Holiday Crochet

My second item of holiday craftiness is a crochet blanket.  Much as I’d like to show a vision of craftiness in a forest setting surrounded by whatever woodland creatures were brave enough to venture close enough with Bud around (so that would be slugs) it’s now too big to tote anywhere other than settee to car and back.  Here’s a little taster of it…

And here’s my holiday reading…

It features Stephen Fry, half of the reason I can’t envisage, even in a dark room, Hugh Laurie being considered a sex symbol/hunk.  ‘What makes me think anyone would consider Hugh sexy?’ I hear you ask – well it’s that time of year over at Kim’s blog – Knitters’ Hunk.  So if you fancy a bit of fun nominating three hunks or just voting on other people’s ideas of heartthrob pop on over there.  I’m still one short in my nominees and bearing in mind Hugh’s popularity I’m seriously toying with the idea of British beefcake Ricky Gervais!  {cough, splutter}  Moving swiftly on.

In Last Chance To See Mark Carwardine undertakes an updated trip to see really endangered species with Stephen Fry, a mutual friend of his and the participant of the original trip, the late Douglas Adams.  Zoologist Mark narrates with a sense of humour I find really enjoyable.  The book is also of a size that comes in really handy when the view into the holiday accommodation from a window adjoining the outside path is this…

and your small furry family isn’t afraid of bursting open doors to check you’re doing okay!

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7 responses to “Holiday Crochet

  1. Hi, popped on over from creative spaces. Your crochet blanket is so pretty. It looks to be the perfect companion to the book your reading, cozy…

  2. Please tell me there is a door…?

    Lovely blanketting!

  3. It’s a wonderful book, isn’t it? Fry employs words like great artists employ paint.

  4. Ahhhh, I simply llllllllllove Stephen Fry! He’s brilliant! Apart from the obvious “Jeeves and Wooster” (and so on), I adored his “America” book (and the BBC “America” series, too…but, e.g., the written version of the lobster episode in Maine made me howl and howl with laughter, whereas the same episode on film wasn’t half as funny). Thanks for the book tip, btw! 😀

  5. Love the crochet work:)!

  6. Your blanket looks gorgeous! I love the pattern! Good choice of book I love Stephen fry and Hugh laurie!

  7. ooo the colours of that blanket look VERY nice 🙂

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