Grumpy in Pink!

Ohhh, we very nearly had a vlog!  Infact yesterday I did two on the camera – one in my jim jams and one not – don’t panic I was actually dressed which would have been a first for my third vlog – however the sound did a Norman Collier (comedian whose act was based around the microphone cutting out) and then shut off completely – it was a tour of our house with me attempting to be witty and Bud being exceptionally boring slept through it (I think his tummy was a bit off as he ate grass when B took him out).  So since we are vlog-less we’ll have to make do with Bud at his usual entertaining best.

Wayyyyyyyyyyyy back in June when Lorna and Mike got married we had anticipated putting Bud in a local kennels for the night of the wedding.  Since I ended up travelling to Wolverhampton straight from the Royal, and the kennel fee was non-refundable we decided to pop him in anyway on the Tuesday night.

When I got home on the Friday I noticed he had little bumps in the usually very smooth shiny fur round his neck.  There was a slight chuner at B, who denied all knowledge, and then I spent the next week picking tiny scabs out of his fur – Bud’s not B’s – and I know that’s quite a gross confession but I doubt the majority of you would have done he same.  I assumed they were flea bites he obtained in the kennels as no new ones materialised…until just over a week later.

Bud and I were sitting on the settee and I saw a two little raised areas in his coat and so I had a little pick at one and something hit the palm of my hand. ‘Ewwwweee that must have been a bit of scab’ I thought which was hastedly followed by ‘Did something flick off him or did it jump?‘  A second later it was confirmed that something did indeed JUMP!  I squeezed it in the end of my very long sleeved top and walked through to the kitchen, got out a piece of kitchen roll and opened my pinched fingers.  A shiny brown FLEA landed on the paper and then instantly jumped off at me.  I screamed (look it startled me! I wasn’t actually frightened!) and Bud wagged his way into the kitchen in a ‘What the whoof?’ kinda way.

I grabbed a natural remedies book and looked up dogs and fleas – apparently eucalpytus oil and a shoe lace were required.  I had the eucalpytus but all shoe laces were otherwise engaged.  So after a quick rummage in my ribbon box the most suitable length of ribbon was found, dosed in oil and applied to Bud.  It wasn’t my fault is was pink…

You’re ‘aving a laff’

‘Using the power of my mind – urghhhh – take it off’

 ‘Man to man! It’s pink, it’s in a bow, do I need to say more?’

‘I don’t care how desparate I am I’m not going into the garden and that’s that!’

‘I’m not going any further.  I’m just gonna wee here. Is that what you want?  Well is it?’

‘Seriously, can you hear what that wood pigeon is saying about me?  They can be so cruel.’

‘I know I said I’d be happy when it was off but I lied, I have to have it just in case you change your  mind.’

‘Is it in here?’

‘Ohhhhhh no you don’t…

‘… it’s mine now, all mine.’

And the lesson Bud learned from this is that even though he wasn’t able to use the hedgehog we’d seen outside the house the previous weekend as a toy (despite asking nicely several times in his usual approach of ‘tentatively try to get something in his mouth and wait for the NO or take it’) because it might give him a spikey surprise it was still able to give him a little gift – and somehow managed to get it gift wrapped!


6 responses to “Grumpy in Pink!

  1. I love this post.

    Get your mic fixed and blog, you know how much we love to see you x

  2. OMG – I feel a bit like an intruder to do all this commenting on your blog – but both hedgehogs and fleas are topics I can relate to – hedgehogs because the big granddogs tried to pick them up like Kong toys while living in New Hampshire, with disasterous and expensive results – quills through the roof of the mouth, at least the golden only did it once. Weimeraner twice.
    FLEAS are just horrid in Iowa this year – and the long haired feline beauty the kids left on their way to Guatamala has shared them with our grumpy gray cat and infested the entire house. I am bombing for a second time later this week and taking them to have the vet apply the poison to the backs of their necks this time, instead of yours truly (applying, not my neck). I have been bitten trying to do a full flea bath and I vaccum practically hourly, it seems like. For months. This is the last big push. I am waiting until MM patient hubby is gone to DesMoines for the day to do the bombing, have to vacate the house etc – eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk! I’m crazed!

  3. The issue of infestation of fleas is not limited to just the US or UK…we have them in Colombia, too (SA) and it’s a hard battle. I’ve tried vinegar with citrus oil, teatree oil, and other concoctions which haven’t dented the ability of the fleas to repopulate every couple of weeks. Finally resorted to horrible chemical sprays and at least I’M not covered in fleas as I was a couple of weeks ago – ugh! I give my pup a bath at least once every ten days plus the ‘behind the ear’ treatment every 3 months and one cat wears a flea collar. My sympathies to all you flea fighters… !! At least you know you are not alone.

  4. I’m afraid we have to resort to more toxic methods … there are so many ticks in the woods and fields round here that Pip has to have her poison pipette to the back of her neck every 4-6 weeks. Horrid stuff but it works.

  5. Fleas..ugh, my nemesis..If you know someone with an actual eucalyptus tree, get a small branch and put in your house to get rid of them. After I get home will send a little formula of other oils to permanently take care of these pests. Always put on before and after a kennel trip, save yourself and the poor dog from more trauma.

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