Staph aureus sepsis

‘In fact, when this microorganism enters the blood, it represents one of the most lethal human pathogens also because it is often characterized by multidrug resistance.’

‘When untreated, Staph aureus sepsis carries a mortality (death) rate of over 80%. ‘

And that people is why we don’t just Google stuff we ask doctors!  It’s also why B deleted the two phone messages we’d missed as they mentioned blood poisoning, serious, septicemia and upset him.  I hadn’t heard them.

I had asked what I’d got but couldn’t remember the full title so when I saw it on my discharge paperwork today and even with bumping into the doc on the way and asking about my PP level (YAY it’s still not registering as at blood taken 2 June) I didn’t ask him to elaborate on the bug in question.  He had said on Monday it was a bad one and the microbiologist had filled me in on the usual signs (pus and skin damage at the site of infiltration) of which I had none but I felt the need to garner extra info off the world wide web when I got home earlier even in the face of my Auntie Ann saying when she checked I was home ‘Is that a good idea?’ and me having to spend a considerable amount of time fiddling to get back on the internet!  We don’t know where mine came from – I had an ultrasound of my heart on Wednesday to see if it was lurking in a heart valve and the microbiologist informed me it can also live in damaged bones so there was some suggestion of an MRI on my L3 region as it had ached a far bit last Wednesday, or rather the Wednesday before. This however was likely down to me jumping back into the car after getting out and leaving Bud in it sans the handbrake being on! Ooops – not a happy passenger.  However the doc felt discitis was highly unlikely in view of the one incidence of boo boo related ache and the fact that I was – gesture to me being up and about with my box of crochet tucked under my arm heading for the door – ‘like this’.

I was going to be allowed home for the weekend but when I asked this morning if I could go home permanently I was allowed to on the basis that I felt well enough.

So here I am at home –

freshly laundered minus my PICC line, with a stingy red patch where I accepted a dressing yesterday with ‘No, I’ve never had a problem with THAT kind of dressing’ and which was changed to a good old fashioned non allergic reaction provoking bandage this afternoon,

with two lots of antibiotics (Flucloxacillin initially 2g IV four times a day now 1g oral four times daily and Rifampcin 450mg twice a day – the latter of which has turned my wee ORANGE – I was warned and it’s not the subtle Doxorobicin colour change, it’s a define registering much higher up the colour charts that definitely needs a warning),

looking forward to attempting to eat a curry.  I haven’t been eating much other than brought in butties and cream crackers partly due to lack of appetite and PARTLY due to the food,

and with a very happy doggy which I am going to cuddle to within an inch of his life once we are settled on the settee.

After being told on Saturday that we wouldn’t be able to go to Lorna and Mike’s wedding, the different doc on Monday when I mentioned it yet again, asked me if it was a ‘precious wedding’ and when I said ‘well, no but I still wouldn’t mind going’ – just kidding – when I answered he said he’d have a word with the consultant and see about it.  I now apparently owe him one.

More on our adventurous day on Tuesday after a proper meal and a good night’s sleep – it includes a real Cinderella will go to the ball (even if she has just managed to get sick on her frock) moment.

I hope this finds you all well – I haven’t been home long enough to catch up with my blog reading yet and curry is calling!

14 responses to “Staph aureus sepsis

  1. You don’t do anything by half, do you!

    Take care of yourself and don’t squeeze bud too much, you might need him for another day.

    Now that you don’t have a PICC are you going to get a hickman? I think it is much better. As you know my PICC was infected, but I haven’t had any problems with the hickman (perhaps I shouldn’t have said that ..).

    I was looking at you Vlog post you did ages ago and it has inspired me to have a go at putting some video up. I don’t have the infectious giggle that you do though, so it wont be as good.

    Im still waiting to hear from Liverpool for an appointment, but will probably see you there soon.


    • Since the treatment is finished it was due out anyway – I’m just really glad that I had it whilst getting the IV antibiotics – the line itself wasn’t the source as both blood cultures were contaminated but since blood had been drawn through the line it would have become contaminated. Bud recovered from the squeezing. ;D

  2. Oh sweetie! How on earth did you manage to make it to the wedding?! I saw the photos and you look great!
    Be well… and stay away from Google!

  3. Hope you enjoyed the curry and cuddling Bud. I agree with Sean – you definitely don’t do things by halves, do you? Hope you’re feeling well soon.

  4. So So glad you are home. I bet that little doggie is going bonkers|||

  5. Oh hey there missy, you need to stop flriting with danger like you do. Liv was on that antibiotic that turns your pee orange. It turns tears that color too. Weird. That is one scary bug you described and sepsis is scary no matter what causes it. Time to load up on hand sanitizer. Glad to hear you’re home. Hospitals are no place to be with immune systems that are on “union break.”

  6. Paula, If only your attitude were contagious. The problems in the Middle East and Asia would be solved in a week; the United States would lead wealthy nations in acquiring humility; hunger and famine would be eradicated wherever it exists; and people everywhere would treat each other with respect.

    Great that you are home where I pray you rest well and often and enjoy boatloads of curry.

    Blessings to you and B….

  7. I logged into my yahoo account and was getting ready to email you, and there your blog was. I have been extremely worried since you mentioned a bug in your blood. I am grateful you are home and managing …phew!! another close call, you might want to think about adding more immune support . The shitake and similar mushrooms are really good for this type of thing, in capsule form, as they boost the immune system.
    Take care and rest up!!!!!!!

  8. So very glad to read you are home and much better now and were able to make the wedding – you looked lovely. Take great care now, always in my prayers and thoughts.

  9. Goodness gracious I can’t even pronounce what you had, but I’m so very thankful you are on the mend and could attend the wedding. You looked so cute in your black and white…never even know you’d been so sick! Please take care and we will be praying for a complete recovery! I think you and EZ feel much the same way as far as pain goes…perhaps he should try what you’re on!

  10. That is what Mike got during SCT, I couldn’t remember the name of it, I just knew it wasn’t streptococcus but another dinosaur bacteria!!!! That was bad, real bad and they had Mike on killer antibiotics for weeks!!!

    Hope it isn’t contagious, I’ve been feeling a bit off since Tuesday 😉

  11. I don’t suppose you have any Manuka honey in the house, do you? I read more than one scientific study about this amazing honey’s capacity to destroy staph aureus and streptococcus…Ah here we go, I found one of the studies in an easy-to-read Science Daily format: You can order a bottle of active Manuka from amazon UK, e.g.. That’s where I got mine from, since I can’t get it here in Italy. I’ve treated finger infections with it…they heal really quickly (yes, I know, different thing!).
    Well, think about giving it a whirl (ask your docs, too).
    Most of all, kick that stupid infection in the teeth! You go, girl!
    Rooting for you in Firenze…

  12. My goodness, Paula … what an “exciting” life you lead. That is one nasty infection (and yes, Googling can put the frights right into you). I’m grateful you’re home with Bud & B – and pleased you were able to attend the wedding. Lovely photos. Do take care.

  13. Options for the next time you wish to Google something:
    “A Bit of Fry and Laurie”
    Training one’s dog to be a butler
    Colors that will make your urine even better colors


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