Do you like the car Bud?

On shorter trips, trips on windy roads and ones with lots of stopping, starting, slowing down Bud can be a bit unsettled and his position of choice is generally with his head stuck between the seats protesting profusely – presumably in case either of us makes a run for it without him.  He will settle down on long stretches of dual carriageway or motorway and is quite happy to flop down on his side when travelling at 70 mph bracing himself against the back of the seat with his paws.  I don’t have a picture of this as I didn’t want to disturb him and re-start the whinging.  Fortunately Bud was very good on the way up but now gets car sick – as in he’s sick of getting in the car.

I threw in one to show that inbetween traumatic car trips he is able to chill out.

4 responses to “Do you like the car Bud?

  1. Pip is just the same – she’s very restless till we hit the motorway and then deems it best to stay lying down (finally!). I think she knows then that she isn’t going to get a walk somewhere … but when we slow down there is always the slim hope that we might stop and give her a quick walk! Poor Bud!

  2. Poor Bud….how uncomfortable. Milo and Abby, our English Springer Spaniels, are veryexcited to get in the car…but once there and seeing luggage and their beds, settle in for the ride. Both sprawl out and sleep the entire trip until we get to a familiar drive and then the excitement starts anew. If we stop at a drive thru, they often perk up hoping for us to share our fixins’, but after a brief explanation that our food is ours and we did not order them anything, they settle back down and are out for the count.

  3. Lovely pics of Bud who has grown into quite a handsome brute!

  4. Our Rupert is an excellent car dog. Finn hates it. Funny how different they all are.

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