Don’t wag your ass!

I have no creative space this week.  I was planning on showing off the dress I finished yesterday.  It was about time I started it last August.

I have no photos of me in my dress as I’ve been out today to Liverpool – for pleasure this time, not that I don’t have fun going to the Royal – and I’m pooped.  A friend and I went holiday clothes shopping and surprisingly came back with what we wanted – one pair of trousers and a gift in Chris’s case and all sorts of goodies in mine – more of them to follow.

So in lieu of a creative space I thought I’d share the creative conversation B had with his mother this morning when he called to drop her shopping off and which he couldn’t wait to share with me when he got home.  To save my fingers BBCW stands for BBC weatherman.

BBCW:  ‘…and that’s Friday’s weather.’

M-i-l:  ‘What day is it?’

B:  ‘Thursday.’

M-i-l:  ‘He’s just said it’s Friday.’

B:  ‘No, he was giving Friday’s weather.’

M-i-l:  ‘No, it must be Friday.’

B:  ‘It’s Thursday.’

M-i-l:  ‘I don’t think so.’

B:  ‘I tell you what Mum why don’t you ring S and find out.’ (The m-i-l has got into the habit of ringing B’s brother at 6:30 in a morning to ask what day it is.)

M-i-l:  ‘You ring him.’

B:  ‘Mum I’m not ringing him to ask him what day it is.’

M-i-l:  ‘I’ll ring him then.’

B:  ‘You won’t.  It’s Thursday!’

B then displays a page of teletext (I have no idea how this translates across the oceans/seas but basically it’s pages of written information on the TV like news, shares or weather! accessed via the remote control) and says…

 B:  ‘What does it say there?’

 The m-i-l then reads the content of the page.

 B:  ‘No, what does it say at the top of the page?’

 M-i-l:  ‘Thursday.’

 B:  ‘There you go then.’

 Minutes later…

 BBCW:  ‘And that’s the weather for Friday.’

 M-i-l:  ‘See!  It’s Friday!’

 B:  ‘MUM!’

I nearly wet myself!

 In closing I would like to share a tip, it’s okay it’s free of charge – When you have a small furry family member that wags his tail when pleased/happy and wags his tail and whole body when he’s really pleased/happy ie, when he gets up and comes downstairs to find you in the kitchen all of 10 minutes since he’s last seen you, it’s not a good idea to wag your bum back when you’ve had a bone marrow biopsy two days before.  NB – This may only be relevant if you have a fat ass!

2 responses to “Don’t wag your ass!

  1. As to the wag…ouch!

  2. There was me thinking I was the only person crazy enough to wag back! I too nearly needed Tena Lady for the BBCW moment.

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