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Holiday Wardrobe

Ahh, the old ones are the best ones!  Prior to going on holiday I went clothes shopping with a friend predominantly in Primark – a shop, a little like TK Maxx, where you need to be in the right mindset for shopping and not have your husband in tow.  As we’d only managed to get the first week’s accommodation a week before we arrived I hadn’t bought anything – perhaps in the hope that cutting out one biscuit a day would result in being a size 12 before I had to try anything on!

So here is my real holiday wardrobe…





Handmade dress (the one started for last year’s holiday) and 3/4 sleeve cardigan (£6.00).




Five pairs of pink socks in varying stripes (£2.50)


White linen pants – half lined (£15.00), hand knitted cardigan (Peony) from last week which now has flowers attached but no buttons – not too sure I like it, well I like it but I don’t think it’s me.  T-shirt Nicole Fahri from TK Maxx (£7.00 should have been £35.00).  And erm, what’s that round Bud’s neck?

In case you’re wondering how come we have not one, not two, but three pictures of me in the same post, it rained yesterday so Buddy got a five kilometre walk and then after drying off while eating our butties in the car, we came back and B had that much time on his hands (five minutes as opposed to 30 seconds) I got at least 15 pictures to chose from (as opposed to his usual point and click ‘Yes that looks like you.’ ‘But is it okay?’ ‘You can tell it’s you.’ photography style). Plus we have better mobile broadband connection where we are now than the landline connection at home!

Linen casual pants (£9.00), 3/4 sleeve cardigan (£6.00), same T-shirt.

Same trousers getting dried earlier in the afternoon because, did I mention, it was wet.  If we’d not had Bud it was go shopping and then the cinema weather now it’s take Bud during a dry bit and doh, it’s raining again before we’ve finished weather.

Yes I sat in the car in a woodland car park in my knickers (fortunately I had a spare cardy to hand) while I ate my butties – and if you look closely at the previous photo you’ll see I was correct when I exclaimed ‘Oh, look me knickers match me cardy.’

I also got two bras for £6.00, 12 pairs of knickers for £7.80 and after a couple of bargains in the 30sfp sunscreen department Chris ended up insisting on carrying my bag while I carried her one pair of trousers!  Another myeloma perk?!

And as to what Bud is wearing above, well here’s the rest of it…

maybe that’s why it was half price at £2.00 – the floppy brim really flopped!

Do you like the car Bud?

On shorter trips, trips on windy roads and ones with lots of stopping, starting, slowing down Bud can be a bit unsettled and his position of choice is generally with his head stuck between the seats protesting profusely – presumably in case either of us makes a run for it without him.  He will settle down on long stretches of dual carriageway or motorway and is quite happy to flop down on his side when travelling at 70 mph bracing himself against the back of the seat with his paws.  I don’t have a picture of this as I didn’t want to disturb him and re-start the whinging.  Fortunately Bud was very good on the way up but now gets car sick – as in he’s sick of getting in the car.

I threw in one to show that inbetween traumatic car trips he is able to chill out.

Holiday knitting

Now I’m not saying that B has been hogging the laptop and dongle* this week but I’ve managed to knit, in 4 ply and size 9 (3 ¾ mm) needles this…


It’s not quite finished I have 12 more roses to make that go round the neck and it needs pressing.  Okay we are on holiday and it did take us seven hours to get here so allowing for lunch and comfort breaks (I love that expression, it’s so apt, because let’s be honest if you NEED to go, you’re not comfy) I nearly got the back done on the way but B provided lots of the other knitting time.  It’s Peony by Marie Wallin from a Rowan Knitting magazine in the Araucania Ranco Multy yarn I bought last year.  The pattern called for 600g of Rowan Damask and 50g of Kidsilk Haze but so far in the Ranco it’s taken less than 300g.

B was spending so much time on the laptop (fair enough with dodgy reception it was taking longer than to load a page than the dial up connection we had nearly 20 years ago) I’d worked myself up to quite a sulk by Wednesday afternoon but by 15:00 when we got to the beach in Nairn I felt quite (read that as ‘very’) travel sick – I knew I wasn’t feeling good because I’d lost all interest in soothing Bud who was protesting loudly from the back seat that he wasn’t happy – and so didn’t have the enthusiasm to keep it up.  Sulking takes a lot of energy. 

Anyhoo, Bud loved the beach and it’s horizontal tree…


And we now have someplace to stay next week.

*I decided it would be wise to invest in a new dongle for our holiday so B could smurf for pawn no, I mean accommodation for next week, and thought it might come in handy for any more surprise holidays on my part.  The trip out to get one and the need to follow B’s strict parking instructions resulted in the previous post. 

Opps – I thought I’d published this on Thursday – looks like I have more internet issues than I thought.

Change of career

When I was just a little girl I asked my mother what would I be.  Would I be pretty?  Would I be rich? Here’s what she said to me…

You’ll be a toilet attendant.’

Everywhere we went when I was little I had to go to the toilet (bathroom).  It got to the point that I was spending so much time visiting various toilets that the family decided that the perfect profession for me would be toilet attendant.  It was a standing joke and I became a tiny toilet critic readily offering my opinion when asked. 

I have obviously been to a huge number of toilets in the intervening years and I suppose one day it had to happen – I found the toilets for which I would like to be the toilet attendant.

Bumper Cars

We’re having trouble with the internet again however if I had been able to post on Friday evening this is what I would have said…

Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  {Gasp!  Inhale…}  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped the car.  Someone bumped Margaret’s car.  That wasn’t me I’ve never been to Italy.  Someone bumped Bernard’s car.  THAT… WAS… ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somehow this is how it looked on Saturday…?

If only bones were made of something similar!


Don’t wag your ass!

I have no creative space this week.  I was planning on showing off the dress I finished yesterday.  It was about time I started it last August.

I have no photos of me in my dress as I’ve been out today to Liverpool – for pleasure this time, not that I don’t have fun going to the Royal – and I’m pooped.  A friend and I went holiday clothes shopping and surprisingly came back with what we wanted – one pair of trousers and a gift in Chris’s case and all sorts of goodies in mine – more of them to follow.

So in lieu of a creative space I thought I’d share the creative conversation B had with his mother this morning when he called to drop her shopping off and which he couldn’t wait to share with me when he got home.  To save my fingers BBCW stands for BBC weatherman.

BBCW:  ‘…and that’s Friday’s weather.’

M-i-l:  ‘What day is it?’

B:  ‘Thursday.’

M-i-l:  ‘He’s just said it’s Friday.’

B:  ‘No, he was giving Friday’s weather.’

M-i-l:  ‘No, it must be Friday.’

B:  ‘It’s Thursday.’

M-i-l:  ‘I don’t think so.’

B:  ‘I tell you what Mum why don’t you ring S and find out.’ (The m-i-l has got into the habit of ringing B’s brother at 6:30 in a morning to ask what day it is.)

M-i-l:  ‘You ring him.’

B:  ‘Mum I’m not ringing him to ask him what day it is.’

M-i-l:  ‘I’ll ring him then.’

B:  ‘You won’t.  It’s Thursday!’

B then displays a page of teletext (I have no idea how this translates across the oceans/seas but basically it’s pages of written information on the TV like news, shares or weather! accessed via the remote control) and says…

 B:  ‘What does it say there?’

 The m-i-l then reads the content of the page.

 B:  ‘No, what does it say at the top of the page?’

 M-i-l:  ‘Thursday.’

 B:  ‘There you go then.’

 Minutes later…

 BBCW:  ‘And that’s the weather for Friday.’

 M-i-l:  ‘See!  It’s Friday!’

 B:  ‘MUM!’

I nearly wet myself!

 In closing I would like to share a tip, it’s okay it’s free of charge – When you have a small furry family member that wags his tail when pleased/happy and wags his tail and whole body when he’s really pleased/happy ie, when he gets up and comes downstairs to find you in the kitchen all of 10 minutes since he’s last seen you, it’s not a good idea to wag your bum back when you’ve had a bone marrow biopsy two days before.  NB – This may only be relevant if you have a fat ass!

The value of a life

Well it looks like we’ll have to wait until Friday for the conclusion of the Wedding Daze trilogy.  I don’t tend to type ahead – I’ve done it very occasionally but it doesn’t seen to work for me.  So I sat down to do it when B went to work but intended get rid of some paperwork beforehand.  While doing this I decided to watch Should I Test My Genes in BBC iplayer – a friend watched it last night on the TV and said it was interesting.  I happened to google the writer as I thought Chris has told me he was a doctor but I wasn’t too sure about that.  As it turned out that he was science writer Adam Wishart who was the responsible for the award winning documentary The Price of Life which was broadcast in 2009.

I had read about this in the Myeloma UK newsletter and it had been seen by the same friend at the time it was first broadcast.  I however had never even felt the urge to see if it was still available online and now I’d just stumbled upon it.  It’s about the approval by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) of drugs for use by the NHS and features the assessment of Revlimid (Lenalidomide).

The interim decision made by NICE was that Revlimid would not be available because it was not cost effective at the price requested by Celgene and the Government does not allow NICE to negotiate price reductions with drug companies – well yes, that makes a whole lot of sense.   However after a change in the rules the £30,000 per patient per annum cap was lifted for end of life drugs which applied because Revlimid was deemed as being for patients who hadn’t got long to live and I just loved the quote…

‘The question boils down to this – how much more valuable is one year of your life when it comes at the end of your life.’

Apparently for a myeloma patient needing Revlimid a month is worth 1.4 times that of a ‘regular’ patient.

Celgene had however helped out by offering the drug free for each patient after the NHS had paid for it for two years but even with this it came down to a nail biting finale (yes even though I knew the outcome and I’m not a nail biter I was almost sorry I’d cut them yesterday). The votes cast were nine for and nine against with the chairman making the casting vote – it was (obviously) approved.

I found the whole thing quite disturbing.  My life is in the hands of my doctors and, although I ask questions, I trust them with it.  However to think my life could at some point be in the hands of the NICE process was frightening.  At the risk of being sued or making any dockers reading blush I will keep my more colourful comments to myself – although I didn’t before as evidenced when Bud felt the need to leave the comfort of the bed three times to come and check everything was okay – I don’t raise my voice or curse venomously often but he doesn’t like it when I do and you know – it’s not NICE!