Broadband and shameless bragging

The evening I got back from my spur of the moment holiday I thought the problems I had connecting to the internet were because I had attempted to hook up with the free hospital wi-fi that a fellow patient, or rather holidaymaker, was using.  I hadn’t been able to do, I think, to some security setting on our laptop.

We’ve never had the most reliable or fastest broadband connection in the world but over the last week it’s been particularly ropy.  It kept telling me that we had a problem that it couldn’t repair and kindly suggested that I might like to contact my internet service provider as it could even find which apparently should always be available.  You know this might also explain why the laptop kept insisting that the wireless printer was offline.  It’s just as well I’ve a dodgy back otherwise it would have been offlining through the window.

B has been using the internet way more than usual because he’s attempting to find us (all three of us) holiday accommodation in Scotland and things reached a peak on Monday afternoon after he’d had problems that morning and had only gone to bed at 11:00 which is at least two hours later than most days.

It would connect to talktalk, our broadband provider, but not carry on through to the internet so after half an hour of internet, no internet, internet (one minute), no internet I conceded and rang them up.  Turns out it wasn’t my holiday tweaking that had caused the problem at all, that was just coincidental.  When the nice operator on the First Line Team checked it turned out the ‘connection dropped’ counter which counted up to 50 times a day had already reached this.  Despite this I still had to confirm the type of telephone socket, unscrew it and plug into the test socket inside and change the filter.  When none of this made a difference he put me through to the Second Line Team who said they would run a line check and ring me back yesterday between 9:00 and 10:00 and true to  his word I received a call at 9:33 ish.  The line was fine so they would send a BT engineer as the line still belongs to BT, if they found something wrong inside the house it would cost us £49.99, if they didn’t they would check the exchange – I thought ‘this is going to take days/weeks’ but managed to refrain from saying ‘Do you not know that I have a blog and the dog would like a holiday.’

Anyhoo, I got a phone call last night to confirm a talktalk engineer would be with us between 7:00 and 9:00  – yes, that’s AM.  I had to get up at 06:55 – I know, it’s a miracle I’m still awake.  Other than a few weeks ago when I was up at 5:30 because I was AWAKE it’s two and a half years since I was routinely up at 6:30 or earlier but I am now able to confirm there are still two six o’clocks in each day.

The engineer turned up at about 7:50 just as we’d finished having crumpets (yes with an s).  He got a cup of tea and we got a new router that sorted the problem. We’ve had trouble with that router from the start – taking nearly a week to sort out a problem so I could work from home just after we got it.

Whilst on the subject of the internet my little blog and several others (Lorna and Mike whose latest post ‘How rude!’ shows my husband’s tongue, Don, Karen, Sean, Margaret, Pat and Yvon’s – which somehow wasn’t on my reading list) can be found on Cure talk’s top 10 myeloma blogs that you should read list.   My sister in law was so impressed that she texted me at 23:25 a week last Saturday to let me know!

And whilst I’m at it mine and some of the above plus Linda and Ernie, Phil and Cassie and Kris’s blogs can also be found on the wegohealth myeloma blog list.

With a bit of luck all of those links should open in the right place but if not did I mention I’ve been up since a time with the first 6 of the day in it?

Addendum – Oops I knew the above went just a little too well with all the links.   I missed John from Good Blood, Bad Blood off the wegohealth list – his blog is right over there on my blogroll though.  As soon as I started reading Margaret’s latest post I knew I’d done it – DOH!

Come back for more shameless bragging tomorrow in my Creative Space Thursday!


5 responses to “Broadband and shameless bragging

  1. so glad you are all fixed up now….. 😀 I hate when my internet is not working properly…

  2. Congrats on your new status of being among the Top 10!

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that I was a “talented” blogger! Thanks for letting me know about the wego list…:-)
    Glad you’ve sorted out your internet woes…one less thing to worry about.

  4. Congratulations!!

    I’m now drooling over the thought of hot buttered crumpets for breakfast (you can’t get them over here!). I got up at 5:30 – 6:55 sounds like a lie-in – I was already half way to work by then!!!

  5. We had to ditch talktalk because of similar problems. We are now with BT who also own the line and can therefore make changes and repairs – TT told me it was outside of their control because they didn’t own the line.
    Your title was shortened to “Broadband and shameless bra” on my reader, which amused me greatly – so disappointed there were no revealing photos after all! 😉

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