Driving Miss Paula

‘Okay Bud, I’ll show you how to drive and then we don’t  need to let Paula near the wheel again.’

‘So you got all that about where everything is?’

‘Yeah, but I can’t get the hang of this changing gear malarkey…

let’s try this…

or this, narghhhh!’

‘Phew, I need a kip.’

‘All that effort and now I’m stuck in roadworks!’

6 responses to “Driving Miss Paula

  1. Watch out Paula! Bud is clearly making his way to the front seat area.
    The next step is that you will be banished to the rear. Our Abby’s favorite spot is sitting in the front passenger seat, looking out the side window. She has not made a move to the driver’s seat yet!

  2. NO WONDER you’re having a hard time driving. They’ve got your
    steering wheel on the wrong side of the car!!!!! Lacey got so used to riding “shotgun” (in the passenger seat) it’s now a fight who can get
    there first now that Liv has turned 13 and is old enough to be there.
    I’m a good driver but I would hit everything if you put me in a car like that and made me drive on the wrong side of the road. Come to think of it, maybe these women who drive in the middle of the road here, are former UK’ers still trying to make the switch! ;o)

  3. How is he at parallel parking?

  4. All he needs is a chauffeur’s cap…. oh, and some white gloves.

  5. That is too funny! How does B manage to stay on the road?

  6. Now there’s a plan! I could teach Hero to drive! That would be a much more relaxing journey I’m sure!

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