause. I am back and hopefully will have lots to add. Yes the D word but they promised for a very short time and half dose till we can get these plasmacytomas under control. I am feeling waaaaay better. Stay out of the hospital but in my case I needed a rest! Hope things are going well. My MM buddy was lonely!!!

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