Woo foo

A few appointments ago when we had a woo hoo and a couple of WTFs Roo commented it was more of woo foo, so let’s see how today’s appointment went on the woo hoo/foo-omitor.  Oh, and Chris accompanied me whilst B slept it up at home.

Hug each off one of the health care assistants – woo hoo

Prof said I was very intelligent – WOO HOO (Chris restrained herself from commenting that I was a real smart arse)

Prof said he was perplexed – hint of foo

Paraprotein in blood not detectable – woo hoo

Cytogenetic results not in – mmm as I shoulder shrug – as in not that important in the scheme of things…

Plasma cell level from bone marrow sample – 90% foo foo foo foo foo foo foo

Prof showed me the computer screen to show he wasn’t getting confused at his age after we had a déjà vu moment of conversation from our last appointment but in reversed roles…

Prof: ‘It’s 90%.’

Me:  ’90!’

Prof: ’90.’

Me: ‘Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!’ Okay, well obviously not that bit, the Prof didn’t laugh last time.

Chris said later that she thought I was possibly the only myeloma patient he saw who laughed at such news but as I’ve said before being miserable doesn’t cure myeloma – correct me if I’m wrong.

So my monoclonal protein level as at 29 July is not detectable yet the plasma cell content of my bone marrow as at 5 July is 90%.  As I explained to B the sample could theoretically have hit a pocket of plasma cells and the rest of my marrow could be as clean as a whistle but that still left a pocket of not 10%, not 20% but 90%!

Prof said that somehow there was a 90% content sitting there inactive – as shown by the still undetectable paraprotein level.

I asked if it was likely that if a bone marrow sample had been taken after my transplant it would have shown the same result and he said yes.

 So where do we go from here?  Another stem cell transplant using my own cells (autologus/autograft) followed by a mini one using donor cells (allogenic/allograft) was recommended.  We’ll discuss this at our next appointment which will be with the transplant doctor.

And a definite woo hoo was getting on the scales and being 2kg (4 lbs) lighter than six weeks ago – it looks like that extra walking is paying off.  Although after my sugar binge yesterday – 500ml of Dr Pepper and almost* the whole of a 200g bag of chewy sweets that might change.

* I forced some (one or two) on B and Bud so I couldn’t be accused of consuming the whole bag but even so B was heard to say ‘Have you eaten ALL those?’ – mind you I think he might have been talking to Bud.

4 responses to “Woo foo

  1. I’m just not feeling this 90% thing with undetectable levels in blood. There are some who become non secretors but this doc watched your MM numbers go down with treatment. You’re obviously not a non-secretor. I think at PET-CT scan would be REALLY helpful right about now. It would show whether you have active lesions in your bones. I would see if there is more sample left from your BMB and have the tests re-run if there are AND
    since this just happened to another MM’er, make sure they have the right records and not someone else’s. All in all, a WOO the FOO type of appt., I guess. Very puzzling indeed. WOO HOO for your thinning success. I am definitely in a FOO and
    %$#@&*+!!!!! mode in that dept.

  2. I’ll definitely give you a WOO HOO for the paraprotein … as to the rest, it sounds like a re-test might be a good idea just in case there was a mix up or something. Not sure it’s a good thing to be confusing the docs, but I reckon you deserved the whole bag of sweeties!!

  3. woo DAMN hoo!!!

  4. Woo The Foo is all I can say!
    I am not an expert, but maybe your myeloma is mutating? FL has a type of myeloma that doesn’t DO paraprotein deposits so they have to measure its rampant-ness by kappa and lamda light chains instead. They don’t even bother with bone marrow samples after the last one was ” a poor sample”. I suppose another stem cell transplant will clean you out and let you start afresh? What do I know? Nuffink! Be well! That’s the best advice I can offer you!

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