Share a Square

I think I can safely say I know why our broadband provider came bottom of the list in a recent customer satisfaction survey!  In fact after being unable to connect yesterday I was on the brink of ringing the national news this morning when I realised I’d missed the opportunity to vote in Kim’s Knitters’ Hunk yesterday but relented when I was in fact able to vote – I can only think it had something to do with the time difference.

So my creative space this Thursday is red, cream and blue.

The 900g of yarn I bought last Thursday for Share a Square has been transformed into 66 6″ squares – uhh ohh ‘666’ – look like however I managed to avoid the devil by keeping my hands un-idle!

Somehow it was equal numbers except for the blue – my tails must have been longer on those – which resulted in a dual coloured square…

Speaking of ends, I remember last year having to undo a big tangle after the squares had been washed so this year what did I do?  I threw them in the washing machine anyway on the handwash cycle and look what I got…

Mind you, I got this after untangling them!  Has this put me off popping the next batch in the machine – of course not.  However this time I’m going to plait them to see if that makes a smaller or bigger tangle.

Yesterday I also knit clues 1 and 2 from this…

Roo mentioned it on her blog last week and I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m unable to provide a photo of my progress but am able to show the yarns I’ve chosen to use…
Hopefully the purples won’t be too similar.
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5 responses to “Share a Square

  1. 66 squares? Must have taken you hours!!

  2. You are a doll! Those are going to be great. I’m curious about the shawl you are making. Will look forward to seeing it when it is finished!

  3. 66 squares?! Blimey! That’s a blanket already!
    I think your shawl will be nicer than mine. I am having a sludge green crisis and may have to start again. The family is unanimous: “That thing is vile!” SIGH.

  4. Good thing I’m not in any kind of race with you; I’d have already lost… it takes me hours to do one square… months to knit something. But I enjoy reading about your successes (and other things) and get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing what you create!

  5. Vote when you can. I’ll make sure it gets counted. ;]

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