My crafty entries

Here’s the stuff I’m entering in tomorrow’s Village Show.  You’ll have to excuse the doll’s somewhat un-chaste demeanour – I wanted you to see her underskirt (which is a full one) and her bloomers.  I have to admit I didn’t make her – she is my Auntie Eleanors’s creation.

Please bear in mind if you comment that I don’t want to read the words ‘over the top’!  I was going to cut it back and save some for next year but then I thought ‘Hey, seize that carp, you might get hit by a bus before then.’

7 responses to “My crafty entries

  1. I’m viewing this on my blackberry so I can’t see the photos – I have to say I’m pretty intrigued haha!!

  2. I so wish I coudl do all this.. love them littel guys in the basket.. they got personality… 😀

    have fun at the show…

  3. Bridget Rochfort

    Crikey Paula that is impressive ! I wish I coud stay awake long enough to do even half of what you have done ! Good luck for the competion I can see you walking away with armfuls of First s love Bridgetxxx

  4. Over the top is surely a good thing! = more chances to win!

    Love those wellies!

  5. I was going to buzz for repetition but on checking realised that last year was “September” and I’m guessing this year is “October”, the carousel horse I mean.

    Good Luck D.G.C.D.

  6. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear what happened! 🙂

  7. filleverywindow

    Oh. My.

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