Looking up Shawls

Today, well this evening in fact, which is probably the reason I am currently so tired I could cry and am cutting it fine to post a Creative Space Thursday post, I finished my

KAL stands for knit a long (just thought I’d let any of you who were uninitiated know – this included me for the first two weeks of it).

I had a little assistant when I took my photos – I think I may have left a boiled sweet stuck to the shawl because he was being very inquisitive (rude) looking up the bottom of it.

And it cost me the price of the pattern.  The purples were given to me by a friend and were part of her machine knitting days and the green from one my fellow armchair yogaists.

I would also have liked to share my latest afghan made up of my ‘boo boo’ squares made last year for Share a Square when I had a little misunderstanding between worsted and double knit but Bud had other ideas…

(Please note he is still pointing in the general direction of the shawl – he has such a hectic schedule – standing on crocheting and looking up a shawl in the same evening!)

So more on that when later.

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6 responses to “Looking up Shawls

  1. hehehe! he does his job well. I sure wish I could still crochet… you make such fun stuff…

  2. Ooh your shawl has a patterned edge! I didn’t get that far with the KAL. I like yours… but I do not regret ripping mine out : )
    Your dog is… weird!

    • I’ll have you know nothing is too weird for my dog in the pursuit of a sweetie – especially when his trusted non-furry family member has convinced you that they don’t have a fruit sherbet in their mouth! ;D

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