The morning after the night before…


Ahhhh I’m so comfy.  Hang on… what the…?

Whose bum is this?!?!?!?

Oh no, it’s the blogarazzi!  Whoofin ‘ell!  They get everywhere.

Arghhhhhh!!!!! – I need to lay off the wine gums.

7 responses to “The morning after the night before…

  1. I would be right in there with him…lol.. looks so comfy,,, oh wait casue its 5 am for me here.. on my way to work and wanna be in bed…hehehe! hugs

  2. I’d get on to Max Clifford if I was you Buddy.

  3. How cute! Our favorite neighbor, and daddy of Lacey’s best doggie friend, can’t believe that she sleeps on the bed with us. I told him quite frankly that if Tim was to kick anyone out of the bed, it would be me before the dog. I snore like a bear and wake up coughing everyday due to a sinus condition. Lacey is a MUCH better sleeping partner. We used to sleep with our 75 pounder so this 25 pound pipsqueak isn’t much bother.

  4. Pip wouldn’t share a bed nicely with us – she likes her own space too much!! I think we’d be banished to the floor if she got the bed!!

  5. awww how cute 🙂

  6. Bud’s got it cozy, I’d say…

  7. Cozy! Who can blame him?

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